2012 Booth Space Guidelines and Regulations by 6qU2XiIt


									           Junior Auxiliary of Ruston’s 5th Annual Dinner-and-A-Movie
                                   Booth Space
                            Guidelines and Regulations

   1. Booth Sponsors will have one pre-assigned space.
   2. The address for Lincoln Parish Park is 211 Parish Park Road. You must
       let the gate attendant know that you are a Booth Vendor/Sponsor for
       Dinner and a Movie when you arrive. You will not be charged an
       admission fee. (No one will be charged an admission fee but we need a
       count of vendors and ticket holders!)
   3. Look for signs to Booth Vendor/Sponsor Parking.
   4. A JA member will show you to your designated place for booth set up or
       look for a sign with your business name reflecting your booth space.
   5. Set up will begin at 3:30p.m. on Friday, March 23, 2012. All Booths must
       be set up by 4:30p.m. This is when the Pre-party for the movie will begin.
   6. All Booths need to be taken down and booth area cleaned up by 8p.m.
   7. Booth Sponsors are responsible for setting up and breaking down of their
       booth space.
   8. You may bring a tent and set it up in Lincoln Parish Park in your booth
   9. Booth sponsors will also supply their own table and chairs if they so
   10. You may also have a small sign to identify your booth.
   11. Booth sponsors may not sell or give away food or beverages. However,
       the sale of items may be allowed if the proceeds are given to JA.
   12. Please make sure your booth is geared to small children and their
   13. You may hand out give-a-ways and flyers advertising your business or any
       services and camps your business may have for children. You can also
       have a fun activity for the children to do as well which we strongly

**Please take note of guideline #11.

Please remember this event/fundraiser for Junior Auxiliary of Ruston is geared
toward the children of Lincoln Parish and their families. If you have any
questions or concerns or need help with how you can promote your business
please email Jeannie Tinker, Dinner & a Movie Booth Chairman at

Thank you for your support!!

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