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             Alabama Farmers Federation
          Miss Alabama Agriculture Pageant
                  Official Application

This form must be completed, signed by the applicant, SIGNED BY YOUR
COUNTY PRESIDENT and signed by your parents (if under 19 years of age)
and mailed to:

                        Young Farmers Division
                     Alabama Farmers Federation
                           P.O. Box 11000
                     Montgomery, AL 36191-0001

                      The deadline is October 1.

                   Sponsored by the Young Farmers Division
The purpose of the Miss Alabama Agriculture program is to promote and publicize Alabama agriculture and
the Alabama farmer. She will serve as the ambassador for agriculture and represent all farm commodities just
as the Farmers Federation being a general farm organization represents all commodity groups.

The method of selecting a county contestant is left up to each county. Counties may want to hold a county
pageant to select the most suitable participant.

An official entry form will be furnished to each county Farmers Federation and must be submitted to the
Alabama Farmers Federation by October 1.

Miss Alabama Agriculture will be selected at the state annual meeting by a panel of judges. An alternate
winner will also be selected.

The participant must be an Alabama Farmers Federation member or a member of an Alabama Farmers
Federation family.

The participant must be between the ages of 17 and 25 by December 1 in the year of the contest. She must
have never been married and agrees to remain unmarried during her reign.

The participant must be sponsored by her county Farmers Federation.

The participant will be judged during Alabama Farmers Federation’s annual meeting.

Contestants will be judged in both Sunday dress and in formal evening gowns.

The winner will be expected to appear at various Alabama Farmers Federation general assembly sessions and
Young Farmer events.

The participant will be judged on the following qualifications:

                                              Beauty – 15 points
                                       Poise and Personality – 30 points
                                     Ability to Communicate – 25 points
                      Leadership Experience/School and Community Activities – 30 points
                                               Total – 100 points

No previous state winner of this contest is eligible to compete again. (Employees of the Alabama Farmers
Federation, Alfa and affiliate companies, and their children are not eligible.)

The application is not valid unless signed by the president of your county Farmers Federation.

Awards and Opportunities
Miss Alabama Agriculture will receive the use of a new car and a $2,000 scholarship. She will represent the
Alabama Farmers Federation at county and state meetings and will serve as an ex-officio member of the State
Young Farmers Committee.
County                                                                 Membership Number

                                               Contestant Information

Full Name                                                               Age            Date of Birth

Preferred name for name badge

Email Address                                            Alternate Email Address

Home Address (street or box)

City                                             State          Zip            Phone (       )

Name of School currently enrolled

Circle appropriate response:        Freshman        Sophomore         Junior       Senior

School Address

City                                             State          Zip            Phone (       )

Parent’s Name                                                                  Phone (       )


Three words you would use to describe yourself

BRIEF Summary of activities (including major accomplishments, clubs and honors):

High School



Other Activities (Church and Community)


       Attach an additional sheet if necessary. (This information will be used in developing the pageant script.)
Write one paragraph in the space below explaining why you think it is important for agriculture to have a

Write one paragraph in the space below on why you would be the best choice for Miss Alabama Agriculture.
To be eligible to compete in the Miss Alabama Agriculture Pageant, this form must be completed, signed by
the president of your county Farmers Federation and mailed to: Director, Young Farmers Division, Alabama
Farmers Federation, P. O. Box 11000, Montgomery, AL 36191-0001, no later than October 1 of the year of the

PLEASE follow instructions regarding photographs. Attach one 5 x 7 glossy print full-face head and shoulder
photograph. If you are sending a digital photograph, you must send a high resolution (3.1 mega pixels or
greater), professionally printed photograph. Do not send photos that have been copied or printed on an inkjet
or laser printer.

PLEASE read the following information very carefully. If you agree to adhere to all requirements of the letter
below, sign and return as requested.

Director, Young Farmers Division
Alabama Farmers Federation
P. O. Box 11000
Montgomery, AL 36191-0001

Dear Sir:

The undersigned hereby agrees that, if she is selected as Alabama Farmers Federation Miss Alabama
Agriculture, she will cooperate fully and to the best of her ability in all publicity decided upon by the Alabama
Farmers Federation. It is further agreed that the undersigned, if under age 19, has the full consent of her
parents or legal guardian to enter the contest. It is agreed that the undersigned has never been married and, if
chosen Miss Alabama Agriculture, will remain unmarried during her reign.

It is understood that the undersigned satisfies reasonable requirements as to good moral character and if
found to be unqualified because of misconduct, shall be excluded from serving as Miss Alabama Agriculture.

Permission is hereby given to the Alabama Farmers Federation to use the name and photographs of the
undersigned in publicity and advertising in connection with the Alabama Farmers Federation Miss Alabama
Agriculture program.



            Parent or Legal Guardian (if applicant is under age 19)

                             County President

                                                                                                      Rev. 5/9/2008

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