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									               Erin Green                                        Rick Krochalis                              Hattie Wood
 Environmental Protection Specialist (IPA)                   Regional Administrator                       Administrative Officer

            Jennifer Horwitz                                   Kenneth Feldman                              Deborah Ensor
 Environmental Manager (6002 Contractor)                 Deputy Regional Administrator              Administrative Program Assistant

            Mitzi McMahan                                                                                  Joe Blythe, Intern
    Transportation Program Specialist

                                                                                                               Ted Uyeno
                                                                                                              Legal Counsel
            Monica McCallum
  TCR Division Regional Operations Chief

                                              Planning & Program Development Office      Operations & Program Management Office
           Christopher MacNeith                        David Powell, Director                        Vacant, Director
        Region 10 Civil Rights Officer

                                                           Annette Le                               Tom Radmilovich
                                                Transportation Program Specialist                  Community Planner

                                                         John Witmer                                Amy Changchien
                                                       Community Planner                            General Engineer

                                                          Bill Ramos                                 Carrie Deichl
                                                       Community Planner                    Transportation Program Specialist

                                                          Ned Conroy                              (James) Steve Saxton
                                                       Community Planner                    Transportation Program Specialist

 Solid arrow or line – shows                             Daniel Drais                                Susan Fletcher
 reporting to                                   Environmental Protection Specialist                 General Engineer

 Dashed arrow – HQ staff
                                                          Scot Rastelli                            Shirley Cochran
                                                       Grants Analyst (IPA)                      TAD Contract Specialst

Phone (206) 220-7954     FAX (206) 220-7959
                                                                                                                       September 15, 2012
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington
   I.      Rick Krochalis, Regional Administrator

   II.     Kenneth Feldman, Deputy Regional Administrator
           A. Joe Blythe, Intern
           B. Erin Green, Environmental Protection Specialist (IPA)
           C. Mitzi McMahan, Transportation Program Specialist (IPA)
           D. Jennifer Horwitz, Environmental Manager (6002 Contractor)

   III.    David Powell, Director, Office of Planning and Program Development:
           A. Annette Le, Transportation Program Specialist
           B. Ned Conroy, Community Planner
           C. Bill Ramos, Community Planner
           D. Daniel Drais, Environmental Protection Specialist
           E. John Witmer, Community Planner
           F. Scot Rastelli, Grants Analyst (IPA)
   IV.     Vacant, Director, Office of Operations and Program Management
           A. Amy Changchien, General Engineer
           B. Carrie Deichl, Transportation Program Specialist
           C. Thomas Radmilovich, Community Planner
           D. (James) Steve Saxton, Transportation Program Specialist
           E. Susan Fletcher, General Engineer
           F. Shirley Cochran, TAD Contract Specialist
   V.      Monica McCallum, Regional Operations Chief for the Office of Civil Rights
           A. Christopher Macneith, Region 10 Civil Rights Officer
   VI.     Theodore Uyeno, Legal Counsel
   VII.    Administrative Support:
           A. Hattie Wood, Administrative Officer
           B. Deborah Ensor, Administrative Program Assistant

Federal Transit Administration Region 10, Jackson Federal Building
915 2nd Avenue, Room 3142, Seattle, WA 98174
Phone (206) 220-7954, FAX (206) 220-7959

                                                                                       September 15, 2012

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