Course Title: Payroll, An End-to-End Perspective

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					Payroll, An End-to-End Perspective

Learning Objectives:
Learn about QuickBooks Payroll solutions for you and your clients. Take an in-depth look at tracking
workers compensation, customizing payroll reports and the end-to-end view of payroll processing.
Troubleshoot unexpected results in payroll reporting and correct them using a step-by-step analysis

Course Outline:

    •   Enhanced Payroll for Accountants
    •   Payroll solutions for your DIY clients
    •   Intuit Online Payroll solution
    •   Use a Payroll Analysis Checklist to Verify the Accuracy of Your Client's Payroll Entries Locate and
        Correct Errors in Your Clients’ Payroll Setup
    •   Correct Inaccurate General Ledger Postings Created by Improper Setup of QuickBooks Payroll
    •   Adjust Year-to-Date Payroll Information and Payroll Liability Balances
    •   Verifying the Client’s Tax Tables are Up to Date
    •   Verify the Accuracy of Payroll Setup
             o   Review the Release Date for Each Employee
             o   Review the Federal Tax Information for Each Employee
             o   Review the State Filing Information for Each Employee
             o   Verify the Accuracy of Payroll Items
    •   Verify the Accuracy of Payroll Transactions
             o   Compare the Payroll Summary Report to the Profit and Loss
             o   Compare the Payroll Liability Balances Report to the Balance Sheet
    •   Strategies for Preventing Payroll Errors
    •   After the fact payroll
    •   Client ready reports
    •   Report analysis
    •   Above and below the line of payroll deductions
    •   Fully burdened costs
    •   Job Costing when Using QuickBooks Payroll
    •   Using Payroll Services
    •   Job Costing Using an Outside Payroll Service

Course Level: Advanced
Recommended CPE: 2 hours
Advanced Preparation: None
Prerequisites: Advanced QuickBooks Usability and Basic knowledge of accounting theory
Delivery Method: Group-Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications

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