Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation by n26GQ3


									               Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation
                        March 1, 2009

The Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation provides scholarships (full tuition) to Nebraska
students who are applying to any public two or four year college or university in the state.
This award considers financial need as its primary consideration. The applicant must
provide a copy of the Information Summary of his or her financial aid form that was
received back from the Federal Government (U. S. Department of Education) or the
Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal Student Aid Program. The applicant must
have the "Information Summary" or SAR that was receive back from the Federal Student
Aid Program. This scholarship must be postmarked by March 1 to be considered for
this scholarship. To see this scholarship, along with the rest of the requirements please
go to and view the application page
and the requirements and eligibility page

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