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					Colonel Alain Faugeras
Date of birth: 1954

Nationality: French

Colonel Alain Faugeras, from the French Gendarmerie, had been working for three and half years for the
French representation to the Political Security Committee in Brussels, when he was appointed Head of
European Union Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM Rafah) on 25 November 2008.

Throughout his career, Colonel Faugeras has held numerous positions in the field of International relations,
joint military services and inter-ministerial affairs. His career in the gendarmerie allowed him to perform a
wide range of tasks, which involved public safety, public order, riot control, and fight against organised crime
and terrorism.

Colonel Faugeras had the opportunity to command all types of police units: Protection of the President in
the Republican Guard; criminal investigation activities, border control, civilian air transport safety and
airport security in the air transport gendarmerie headquarters. Moreover, he commanded a riot control
battalion in New Caledonia during the referendum on independence and also commanded counter-terrorism
and intelligence operations in Corsica for a period of two years.

Furthermore, Colonel Faugeras has built a career outside of France in Africa and the Middle East: He has
worked as a legal advisor within the force’s protection in the Balkans and afterwards as a force provost
Marshall in Albania, and later on as a law and order advisor for local security forces during the IFOR and
ALBA international military missions.

Thanks to his extensive career, Colonel Faugeras has acquired expertise in human resources management,
crises negotiation and strategic and operational planning. It is noteworthy to mention that Colonel Faugeras
speaks French and is fluent in English and Spanish

1995           Diploma in Military Teaching - Joint High-staff College of Defense (Brevet d'enseignement
               militaire supérieur de la Gendarmerie)
1992           Head Quarter Diploma - French Gendarmerie
1979           Bachelor in Law
1973           Military Academy - France


International Experience
November 2008          Head of the EU Border Assistance Mission at Rafah Crossing Point (EUBAM Rafah)
2005-2008              Gendarmerie Advisor to the French Military Representation to the EU
1995-1998              Legal Advisor to the Generals commanding joint and combined exercises in Kuwait,
                       Egypt and RECAMP activities in Africa (Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal)
1997                   Legal Advisor to deputy Commander of the ALBA Operation in Albania
1995-1996              Legal Advisor to the Multinational Division Commander of IFOR Operation in Bosnia-

National Experience
2002-2005              Teacher at the Operational Training Division of the French Joint Services College of
2000 - 2002            Commander of the local Gendarmerie Battalion in Corsica Island
1998 - 2000            Commander of the Crowd and Riot Control Unit Battalion in Aubervilliers
1995 - 1998            Gendarmerie Assistant to the Joint Operational Planning Headquarters
1991 - 1995            Chief of operation office in the air-transport Gendarmerie Headquarters
1988 - 1991            Commander of the local Gendarmerie unit in St Pierre - La Réunion Island
1984 - 1988            Commander of Motorcycle unit in Versailles
1981 - 1984            Company Commander of the 1st Republican Guard Battalion in Paris
1975 - 1979            Training Officer in the Army

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