Notice to Bidders- FERC Order 2004 Waiver by hJqV00Q4


									                                                  FERC Order 2004 Waiver: Appendix E
All Source Long-Term Request for Offers

                                            Consent Agreement

This consent agreement (“Consent Agreement”) is entered into by [PARTICPANT LEGAL NAME]
(“Seller”) as of the signature date below, to authorize the disclosure of Seller’s transmission –related
information to Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (“PG&E”) marketing or merchant business unit
(“PG&E Merchant”).

Whereas, pursuant to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) Standards of Conduct
enacted through FERC Order 2004, PG&E’s transmission planning group (“PG&E Transmission”) is
prohibited from sharing non-public transmission-related information with PG&E Merchant; and

Whereas, PG&E has issued a Long-Term Request for Offers on April 1, 2008 (“LTRFO”) inviting
interested parties to submit offers (“Offer”) to negotiate with PG&E (i) a long-term power purchase
agreement for the sale of power to PG&E, and/or (ii) a purchase and sale agreement for PG&E’s purchase
form Participant of an electric generating facility (collectively, the “Agreement”).

Whereas, PG&E, and its PG&E Merchant and PG&E Transmission units require access to non-public
transmission-related information from Seller in order to effectively evaluate Seller’s Offer(s), and Seller
recognizes that access to such non-public transmission-related information is necessary to allow PG&E
and PG&E Merchant to effectively evaluate Seller’s Offer(s); and

Whereas, Seller recognizes that PG&E Transmission should not be prohibited from sharing non-public
transmission-related information with PG&E Merchant;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants between PG&E Merchant
and Seller in connection with the Long-Term Request for Offers, Seller consents to and authorizes PG&E
Transmission’s disclosure of all non-public transmission-related information to PG&E Merchant to the
extent that information relates to the Seller’s Offer.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has caused this Consent Agreement to be duly executed, effective and
delivered by its proper and duly authorized officer as of the date set forth below.


Signature: ____________________________

Name: _________________________

Title: __________________________

Date: __________________________

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