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					Aerospace & Defense Initiative (ADI)

Mission/Objective: Improve competitiveness of
Connecticut's Aerospace and defense manufacturers

                                                           The Connecticut Center for Manufacturing Supply Chain
The State of Connecticut, through the Department of
                                                           Integration (CMSCI) will evaluate project proposals and
Economic and Community Development, has made
                                                           award contracts to companies that are eligible.
available $2,000,000 to assist companies in the
introduction or continuation of lean manufacturing
techniques within their organizations. Companies can       Companies can receive 50% reimbursement of the cost
receive 50% reimbursement of the cost for an external      for a registered external service provider OR $5,000 per
service provider OR $5,000 per lean project conducted by   lean project conducted by a registered internal expert
an internal expert.                                        conducting a qualified process improvement project.
                                                           Multiple projects are encouraged; however an active
                                                           project must be completed before another project
Governor Rell invites all Connecticut aerospace and
                                                           proposal is approved. Maximum reimbursement to any
defense manufacturers to "...take advantage of this
                                                           one company is limited to $50,000 under this initiative.
valuable program that will make your company more
                                                           An additional $25,000 is available for projects that include
                                                           participation of another company in the supply chain,
                                                           either a second supplier or the first supplier's customer.
Process: To be eligible, companies must:
                                                           To learn more contact Tom Lorenzetti at ITBD at 860-
    1.   Have done $500K or more of business in the        832-0704 . We are an authorized Lean service provider
         aerospace or defense sector in the past 24        for ADI. Visit the ADI website at
    2.   Want to conduct a project to improve
         competitiveness of their Connecticut based
         manufacturing facility.

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