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					       Robert W. Muller                                                         Douglas A. Remaley
            Mayor                                                                 Commissioner

       George Farah, III                                                        R. Brantley Murray
        Mayor Pro Tem                                                              Commissioner

        J. Webb Fuller                Town of Nags Head                              Anna D. Sadler
                                             Town of Nags Head
                                            Post Office Box 99                        Commissioner
         Town Manager
 Administrative Services                         PO Box 99
                                          Head, North Carolina 27959
                                     Nags shead.net
                                       Telephone (252) 441-5508
                                       FAX          (252) 441-0776

To:    Chairman Warren Judge, Dare County Board of Commissioners
       Mayor Sherry, Rollason, Kill Devil Hills
       Mayor Bill Harris, Kitty Hawk

From: Mayor Robert Muller, Nags Head

Re:    Allocation of Federal Lobbying costs

I would like to propose a formula to allocate the burden of the cost of lobbying the federal government
for funding for beach nourishment. Nags Head agreed some time ago to pay a share of these costs. I
believe that Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk have made the same promise. Originally the formula was for
the county to pay half the cost and the towns to split the remaining cost based on the length of
nourished beach in the town. This worked out to Nags Head 60%, Kill Devil Hills 35% and Kitty Hawk

The County has expanded their lobbying effort to include 3 additional projects. None of these projects
have direct municipal benefits. The estimated cost of these three projects is approximately equal to the
cost of the beach nourishment project.

I suggest that the County bear the entire cost for lobbying for the 3 new projects or one half of the cost.
The cost for the beach nourishment lobbying would be split using the original formula, Dare County 50%
and the Towns the remainder based on project benefit in the town. The County has contracted to pay
$15,00 per month or $180,000 per year. The table below shows the allocation of costs.

                                  Allocation of Federal Lobbying Costs
                                            Other projects (50%)
                           Dare County                 100%       $    90,000
                                     Beach Nourishment Costs (50%)
                                                County Share
                           Dare County                  50%       $    45,000
                                               Municipal Share
                           Nags Head                65% of 50%    $    27,000
                           Kill Devil Hills         35% of 50%    $    15,750
                           Kitty Hawk                5% of 50%    $     2,250

                           Total                                       $   180,000

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