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									 Human Resources

                                   Job Description

                Tutor in Mathematics Education (Maternity Cover)

                        Faculty of Children and Learning
               Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

                                   Grade 8; full time

                           Six Months Fixed Term Contract
                          Available from 24 September 2012

The Institute of Education

The Institute of Education is a college of the federal University of London. With over
6000 post graduate students and 800 staff, it is the largest post graduate centre for
the study of education in the United Kingdom and one of the leading graduate
schools of education in the world. The Institute is committed to pursuing excellence
in education and related areas of social science and professional practice.

Academic activities are organised into two faculties together with a Doctoral School.
In addition there are five main administrative departments. The Institute works
closely with a network of schools and colleges in London and beyond and has
partnerships with leading institutions around the world.

The Institute is committed to being an equal opportunities employer and education
provider, providing equality of opportunity for all staff. In seeking to create an open
and supportive environment which is free from discrimination, and which encourages
all staff and students to participate fully in Institute activities the Institute aims to
reach beyond legislative boundaries to provide equality of opportunity regardless of
gender, ethnicity, colour, disability, religion, family responsibility, age, occupation,
marital status or sexual orientation.

The Institute is located on the central university campus in Bloomsbury, near to other
colleges of the University of London. There are excellent library and computing

Faculty of Children and Learning
The Faculty of Children and Learning is the largest faculty of the IOE housing a
diverse and successful group of nationally and internationally recognised academics
with interests in educational and social research. A major part of our work is
concerned with children, their educational and social contexts, and learning.
Our research and consultancy profile is exceptionally strong, involving scholars with
interests in children and young people’s health and wellbeing; children, families and
early learning; learning with digital technologies; formal and informal education;
learning through and across curriculum subjects; research methods development
and tools for synthesis.

We offer an exceptional range and quality of teaching programmes. This includes
Primary and Secondary PGCEs offered in partnership with some of the most
interesting schools in Greater London, and a highly regarded employment-based
teacher training programme, including Assessment Only route. The faculty is a
leading provider for Teach First. With effect from September 2012 we will be
working with some of our partnership schools on School Direct. The Faculty also
offers a wide range of Masters-level programmes and undergraduate courses,
alongside postgraduate research at the cutting edge of educational and social

The Faculty comprises four academic departments, and our administration and
support functions are structured, managed and delivered at faculty level.

Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

The Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (CPA) is a world-leading
centre for geography, business, mathematics, science and humanities education. A
core strength of the department is in the study, support and improvement of
pedagogy, curriculum and assessment through multidisciplinary programmes. The
department hosts top-rated initial teacher education programmes, incorporating
Secondary PGCE and Teach First, innovative Masters programmes and a wide
range of continuing professional development opportunities. It offers a Bachelor of
Education and a Foundation Degree.

The department has an international reputation for research, leading an extensive
range of development projects, special interest groups and doctoral studies. The
London Mathematics Centre, Science Learning Centre London, Development
Education Research Centre, the Centre for Research and Development in Catholic
Education and the Holocaust Education Development Programme are situated within
the department and contribute to its success.

Mathematics Education

The Institute is one of the world's leading centres for mathematics education
including four professors of Mathematics Education and a team of internationally
recognised scholars. The group share ideas and provide mutual support through the
activities of the cross-Institute Mathematics Education Special Interest Group.
Recent activity has included a mixture of seminars by leading world scholars and the
internal sharing of work in progress. Reading groups and mathematics conversations
are an integral part of the Mathematics Education SIG work.

The interests of individuals within the team, reflecting all aspects of mathematics
education, are regularly presented in international journals and conferences, with a
particular focus on communication and discourse, the use of digital technology,
geometric and statistical thinking, including ongoing funded projects on the
pedagogy of risk and on the integration of theoretical frames for mathematical
teaching and learning with digital technologies at the European level.

Teaching and research activities in mathematics education include:

      PGCE – a successful secondary mathematics PGCE course
      Teach First and GTP
      MA - a well established Masters course in mathematics education
      MPhil/PhD - an established, research active mathematics education team with
       a wealth of experience in supervising research degrees

The Role and its Responsibilities

It is expected that you will engage in relevant teaching and supervision of students,
mainly for the Teach First Secondary mathematics programme. The Department
encourages the development of productive connections across relevant areas, inside
the Department and with other Departments of the Faculty and Institute

1 Learning and Teaching:
   To contribute to teaching on courses offered by the Institute. In the first
     instance teaching will cover Teach First Secondary Mathematics, though
     there are possibilities for contributions in other areas such as PGCE
     Secondary Mathematics and MA Mathematics Education for suitably qualified
     candidates. Key responsibilities will include:
          i. to teach on the Teach First programmes and to assist the team in
             undertaking school-based and college-based elements of the course in
             the ITE programme area;
         ii. to supervise the practical teaching experience and placements of
             student teachers, including carrying out formal observations,
             monitoring and assessing progress, and providing tutorial and pastoral
             support as appropriate;
        iii. to teach on other appropriate professional development courses as
             directed by the Head of Academic Department; and
        iv. to assess the work of the students.

      To be at the forefront of national developments in learning and teaching
      To contribute to the development of courses and programmes as required
       and, in the first instance, to contribute to the Teach First mathematics course.
      To use a range of monitoring and evaluation techniques to assess the
       effectiveness of course/programme delivery and contribute to quality
       assurance and quality improvement, within the developing frameworks of the
        Institute and the respective national agencies.
       To assist with student recruitment across the programme areas as required.

2 Curriculum Development:
   To contribute to academic policy and planning at Department, programme and
    Institute levels.
   To make a major contribution to the development of the curriculum, both
    within the Faculty and across relevant programme areas, in order to build on
    and enhance the current portfolio of programmes offered across the Institute.

3 Staff and Professional Development:
   To pursue academic excellence through a continuing commitment to
     academic, professional and personal development.
   To act as a role model for educational innovation through teaching activities.

4 Such other duties as may reasonably be requested.

You will be responsible to the Head of Academic Department and, ultimately, to the
Dean of Faculty.

You are welcome to contact Peter Wright ( if you would like to
have further information or would like to discuss the post.

Selection Criteria


1       A first degree in a mathematical subject, plus a higher degree or equivalent
        experience in an area relevant to mathematics education.

2       Qualified Teacher Status (i.e. qualified to teach in schools) and successful
        experience as a secondary school mathematics teacher across the full range
        of students aged 11-18 years.

3       The potential to teach successfully at higher education level.

4       A good knowledge of a wide range of learning and teaching approaches suited to
        the learning needs of postgraduate students.

5       Evidence of curriculum planning, development and delivery in the field of
        mathematics education.

6       Proficiency in the use of Information and Communication Technologies to support
        teaching, research and administration.

7       Communication and interpersonal skills appropriate for teaching, supervision and
        collaborative work including the ability to lead, manage and motivate students
8      The ability to work effectively with others, co-operating with a range of academic
       and administrative colleagues and helping the team achieve its goals.

9      Evidence of commitment to personal learning and academic and professional


10     Evidence of research and relevant publications in the field of mathematics

The Appointment

In view of the nature of the work involved, any offer of appointment will be conditional
on a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure.

Salary will be on the Grade 8 scale, in the range £37,013 to £44,168 plus £2,323
London Allowance per annum.

The leave allowance is 30 working days per annum. The Institute is closed on Public
Holidays which are supplemented by 6 extra days (normally 3 at Christmas, 2 at
Easter and 1 in August).

Your Application and the Application Procedure

We encourage you to apply for this post online at our website Online applications will be accepted by the automated system
until 10pm on the date advertised online.

If you are unable to apply online, please submit:
     the application form (please specify the post title and the reference 8PR-CL-
     any other documentation you wish to be considered by the Selection
     the Equal Opportunities form which will be kept in Human Resources and
       used only for registered purposes under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The supporting statement section should set out how your qualifications, experience
and training fit each of the selection criteria. Please provide one or more paragraphs
addressing each criterion. The supporting statement is an essential part of the
selection process and thus a failure to provide this information will mean that the
application will not be considered. An answer to any of the criteria such as “Please
see attached CV” will not be considered acceptable.

Applications should be sent to the Human Resources Department, Institute of
Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL. Applicants
requiring an acknowledgement should provide a stamped addressed envelope.

The closing date for the receipt of completed applications is 5.00pm on the date
advertised online. If you will be delivering your application by hand, please contact
one of the Human Resources Administrators beforehand to arrange this on 020 7612
6715 / 6354 / 6356 / 6472. Please do not leave your application at Reception).

The Interviews

Interviews will be held shortly after the advertised closing date*.

*       Please note that if you are shortlisted and are unable to attend on the
interview date, regretfully it will normally not be possible to offer you an alternative
date. However, where you can attend on the date but wish to change the time of
interview, we will endeavour to accommodate you wherever possible.

If you would like feedback on your interview, please write to the Human Resources
Department, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL or e-mail within one month of the date of the interview and we will liaise with
the chair of the Selection Committee and endeavour to provide this.

08 August 2012

 Human Resources

               Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

As an organisation using the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure service to
assess applicants’ suitability for positions of trust, the Institute of Education complies
fully with the CRB Code of Practice and undertakes to treat all applicants for
positions fairly. It undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a
Disclosure on the basis of a conviction or other information revealed.

The Institute of Education is committed to the fair treatment of its staff, potential staff
or users of its services, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation,
responsibilities for dependants, age, physical/mental disability or offending

We have a written policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders, which is made available
to all Disclosure applicants at the outset of the recruitment process.

We actively promote equality of opportunity for all with the right mix of talents, skills
and potential and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates, including
those with criminal records. We select all candidates for interview based on their
skills, qualifications and experience.

A Disclosure is only requested after a thorough risk assessment has indicated that
one is both proportionate and relevant to the position concerned. For those positions
where a Disclosure is required, job advertisements and recruitment packs will
contain a statement that a Disclosure will be requested in the event of the individual
being offered the position.

Where a Disclosure is to form part of the recruitment process, we encourage all
applicants called for interview to provide details of their criminal record at an early
stage in the application process. We request that this information is sent under
separate, confidential cover, to a designated person within the Institute of Education
and we guarantee that this information will only be seen by those who need to see it
as part of the recruitment process.

We ensure that all those in the Institute of Education who are involved in the
recruitment process have been suitably trained to identify and assess the relevance
and circumstances of offences. We also ensure that they have received appropriate
guidance and training in the relevant legislation relating to the employment of ex-
offenders, e.g. the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

At interview, or in a separate discussion, we ensure that an open and measured
discussion takes place on the subject of any offences or other matter that might be
relevant to the position. Failure to reveal information that is directly relevant to the
position sought could lead to withdrawal of an offer of employment.

We make every subject of a CRB Disclosure aware of the existence of the CRB
Code of Practice and make a copy available on request.

We undertake to discuss any matter revealed in a Disclosure with the person
seeking the position before withdrawing a conditional offer of employment.

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us.
This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background
of your offences.

We have a policy on the secure storage, use, retention and disposal of Disclosures
and Disclosure information and a copy of this policy is available on request.

10 April 2008


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