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					A stands for Allie. Allie was my first pet I have ever had and it was all mine. I won Allie
at the Kane Festival when I was going to visit my Grandma over there. I was only four
years old and I won it playing the fishy game. My fish didn’t last very long but now I
know that gold fishes normally don’t.

A also is for All That Hair. That is the place in which I get my hair cut and highlighted. I
ask for Kathy every time I go there because I like how she does my hair. I’ve been going
there for about five years now, and I have never been disappointed with the work she
does to my hair.

B is for my sister Brittni. She is thirteen months and ten days older than me so we are
very close because we are so close to the same age. We do a lot of things together and
always have a good time. The one thing I enjoy most is she can drive, sharing clothes and

B is also for basketball. I started playing basketball when I was in fourth grade in the
league GYBL. I wasn’t very good at the start but with my dad being my coach I sonly got
better. I’ve been playing for the school since I was in seventh grade and started every
year. My good friends all play too, so that makes me like it even more.

C stands for Critter. Critter in my cat I’ve had since I was five years old. He’s a gray cat
and very fat. He likes to just sleep all day but I would be very sad without him. The
reason my family got him was because my mom thought there was a mouse in the house
and got really scared, so we heard that my aunts’ cats just had babies. My dad and I then
drove all the way to Ohio to get Critter.

C is also for cruise. For the past three years my dad has taken my sister and I on a cruise
to the Caribbean. The first two years we went to the Eastern Caribbean and just this past
summer we went to the Western Caribbean. Cruises are the greatest vacation I have ever
been on. There’s so much fun stuff to do on them, and especially when you get of the
boat at an island. Each year we went on a different ship so there was different stuff each

C lastly stands for cell phone. I just recently got a new cell phone in which I love. I got
the maroon env2. I always have my cell phone with me because I like texting and talking
on the phone to people. I also have it incase I have to get a hold of my parents or in an

D is for Denise. Denise is my moms’ name. Out of my parents people think I look the
most like her because she’s tall and I’m pretty tall, well compared to my sister I am. We
both also have blue eyes and love to run.

D is also for December. December is the year that I was born, and has my favorite
holiday in it. I was born on December thirtieth and on that day I will be turning sixteen,
which means I can get my Learners Permit! I’m excited to get that. December also has
Christmas, and I love Christmas just because my family all gets together and of course

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