FEDERAL WORK-STUDY PROGRAM
                    TIME REPORTING AND PAY SCHEDULE FOR Fall 2012

          Timesheet Account Number - UK Departments: 3048102167

Time Sheets: Time sheets must be submitted to the Federal Work-Study Office, 128-C Funkhouser Building, in
a sealed envelope with the supervisor’s signature across the seal by 11:00 a.m. on the timesheet due date. An
after hours drop box is located in the hallway for your convenience.

Pay Stubs: Pay stubs or remuneration statements are displayed on the myUK, Employee Self-Service, Benefits
and Payment tab. Only students who completed a University Printed Pay Statement Election Agreement form
will receive printed pay stubs or remunerations statements. Stubs are to be picked-up at the department where
the student is assigned, on the scheduled pay dates, unless he/she also has an additional job at the University. If
this is the case, the student may need to pick-up his/her stub at the other department. A remuneration statement
will not be produced if the no hours are submitted for the pay period.

           Timesheets are to be completed and signed by supervisor & student in ink!!!

                 Pay Period                  Pay Period
Number         Beginning Date                Ending Date            Timesheets Due              Date Paid
PR18              08/12/12                    08/25/12                 08/24/12                 08/31/12
PR19              08/26/12                    09/08/12                 09/07/12                 09/14/12
PR20              09/09/12                    09/22/12                 09/21/12                 09/28/12
PR21              09/23/12                    10/06/12                 10/08/12                 10/12/12
PR22              10/07/12                    10/20/12                 10/19/12                 10/26/12
PR23              10/21/12                    11/03/12                *11/01/12*                11/09/12
PR24              11/04/12                    11/17/12               **11/14/12**               11/21/12
PR25              11/18/12                     12/1/12                 11/30/12                 12/07/12
PR26              12/02/12                    12/15/12                 12/14/12                 12/21/12


*PR23* Due to the election holiday, we request that all timesheets be turned in Thursday
by 11:00 a.m. for processing.

**PR24** Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we request that all timesheets be turned in
Wednesday by 11:00 a.m. for processing.

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