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The black bear


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									The black bear

The black bear ranges over a great deal of the United States, and in fact
much of North America. It lives in forests and woodlands and most of the
United States national park areas. The Black Bear is in good supply, and
is listed among the animals of least concern on the Red List.

American Black BearAppearance

The black bear is .. deep brown or black and has a very broad snout, a
rounded skull which tapers in the front, and a set of small rounded ears
that are set back on their head. They can actually range from deep brown,
brownish black, all the way to a light sandy tone depending on the time
of year and the heredity of the bear.


The Black Bear breeds in mid summer, late June or early July, and will
gestate for about 235 days, or nearly the same time span as a human. They
give birth to a litter of cubs, usually two but as many as three or four
and as few as just one. This takes place in late January or the early
part of February.

The Young

The cubs will be tiny, hairless, and completely helpless, weighing under
a pound when they are born. They will open their eyes at about a month
old, and will drink milk from the mother for about 7 or 8 months time. At
about six months old they will weigh in at around forty pounds. By the
time they are 8 months old they may weigh 60 pounds and when they are 18
months old, typically the cubs will leave the den and become independent
of the mother. At around three years, they will begin to produce their
own litters. In the wild, the black bear will usually live about 18


Black bear are very territorial animals and will mark their chosen area
by rubbing or clawing it. They wil swim and climb very well and may
pursue their enemies or prey as well as to get away from predators or
hunters by running. Only rarely will the black bear turn to fight.
Typically this is when they are with cubs. They are omnivores, eating
nearly any kind of insect or vegetation, but will also feed on game as
well as some domestic animals if the opportunity arises.

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