Musk Oxen

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					Musk Oxen

Physical Characteristics

Musk Oxen are large and heavy, reaching 6 or 7 feet long in length and
will have a height at the shoulder that may be as tall as 5 feet. They
are very heavy bodied and full grown will weigh between 500 and 900

They live in very cold areas and as compensation are covered in long wool
that completely keeps them warm. The have an outer coat that is made of
very long brown hairs, while the inner woolen coat, called qiviut was
gathered by native peoples for use as spinning wool. The musk ox is well
suited for life in the artic.

Males and females both have very large horns that meet in the center of
their skull. The Males also grow an additoinal thing called a “boss”
across their horns. The musk ox has a very strong and very musky scent
that gives them their names.
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Wikipedia CC Licensed Musk Ox Photo

Wikipedia CC Licensed Musk Ox Photo

Habitat and Location:

The Musk Ox is a tundra animal. It is found in more northern and cold
locations. The Musk Ox can be found in Canada (The more northern parts)
Greenland, Norway, Russian, Sweeden, Alaska. At one point the Musk Ox was
extinct in Norway, Sweden and Russia, having been killed off completely
but the Ox was successfullly introduced back into the wild there.

The Musk Ox is a herd animal that will roam the area in which it lives.
The entire herd will range over a great area to gain access to food and

Diet: What They Eat:

The Musk Ox lives in a herd and will range with that herd well over the
area in which they live. They will eat nearly any kind of vegetation that
is available to them to eat. This includes the small shoots of trees, the
lichens, tundra grasses, shrubs and any other vegetation that can be
found. In winter they may paw their way through the snow to find grass.

Breeding Facts

Musk oxen undergo a male rutting season just as deer and elk do. They
begin to rut in the late summer and early fall. The males will compete
and do battle for possession of a harem. Only one male may mate with
multiple females. The babies are born after about 8 months time. One
female gives birth to just one baby every other year in the springtime.

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