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									Kookaburras are very well known for their strange cry because it sounds
somewhat like very loud and echoing laughter. Kookaburras are a type of
big kingfishers. They can live up to 20 years old.

Physical Characteristics

They are quite big birds and can get to 17 inches tall, can weigh as much
as a pound and their beaks can grow to four inches long. Their feathers
are considered dull in color and some have blue wings. They also have
brown, black and white markings.

Habitat and Location

The Kookaburra has been found living in places from wet forests to dry
deserts. It also is sometimes found in human residential areas. It lives
in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. It lives in a family set up in
groups. It is a very territorial bird and have been known to sing in
order to mark that territory. They are not known to migrate.


Kookaburras are meat eaters. They live on a diet of things like raw meat,
worms, birds, lizards, mice, birds, and snakes. They are known to take
food from human barbeques at times.

Breeding Facts

The Kookaburras normally nest inside of hollow trees or even dug out
termite nests for laying their eggs. They have white eggs and lay between
two and four eggs. Both the male and female sit on the eggs. The eggs
take between 24 and 26 days to hatch out. The babies then stay in the
nest for about a month before they learn to fly. Then, the mother and
father bird also feed them for up to 40 days.

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