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Fairy Armadillos


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									Fairy Armadillos is one of the very tiniest of armadillos, and are unique
of all other armadillos. Take a closer look at these tiny pink miracles
and the world of nature will become that much more interesting to you.

Physical Characteristics

The fairy armadillo is pale rose to pink in color and measures 3.5 to 4.5
inches long, excluding the tail, and weighs less than a pound. It also
has a pointed nose and small eyes and ears.

Fairy armadillos have long front claws, which are used to agitate the
sand, allowing them to essentially swim through ground as if it was
water.They are shaped like torpedoes and have a shielded head to protect
them from abrasion from the sand.

Their legs, undersides of their bodies, and under their shells are
covered with soft, fine white hairs.The dorsal shell of a fairy armadillo
is almost completely separate from the body; a bone plate in the shell at
the rear is securely attached to the pelvic bones.

A fairy armadillo’s tail is distinctively spatula-shaped and protrudes
from a notch in the rear plate. The tail drags behind the fairy armadillo
as it walks, because the tail cannot be raised.

Habitat and Location

Fairy armadillos can be found in central Argentina, where they inhabit
grasslands and sandy plains with thorn bushes and cacti. They tend to
burrow small holes near ant colonies.


Fairy armadillos mainly feast on ants and ant larvae. However, they will
also eat worms, snails, insects, larvae, and various plant and root

Breeding Facts

Baby fairy armadillos resemble their parents, but their shells do not
completely harden until they are fully grown. The female armadillo
usually gives birth to only one pup at a time. Although, fairy armadillos
tend to live solitary lives, they are polygamous when it comes to mating.

The Fairy Armadillo – Ant Eater – Pink Fairy Armadillo -World Of Nature
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