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Aldershot and Cranleigh Deaneries by Mu1sKkV


									                    GUILDFORD DIOCESAN CALENDAR OF PRAYER

                            Aldershot and Cranleigh Deaneries
                                       August 2012

            Please pray for the Churchwardens and Lay Ministers of each parish

Aldershot Deanery

Rural Dean: George Newton
Lay Chair: Vacant

1st Wednesday
Aldershot, Holy Trinity
Incumbent: George Newton (Rural Dean)
Other Clergy/Ministers: Moira Saunders (Assoc. Minister), John Kellagher, Glen Mansfield and
Capt Jonathan Wiggam (Assoc. Minister, Church Army) and Rod Sanders (SSM)
Current concerns:
      pray for two holiday clubs running this summer – for children 30th July to
       3rd August, and for senior citizens 14th – 16th August and for Jonathan
       Wiggam and the teams running both
      pray for our planning for new Alpha and Growing Leaders courses in the autumn
      pray for finances to enable us to employ a Family and Children’s Worker
Anglican Cycle of Prayer - Eha - Amufu - (Enugu, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Daniel Olinya

2nd Thursday
Aldershot, St Augustine
Incumbent: Keith Hodges
Other Clergy: John Harvey
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Ekiti - (Ondo, Nigeria) The Most Revd Samuel Abe
Ekiti Kwara - (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Andrew Ajayi

3rd Friday
Aldershot, St Michael the Archangel and The Ascension
Incumbent: James Martin
Other Clergy: Tom Moore
St Michael’s Infant and Junior Schools: staff and pupils
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Ekiti West - (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Samuel Oke
Ekiti Oke - (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Isaac Olubowale

4th Saturday
Ash, St Peter
Incumbent: Keith Bristow
Other Clergy: Carol Monk
Walsh Infant and Junior Schools: staff and pupils
Shawfield Primary School: Staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
El Camino Real - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Mary Gray-Reeves
The Education Department:
Director: Derek Holbird
The Board of Education:
Chairman: The Ven David Gerrard
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Pray for Church of the Province of South East Asia Singapore - (South East Asia) –
The Right Revd Dr John Chew

Ash Vale, St Mary
Incumbent: Neil Lambert

Current concerns:
Please pray for:
      Jane Cox LLM (Reader)
      2012 mission to Uganda and the Congo with Holy Angels Roman
       Catholic Church Ash,
      the development of the Chapel Arts Project; and the building maintenance of links with
       Farnham Vineyard Church and the Methodist church as the circuits change in September.
      for the visa application to go through for the Rev Gerison Kibethe so that he can
       come and join us at St Mary's.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
El Salvador - (Central America) Vacant

7th Tuesday
Cove, St John the Baptist, Southwood Church & St Christopher (team ministry)
Team Rector: Jeremy Tyndall (St Christopher)
Team Vicars: Steve Stewart (Southwood), Esther Prior (St John the Baptist)
Other Clergy: Gordon Thomas, Brian Bessant, Matt Prior

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
El-Obeid - (Sudan) The Rt Revd Ismail Abugigin Kawo Gibreil

8th Wednesday (Dominic, priest, founder of the Order of Preachers, 1221)
Crookham, Christ Church (group ministry with Fleet)
Incumbent: Mark Nicholls

Current concerns:
      Please pray for the work on our building project which started in July, that the new
       facilities may enable and inspire us to find further ways of serving our church family
       and our local community.

Crookham Infant School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Eldoret - (Kenya) The Rt Revd Christopher Ruto
Eldoret - (Kenya) The Rt Revd Thomas Kogo
Embu - (Kenya) The Rt Revd Henry Kathii

9th Thursday (Mary Sumner, founder of the Mothers’ Union, 1921)
Fleet, All Saints and St Philip & St James (group ministry with Crookham)
Incumbent: Roy Woodhams
Other Clergy: Andreas Sistig, Jennifer Sistig, Ron Dyer, Pauline Moyse
Current concerns:
       We pray for people coming to events at All Saints’ during this our
        150th Anniversary year, and especially for our Day of Prayer being held on 25th August
       also that more people will visit the church when we hold a weekend of heritage events
        on 7-9th September
All Saints CofE (Aided) Junior School: staff and pupils
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Ely - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Stephen David Conway
Ely - Huntingdon - (Canterbury, England)The Rt Revd David Thomson

10th Friday (Laurence, deacon, martyr, 258)
Elvetham Heath, The Church on the Heath, LEP (district church, Fleet)
(Group ministry with Crookham)
Ecumenical Minister: (vacancy)
Current concerns:
       thank God for summer term groups such as Alpha and 'Bites of the Bible' and pray for
        group members in the holidays, they will grow in discipleship
       pray for the church 'On Your Marks' holiday club during the first week of the Olympics;
        pray for the transition of ministry, as the church's minister David leaves this summer and
        the church works on its profile and the process of finding a successor;
       pray also for David, Becky, Chris and Helen as they settle in Poole.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Enugu - (Niger, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma
Enugu North - (Niger Delta, Nigeria) The Right Revd Sosthenes Eze

11th Saturday (Clare of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clares, 1253)
Farnborough, South, St Mark
Incumbent: Ian Hedges
Current concerns:
      Realising the failure of our "Vision Plan", we look with determination for inspiration for the
       future way forward.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Esan - (Bendel, Nigeria) The Most Revd Friday Imaekhai

              Pray for the Prison Chaplains and their concerns:
              HMP Coldingley:       Marina Brain and Brian Ashley (Assistant)                           listen to Him

                   HMP Downview:        Wendy Harvey
                   Current concerns:
                         Please pray for Jean Watson who leads our volunteer team
                   HMP High Down:         Sue Lucas
                    HMP Send:             Lesley Mason
Please pray for the whole chaplaincy team (chaplains and volunteers), for protection of our
chaplaincy activities during a time of change for the Prison Service and for God’s guidance
as we continue to work on Making Connections (our new programme for mentoring prison
leavers); also for wisdom in our use of time, and for the Holy Spirit to be powerfully at work
transforming lives.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Pray for The Church of South India (United) Karnataka Central - (South India) –
The Rt Revd Suputhrappa Vasantha Kumar
13th Monday (Jeremy Taylor, bishop, teacher of the faith, 1667)
Farnborough, North, St Peter (team ministry)
Team Rector: David Willey
Other Clergy: Wil North, Richard Cobbold
St Peter’s School: staff and pupils
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Etche - (Niger Delta, Nigeria) The Right Revd Precious Nwala

14th Tuesday
Farnborough, North, The Good Shepherd (team ministry)
Team Rector: David Willey
Team Vicar: Rachel Bennetts
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Etsako - (Bendel, Nigeria) The Right Revd Jacob Bada

Hawley, Holy Trinity and All Saints, and Minley, St Andrew
Incumbent: Martyn Neale
Current concerns:
Please pray for the unity of the Church
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Europe - (II, The Episcopal Church)
                                                                               This is my Son whom I have
              The Right Revd Pierre Whalon                                               chosen

16th Thursday
Tongham, St Paul
Incumbent: Claire Holt
      Please pray for our children’s worker, Catherine Adams, as she changes jobs
       and moves to Ipswich, and for us as we consider the future of the role at St Paul’s
      Give thanks for good links with St Paul’s Infant School and pray for our after school
       club held weekly, to build relationships with children and their parents.

St Paul’s CofE Infant School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer - Evo - (Niger Delta, Nigeria) The Right Revd Innocent Ordu

Cranleigh Deanery

Rural Dean: John Bundock
Lay Chair: Alec Murray

17th Friday
Alfold, St Nicholas and Loxwood, St John the Baptist
Incumbent: Wendy Dalrymple

Current concerns:
      Please pray for our Lay Minister Jane Suter, and for Majorie Loxton who was licensed on
       July 12th as our new Pastoral Assistant
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Exeter - (Canterbury, England) The Right Revd Michael Laurence Langrish
Exeter - Crediton - (Canterbury, England)The Right Revd Robert John Scott Evens
Exeter - Plymouth - (Canterbury, England)The Right Revd John Frank Ford

18th Saturday
Bramley, Holy Trinity and Grafham, St Andrew
Incumbent: John Bundock (Rural Dean)
Other Clergy: Camilla White

Current concerns:
      Pray for Jill Parrott in her ministry as a newly authorized Pastoral Assistant
      Pray for our Autumn Stewardship Review
Bramley CofE Infant School: staff and pupils
Gosden House School

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Ezo - (Sudan) The Right Revd John Kereboro Zawo

Department of Ministerial Training
Director: Hazel Whitehead

Currrent concerns:
      Pray for the Dept of Ministerial Training as it works to
       implement the new structures and
       becomes the Vocations, Discipleship and Ministry Team from 1 September.
      Pray for Jo Walker as she joins us as we work on “Discipleship 2013” and for Alan
       Elkins, the Diocesan Spirituality Adviser, and Gill Welford, Spiritual Direction Co-
       ordinator, who also joins us.
      Pray for us all: Hazel Whitehead and Caroline Lazenby; William Challis, Sarah Brough,
       Brian Roberts and Laurence Gamlen; Steve Summers, Barbara Steele-Perkins, Pippa
       Ross McCabe, Andy Spencer and Paulette Withycombe; Beverley Hunt; Sue Lawrence,
       Lynne Bowden and Margaret Smith;
      Pray for the LLM (Readers) Board and Gertrud Sollars and Anthony Metcalfe and for the
       many lay and clergy who work with us across the diocese.
      Pray especially for the new academic year and for those engaging in IME 4 programmes
       or starting new courses.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Pray for The Church of the Province of Southern Africa The Most Revd Dr Thabo Makgoba
Archbishop of Capetown and Primate of Southern Africa

20th Monday (Bernard, abbot, teacher of the faith, 1153)
Cranleigh, St Nicolas
Incumbent: Nigel Nicholson
Other Clergy: Jonathan Thomas, Dan Frett, Alex Wedderspoon, Peter Poole

Current concerns:
      Vacancy from 2nd September – please pray for a new incumbent and for the
       Churchwardens and other Clergy during the interregnum
      pray for the continuing work of the Church School and Jane Byford, Head Teacher
      pray for continuing work amongst young families and the Family Service, and for
       Georgie Hendy, our Families & Young People Worker
      pray also for our Licensed Lay Ministers (Readers) Edna Bond & Colin Connolly and
       for Judy Wedderspoon (in training); and for our Pastoral Assistants, and Audrey
       Carpenter in training
St Nicolas Primary School: staff and pupils
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Faisalabad - (Pakistan) The Right Revd John Samuel

21st Tuesday
Dunsfold, St Mary and All Saints, and Hascombe, St Peter
Incumbent: Stephen White (to be Licensed on 24th September)
Other Clergy: Roger ter Haar
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Florida - (IV, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Samuel Howard
Assisting Bishop of Florida - (IV, The Episcopal Church)The Right Revd Charles Keyser

22nd Wednesday
Ewhurst, St Peter & St Paul
Incumbent: David Minns
Other Clergy: Tricia Hislop, Tim Seller
Current concerns: Please pray for our work with children and families

Ewhurst CofE Infant School: staff and pupils
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: False Bay - (Southern Africa) The Right Revd Merwyn Castle

23rd Thursday
Shamley Green, Christ Church
Incumbent: Sally Davies
Wonersh and Shamley Green CofE Infant School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Suffragan Bishop for Federal Ministries - (The Episcopal Church):
The Right Revd James Magness

Shere, St James and Peaslake, St Mark
(union of benefices Shere, Albury & Chilworth)
Incumbent: Nick Whitehead
Other Clergy: Judy Potter, George Egerton, Sarah Hutton, Hazel
Current concerns:
       Please pray for our new Sunday School and Creche starting in the
       Pray for those considering Confirmation/Re-affirmation of Baptismal Vows

Shere Infant School: staff and pupils
Peaslake Infant School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Fianarantsoa - (Indian Ocean) The Right Revd Gilbert Rateloson Rakotondravelo

25th Saturday
Albury, SS Peter & Paul, and Farley Green, St Michael
(union of benefices Shere, Albury & Chilworth)
Incumbent: Nick Whitehead
Other Clergy: Andrew Pearson (HfD)
Current concerns:
       Please pray for the benefice Holiday Club for children (20-24 August) and
        the continuation and strengthening of bonds formed with local families;
       Pray also for work with families and young people generally
Anglican Cycle of Prayer

South Kerala - (South India) The Right Revd Dharmaraj Rasalam
Pray for our Chaplains in Education in universities,
colleges and maintained and independent schools.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Pray for Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America The Most Revd Hector Zavala Muñoz
Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone & Bishop of Chile

27th Monday (Monica, mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387)
Chilworth, St Thomas
(union of benefices Shere, Albury & Chilworth)
Incumbent: Nick Whitehead
Other Clergy: Stephanie Sokolowski, David Oakden

Chilworth CofE Infant School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Fond du Lac - (V, The Episcopal Church) The Right Revd Russell Jacobus

28th Tuesday (Augustine, bishop, teacher of the faith, 430)
Wonersh, St John the Baptist and Blackheath, St Martin
Incumbent: Debbie Sellin
Other Clergy: Colin Sowter, Keith Bateson, Liz Tilley, James Cooke
Current concerns:
      Pray for the follow-up from our 2 holiday clubs - one for children and the other for
       senior members
      Pray for our youth work and the new groups beginning in the autumn
      Pray for the new café venture trialling this term in our hall.

Wonersh and Shamley Green Infant School: staff and pupils

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Fort Worth - (VII, The Episcopal Church) The Right Revd C Ohl

29th Wednesday (The Beheading of John the Baptist)
Pray for Christians living and witnessing under persecution
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Fredericton - (Canada, Canada) The Most Revd Claude Weston Miller

30th Thursday (John Bunyan, spiritual writer, 1688)
Pray for all in training on the Local Ministry Programme, STETS and
at Theological College
Pray for those who are about to begin training for Ordination and
other forms of authorised ministry

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Freetown (Sierra Leone) - (West Africa) The Right Revd Julius Lynch

31st Friday (Aidan, bishop, missionary, 651)
Pray for all who are seeking employment, especially for young people

Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Gahini - (Rwanda) The Right Revd Alexis Bilindabagabo

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