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The Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund was established by the          confidential and compassionate manner, such that the
Connecticut General Assembly in 1919 in order to provide               temporary need is mitigated. The agency accomplishes the
financial assistance to needy veterans and their families. The         mission through five regional offices staffed by full-time
agency is administered by the state in partnership with the            professional aid counselors as well as through a network of
American Legion, in accordance with the provisions of the              over 120 volunteer fund representatives serving many of the
Connecticut General Statutes.       Funding for assistance is          localities in the state. The agency emphasizes cooperative
derived from the investment income of a trust established for          efforts with other local, state and federal social service
the purpose, the trustee of which is the Treasurer of the              agencies, including provision of information and referral,
State of Connecticut. The mission of the agency is to provide          aimed at addressing such long-term needs as may be
eligible veterans with temporary assistance appropriate to the         identified in the most appropriate and expeditious manner.
prevailing circumstances in an impartial, timely, accurate,

Statutory References                                                   and dental care payments, utility payments, food, apparel,
                                                                       medical equipment and burial expense payments.
C.G.S. Sections 27-138 and 27-140
Statement of Need and Program Objectives
                                                                        Outcome Measure
Provide appropriate and timely temporary financial assistance
to needy Connecticut wartime veterans, their spouses and/or             The agency has set standards for providing an initial response to a
minor children, or to their surviving spouses and/or minor              request for assistance within five business days and for providing
children, enabling them to provide for the basic needs of               authorized assistance within ten business days.
their families during periods of financial crisis.                              Response to Applications Within Time Standard
Program Description                                                     Actual FY2008                                     98.7%
The Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund grants financial                 Projected FY2009                                  98.7%
assistance to eligible Connecticut wartime veterans who are
in need, and/or to their spouses and minor children. The                Projected FY2010                                  98.8%
interest earnings of the trust fund provide the operating funds         Projected FY2011                                  98.8%
the agency utilizes in fulfillment of its statutory mission. The
Treasurer of the State of Connecticut is the trustee of the
fund. Interest accumulations of the fund are disbursed in                          Assistance Provided Within Time Standard
accordance with statutory provisions and in conformance with            Actual FY2008                                     98.1%
policy guidelines established by the State Fund Commission of
the American Legion.                                                    Projected FY2009                                  98.1%
                                                                        Projected FY2010                                  98.2%
The agency operates from a central office in Hartford and
maintains branch offices in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven,            Projected FY2011                                  98.2%
Norwich and Waterbury.            Trained volunteer fund
representatives serve many of the other cities and towns
throughout the state. Assistance provided may include grants
covering loss of income, rental/mortgage payments, medical

Human Services                                                     1                                  Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund

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