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									Grade 10 Civics                                                                                        Name: _________________
Unit 2: Informed Citizenship                                                                           Due: ___________________

                                   Canadian Government Today – Newspaper Assignment

You will demonstrate an understanding of a variety of current events in Canadian government, analyze media sources
about government activity, and develop opinions on relevant issues.

1. Working on your own, assemble six (6) newspaper articles, each describing a different responsibility from each level
   of Canadian government:
        TWO must relate to local issues (municipal or regional)
        TWO must relate to provincial issues (Ontario)
        TWO must relate to federal issues (Canada)

For local issues, it is best to use The Record ( For provincial and national issues, it is also good to
consult The Toronto Star (, The Globe and Mail ( and The National Post

2. You must include the following components in your analysis of each article. If you would like to use a template, it is
saved in our course file in the common drive.
     AUTHOR: give the author's full name; if there is no author given, indicate the news source.
     TITLE: include the full headline of the article
     NEWSPAPER: the full name of the newspaper from which the article is taken
     DATE: the day the article appeared in the newspaper

3. For each article you will write an analysis. It will include:

i)          SUMMARY: 3-4 sentences that outline what the article is about (in your own words)
ii)         IDENTIFICATION: Identify the level of government discussed and why you think it falls under their responsibility
            (i.e.: This article reflects the work of the federal government because it deals with a military issue…)
iii)        SIGNIFICANCE: Explain what you learn from this article about the function of government and/or citizenship
            participation. Be sure to explain how the article reflected something that you learned in class.


                                                       Level 1               Level 2               Level 3               Level 4
       Understands the concepts: levels and     -demonstrates          -demonstrates         -demonstrates         -demonstrates a
       branches of government; roles and        limited knowledge      some knowledge of     considerable          thorough
       duties; Canadian democratic values;      of the concepts        the concepts          knowledge of the      knowledge of the
                                                                                             concepts              concepts
       Identifying sources; choosing articles   -applies few of the    -applies some of      -applies many of      -applies all or
       that identify the concepts               skills used in the     the skills used in    the skills used in    almost all of the
                                                inquiry process        the inquiry process   the inquiry process   skills used in the
       Providing detail in written                                                                                 inquiry process
       explanations from article and class
        -communication of information and       -explains articles     -explains articles    -explains articles    -explains articles
       ideas                                    with limited clarity   with some clarity     with considerable     with a high degree
                                                and effectiveness      and effectiveness     clarity and           of clarity and
                                                                                             effectiveness         effectiveness
       -makes connections (between the          makes connections      makes connections     makes connections     makes connections
       meaning of the concept; applies          with limited           come limited          considerable          with a high degree
       course concepts to real life examples)   effectiveness          effectiveness         effectiveness         of effectiveness

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