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					                                                            MOCA Motion Newsletter
                                                 Display Advertising Request Form

  Contact Name:
      Billing Name:                                                                          Phone:
Billing Address:                                                                                 Fax:
      Postal Code:                                                                            E-mail:

                       Please select the advertisement size, number of insertions, and input the total amount:
                             Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Add 5% GST to the prices.
                                          Deadline for submissions is the 15 of the previous month.
 Colour Ads                                                               10% off    15% off 20% off       Ad                          # of        Total
                                                                                                                          design    insertions   Invoiced
 per insertion/month (discount applies to # ads booked)                  x1            x3          x6          x11                               Inc. GST
 Back Cover or Inside Front or Back or either Middle Page             $368.00      $331.20      $312.80     $294.40
 Full Page                                                            $341.00      $306.90      $289.85     $272.80
 1/2 Page                                                             $226.00      $203.40      $192.10     $180.80
 1/4 Page                                                             $158.00      $142.20      $134.30     $126.40
 Business Card                                                        $131.00      $117.90      $111.35     $104.80
 Black & White Ads                                                                 10% off      15% off      20% off
 per insertion/month (discount applies to # ads booked)                  x1            x3          x6          x11
 Full Page                                                            $289.00      $260.10      $245.65     $231.20
 1/2 Page                                                             $173.00      $155.70      $147.05     $138.40
 1/4 Page                                                             $105.00       $94.50       $89.25      $84.00
 Business Card                                                         $79.00       $71.10       $67.15      $63.20

      Display Ad Design Specs:                       Width x Height                Display Ad Design Specs:                  Width x Height
      Full Page (Back Cover)                         7.5" x 8.5"                   Quarter Page - Horizontal                 6.5" x 1.85"
      Full Page (Inside)                             6.5" x 7.75"                  Quarter Page - Vertical                   3.0" x 3.80"
      Half Page - Horizontal                         6.5" x 3.80"                  Eighth Page – Business Card               3.0" x 1.75"
      Half Page - Vertical                           3.0" x 7.75"

         Please submit all artwork camera ready in a high res. PDF or Tiff file. Professional ad design is only $25.
         E-mailed files are acceptable. Please e-mail to Laura Dennison (403-257-8345), newslettersales@mindsdesign.ca.
         Faxes (403-726-9834) are not acceptable for camera ready ads unless you need the ad to be re-designed.
                               Please BOLD or CIRCLE the month/months you want your ad to appear:

       January     February      March       April   May     June     July/August       September       October      November        December

Payment:                      VISA                   MASTERCARD                        Monthly            Quarterly           Cheque
Please indicate your payment method. Credit card is preferred (monthly, quarterly, or all at once); or by cheque all at once. We still
request a credit card to be on file if perchance payment is not received within 30 days.

Cardholder name:

Card number:                             /                    /                    /                              Exp. #:               /
 Mind’s Design Studio collects the above information for the purposes of advertising in the MOCA Motion Newsletter and will not be used or shared for
    any other purpose for which it was collected. We will retain this information, personal and financial, for a period of time to fulfill your advertising
               requirements and any other requirements under the law. This information will be destroyed after the above requirements
                                              have been fulfilled and this information is no longer required.
                                                                   ALL SALES FINAL

                         Payment must be to Mind’s Design Studio before the ad is published in the Newsletter.
                          Bobbie-Jo Bergner, Editor, Mind’s Design Studio E-mail: info@mindsdesign.ca
                                143 Riverbrook Way S.E. Calgary, AB T2C 3R4 Phone: 403-203-9152
                 Please email (newslettersales@mindsdesign.ca) or fax (403-726-9834) this form to Laura Dennison

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