Comparison of ArcView 3.x and ArcView 8.x by D7OzTt


									         Brief Comparison of
       ArcView 3.x and ArcView

                            Paige Baldassaro
                   Geospatial Applications Designer
                    Geospatial Extension Program
                    Saturday, September 15, 2012                   
Geospatial Extension Program
   Partnership with the Virginia Space
    Grant Consortium and Virginia
    Cooperative Extension
   Mission
    • To facilitate the dissemination and to support
      the appropriate applications of geospatial
      tools at the local, regional, and state levels
      through a systematic and coordinated
Key Features
   Same basic functionality as 3.x
   Separate software modules for organizing
    files (ArcCatalog), accessing tools
    (ArcToolbox) and working with data (ArcMap)
   “Projection-on-the-Fly”
   Direct GPS upload for certain GPS units via
    third party modules (GPSi)
   Direct read of more data formats
   Can import 3.x project files and legend files
Drawbacks of 8.x
   Completely different interface
   3 pieces of software to learn
   Feature overload (common with
    commercial software packages, i.e.
    Microsoft® Word)
   Old scripting language not supported
   Expensive
    • $1,500 v’s $1,195 (commercial price)
   Project files (*.apr) become map
    documents (*.mxd)
   Projects become maps
   Views become data frames
    • This particular terminology is most confusing
   No more project window
   Table of Contents
    • Display view
    • Source view
   Map Display
   Toolbars
   Many extensions are now included
    directly into ArcMap
    • Originally separated due to hardware
    •   Provides the direct read of many data formats
        discussed previously
    •   Located in Tools → Extensions
   Simple to do, but it has been known to
    cause problems.
    • Primarily, can’t import all 3.x views
   Import 3.x project files (*.apr)
   Import 3.x legend files (*.avl)
Specific Annoying Things You
Can’t do in 8.x
   Alter the path names in the project file
   Save multiple views
   Easily export a legend file
   Layouts don’t automatically have all the
    information entered
How to Get Around the Project
File Problem
   Modifying the project file’s path names in
    ArcView 3.x was annoying in itself.
   ArcMap allows the storing of relative
    path names, which alleviates some of
    this problem.
   Use “Set Data Source” to find lost layers
    or simply remove and re-add the lost
How to Get Around the Legend
   Can import legends from old 3.x legend
    files or 8.x layers.
    • Layer files (*.lyr) save all settings
    • Sample scripts for raster data
How to Get Around the Multiple
View Problem
   Spatial Bookmarks
    • Can’t choose which layers are visible for each
    •   Can use visible extents
   Layout Manager
    • Difficult to setup, but easy to use once you do
How to Get Around the Layout
Elements Problem
   Have to add each element to a layout
   Save one layout as a template to use for
    other layouts if applicable
A Useful Resource
   Getting to Know
    ArcGIS Desktop:
    The Basics of
    ArcView, ArcEditor,
    and ArcInfo
    •   Getting to Know
    •   Includes a “Getting
        to Know ArcView GIS
Alternative software
   ArcReader & ArcExplorer
    • Limited use
    • No cost
   Allows anyone to view, explore, and print
    published map files (PMFs).
   Designed for viewing and sharing maps
    that access a wide variety of dynamic
    geographic data (from ESRI’s Website)
   Data exploration is limited.
   Still need at least one copy of ArcView
    (plus and extension) to create the maps.
   Lightweight GIS data viewer developed by
   Easy way to perform basic GIS functions:
    display, query, and data retrieval applications
   Supports a wide variety of standard data
    sources (from ESRI’s Website).
   Included on your CD
Any Questions?
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 Geospatial Extension    Geospatial Applications
       Specialist              Developer
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