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									                                                Core Content/Program of Studies Curriculum Map
                                                            Bourbon County Schools
Level: Elementary                                                                                                     Bold & ( ) = Assessed
Updated: May 2007                                                                                                     Italics = Supporting
(Adapted from Fayette County Public Schools)                                                                          e.g. = Example only
Writing Curriculum Framework: Grade 4
Topic: Transactive Writing-Articles, Brochures (Instructional Days 116 - 140)
                                             Content                                                                          Activities/Resources
         Core Content for Assessment                         Content Characteristics                                     What effective instructional activities
What do students need to understand and be able to apply       What are the characteristics of this type of writing       and suggested materials could be
                   to new situations?                          demonstrated by the student in their own writing?             used to teach this content?
Big Idea: Writing Content
WR-E-1.1.00                                                WR-04-1.1.03
Purpose/Audience: Students will establish and              In Transactive Writing,
maintain a focused purpose to communicate                       Students will communicate a purpose
with an authentic audience by                                     through informing, persuading, or analyzing
 Narrowing the topic to present an idea or                     Students will develop an effective angle to
   theme                                                          achieve purpose
 Choosing a perspective authentic to the                       Students will communicate as an informed
   writer                                                         writer to clarify what the reader should
 Analyzing and addressing the needs of the                       know, do, or believe as a result of reading
   intended audience                                              the piece
 Adhering to the characteristics of the form                   Students will apply characteristics of the
 Applying a suitable tone                                        selected form (e.g., letter, feature article)
 Allowing voice to emerge when appropriate                     Students will use a suitable tone
DOK 4                                                           Students will allow voice to emerge when

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Writing Curriculum Framework: Grade 4
Topic: Transactive Writing-Articles, Brochures (Instructional Days 116 - 140)
WR-E-1.2.00                                      WR-04-1.2.03
Idea Development/Support: Students will          In Transactive Writing,
support main ideas and deepen the audience’s          Students will communicate relevant
understanding of purpose by                             information to clarify specific purpose
 Developing logical, justified, and suitable         Students will develop an angle with support
   explanations                                         (e.g., facts, examples, reasons,
 Providing relevant elaboration                        comparisons, diagrams, charts, other
 Explaining related connections or                     visuals)
   reflections                                        Students will develop explanations to
 Applying idea development strategies                  support the writer’s purpose
   appropriate to the form                            Students will apply research to support
DOK 3                                                   ideas with facts and opinions
                                                      Students will incorporate persuasive
                                                        techniques when appropriate (e.g.,
                                                        bandwagon, emotional appeal, testimonial,
                                                        expert opinion)
Big Idea: Writing Structure
WR-E-2.3.00                                      WR-04-2.3.03
Organization: Students will create unity and     In Transactive Writing,
coherence to accomplish the focused purpose           Students will establish a context for reading
by                                                    Students will apply the accepted format of
    Engaging the audience                              the genre
    Establishing a context for reading when          Students will develop an appropriate text
       appropriate                                      structure (e.g., cause/effect,
    Communicating ideas and support in a               problem/solution, question/answer,
       meaningful order                                 comparison/contrast, description,
    Applying transitions and transitional              sequence) to achieve purpose
       elements to guide the reader through to        Students will arrange ideas and details in a
       guide the reader through the piece               logical, meaningful order by using a variety
    Developing effective closure                       of transitions or transitional elements
   DOK 3                                                between ideas and details
                                                      Students will incorporate text features (e.g.,
                                                        subheadings, bullets, fonts, white space,
                                                        layout, charts, diagrams, labels, pictures,

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Writing Curriculum Framework: Grade 4
Topic: Transactive Writing-Articles, Brochures (Instructional Days 116 - 140)
                                                        captions) when appropriate
                                                      Students will create conclusions effectively
WR-E-2.4.00                                      WR-04-2.4.03
Sentence Structure: Students will create         In Transactive Writing,
effective sentences by                                Students will develop complete, concise
     Applying a variety of structures and              sentences or apply unconventional
       lengths                                          structures when appropriate
     Developing complete and correct
       sentences unless using unconventional
       structures for effect when appropriate
     DOK 3
Big Idea: Writing Conventions
WR-E-3.5.00                                      WR-04-3.5.03
Language: Students will exemplify effective      In Transactive Writing,
language choices by                                   Students will adhere to standard guidelines
     Applying correct grammar and usage                for grammar and usage
     Applying concise use of language                Students will apply precise word choice
     Incorporating strong verbs, precise             Students will incorporate the specialized
       nouns, concrete details, and sensory             vocabulary of the discipline/content
       details                                          appropriate to the purpose and audience
     Applying language appropriate to the
       content, purpose, and audience
     DOK 2
Correctness: Students will communicate           ***Note: The Writing Core Content for
clearly by                                       Assessment concerning “Correctness” is
     Applying correct spelling                  appropriate for ALL types of writing, not just
     Applying correct punctuation               one specific genre. Embed, Apply and Assess
     Applying correct capitalization            across every type of writing…***
     Incorporating acceptable departure
       from standard correctness to enhance
       meaning when appropriate
     Incorporating appropriate
       documentation of ideas and information
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Writing Curriculum Framework: Grade 4
Topic: Transactive Writing-Articles, Brochures (Instructional Days 116 - 140)
      from outside sources (e.g., citing
      authors or titles within the text, listing
   DOK 2
Big Idea: Writing Process - Same for ALL types of writing. See Framework for Writing Process, Instructional Days (1-175)
Vocabulary:                                      Informative, persuasive, transactive, analyze, review, research, explain, feature article, how-to
What terms could students use to clarify communication        article, brochure, suitable tone, voice, focus, audience, purpose, role (author), content area,
about this content?                                           introduction, lead, main idea, topic, conclusion, cause/effect, problem/solution, question/answer,
                                                              comparison/contrast, description, sequence text features, graphics (pictures, captions, sub-
                                                              heading, charts, graphs), references cited, effective angle, cause/effect, problem/solution,
Assessment:                                                   Writing Portfolio, On-Demand
How will students be assessed to find out what they already
know and what they’ve learned?

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