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									    Audit Program: Submit tender offer for store

    Audit Procedure                                          Control Objective

   i) to ensure business opportunities are maximised.
      to ensure feasibility studies are carried out before
  ii) submit of tender offer.
      to ensure feasibility studies are properly reviewed
 iii) and authorised.
      to ensure tender offer provides reasonable return
iv) on investment.
      to ensure submission of tender offer is adhered to
      requirements listed in tender notice and tender
  v) document.
      to ensure submission of tender offer is properly
vi) reviewed and authorised.
      to ensure management has followed up results of
vii) submission of tender offer.

    1. Identify of business opportunities
    i) Discuss with store development manager for
    control and procedures on identify of business
    opportunities for new store.
    2. Feasibility studies
    i) For store development opportunities identified,
    test check to market studies on potential
    customers, competitors analysis, sales projection
    and capital expenditure proposal prepared by store
    development department.
    ii) Trace to rental and lease term proposal prepared
    by estate department.
    iii) Trace to projected profit and loss account and
    economic value added analysis prepared by finance
    iv) Ensure retail director has reviewed and approved
    feasibility studies selected.
    v) Ensure that feasibility studies approved by
    management provide a reasonable return on
    investment. If not, investigate reasons.

    3. Prepare for submission of tender offer
    i) For submission of tender offer, test check that
    store development department has based on
    requirements listed in tender notice and tender
    document to prepare tender offer.
    ii) Ensure that managing director has approved
    tender offers.
    4. Submission of tender offer
i) Review tender offer submission log to ensure for
all approved tender offers, store development
department has properly arranged submission of
tender offer.
ii) Ensure store development department has
properly followed up results of tender offer.
iii) Review success rate and discuss with
management for further improvement.
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