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									Develop and present a feasibility report (ICAD4043A)

Task 2: Identify alternative solutions

Activity 1: Preparing a business solution

Consider the following scenario and write a brief response to each of the four
questions below. Think about what will you need to consider and document to
prepare possible business solutions.


Widgets-R-Us have had a good five years. Since their launch they have grown to
become one of Australia's top 20 Widget manufacturers. They are looking to
expand their head office - they currently lease half a floor in a city skyscraper
and are planning to take over the lease of the whole floor in six months time.

Before they proceed with the expansion, they have asked your IT company to
provide three options for installing an IT network in the new office area. There
will be 30 new employees moving into the space.

They would like you prepare a feasibility report for the planned network

Question 1. What do you need to know before you can begin to look at
alternatives for this network installation?

Question 2. How could you find the information referred to in Question 1 above?

Question 3. When would you present your solutions?

Question 4. What is the justification for proceeding with a feasibility report?
Activity 2: Business requirements

Consider this small case study for Companion Pensioners Insurance and answer
the following question.

From the results of the product criteria tests, which business requirements have
not been met?

Case study: Companion Pensioners Insurance

Last year, the insurance companies Civic Care and Your Insurance merged to
form the specialist pensioners insurance company, Companion Pensioners
Insurance. The following is an extract from the CEO’s report to the section heads
of Companion Pensioners Insurance:

Since the merging of our two companies we have experienced great difficulties in
integrating business practices and procedures. This is especially true in more
remote branch offices.

The incorrect processing of customer requests has caused a backlog of
unprocessed paper work, creating increased customer dissatisfaction. It is taking
well over three weeks for requests to return to our customers, when it should be
less than two.

We are considering using the existing corporate IT infrastructure to implement a
centralised database of policies and procedures, accessed from the corporate
Intranet. The job of maintaining policies and procedures will be handed to our
Human Resources department.

Some of the business requirements that were identified as relevant to the
selection of new technology included:

      Compatibility with existing operating systems and networking software

      Interoperability with existing corporate intranet

      Maintainable by staff with basic computer literacy skills (HR staff and

      Centralised database accessed from multiple sites.

A series of product criteria tests were devised. The following is a list of tests that
failed in the inspection of the new corporate intranet system:

      After logging on, users could not access their details from the online
       personnel system displayed on the web page.

      Ferndale branch staff could not access the procedures menu, select the
       list facility, or display the list of procedures.

      Windows XP would not load the plug-in for intranet access.
Activity 3: Research

Consider this small case study for TrueBlue Restaurant:

TrueBlue is a new restaurant that is about to open in a beachside town. The staff
have all previously worked in restaurants but none of them has much exposure
to handling the financial operations of a business. You have been asked to
investigate the possibility of using a software package to satisfy the key
requirements of the financial functions, which are as follows:

* Accounts Payable

* Accounts Receivable

* General Ledger

* GST processing

* Order Processing

* Payroll

Use the internet to find information on three software packages that may
meet the above requirements and create an evaluation matrix to compare
the functionality. Recommend a package based on your evaluation.

Activity 4: Request for Proposal

There are many Request For Proposal (RFP) templates on the web. For one
example, go to the Technology Evaluation website (rfp-
templates.technologyevaluation.com) and click on 'View RFP Templates'. Follow
the links to download a sample of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
template. Have a look at the requirements that are listed under the Criteria
column for the different business areas covered and notice how extensive and
detailed these can be.

What are some of the main categories of information you need to consider
for a RFP?

Activity 5: Sourcing alternative solutions

Accenture is a large multinational company that specialises in outsourcing
projects for a wide variety of industries. Go to their website and have a look at
some of their outsourcing services. Read the description of their outsourcing
project for the Sarah Lee company. (use the link below)


What strategy did Sarah Lee use to decide on their final "e-procurement"

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