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                                        FOREST SERVICE MANUAL
                                       SANTA FE NATIONAL FOREST
                                         SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO

                                            FSM 2800

                         CHAPTER 20 MINERALS AND GEOLOGY

Supplement No.: 2

Effective Date: August 1, 1978

Duration: This supplement is effective until superseded or removed.

Approved: CHRISTOBAL B. ZAMORA                                Date Approved: 01/01/1978
          Forest Supervisor

Posting Instructions: Supplements are numbered consecutively by title and calendar year.
Post by document; remove the entire document and replace it with this supplement. Retain this
transmittal as the first page(s) of this document. After posting retain this transmittal until the
next supplement to this title is received

New Document                      2821.04                                               1 Pages

Superseded Document(s)            2821.04                                               0 Pages
(Supplement Number and
Effective Date)

Digest: Limits delegation of authority to District Rangers in the issuance of prospecting
permits and establishes procedures on the distribution process.
SFNF SUPPLEMENT 2800-78-2                                                    2820
EFFECTIVE DATE: 08/01/1978                                                   Page 2 of 2
DURATION: This supplement is effective until superseded or removed.

                                                FSM 2800
                                    CHAPTER 20 MINERALS AND GEOLOGY

2821.04 – Responsibility. District Ranger are delegated authority to issue prospecting permits,

    1. When more than a $10,000, bond will be required.

    2. When the area of operations or access to it is within: Wilderness Areas, Primitive Areas,
       Wilderness Study Areas, and Inventorized Roadless Areas National Recreation Area, and
       National Wild and Scenic River Corridors.

    3. When an environmental impact statement is deemed necessary.

2821.2 – Procedures

    1. District Rangers will furnish two copies of the approved District Environmental Analysis.
       Report the permit Form FS-2800-1 to the Forest Supervisor.

   2. Upon completion of Operations, District Ranger will file two copies of his completion,
and acceptance report with the Forest Supervisor.

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