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									                            Food Safety AoE Meeting
                                August 22, 2005
                         Ingham County Extension Office

Present: Joan Miller, Lillian Occeña-Po, Beth Waitrovich, Daisy Seremba,
         Jeannie Nichols, Lisa Treiber, Darci Seamon, Evelyn DeNike,
         Joyce McGarry, Kathy Foerster, Cindy Warren.

   I.     Updates/Reviews

          A. Lillian presented an overview of the AoE booth at AgExpo.
             Interest was noted in ServSafe trainings for group homes;
             Lillian has the contact information.

          B. AoE folders are available and were sent out to the 83 counties.. Many
             thanks to Lillian for her professional work and making this happen!
             Folders with other food safety resources have been sent to each county
             from the AoE.

          C. Daisy shared the drafts for food safety bookmarks. Suggestions were
             made regarding size and content and these will be finalized and utilized
             in a variety of settings.Magnets, based on the bookmarks are also being
             considered. If the AoE develops a CD of food safety information to sell,
             the bookmarks can be included.

          D. Lillian described her project “Pilot-Testing (Phase II) of the Safe Food
             All Year Round food safety toolkit targeting Mexican/Mexican-
             Americans” that was funded by the 2005 AoE competitive funds. She
             had utilized a Level II approach which adapted food safety materials to
             the culture of the target audience. Related interests were mentioned by
             Kathy Foerster, ex. the MI Interactive Migrant Group for possible
             exhibit, and the Human Development AoE who are conducting a peer
             language review of their programs. The AoE competitive funds will be
             used for the replication and printing of the food safety toolkit Lillian
             developed under the 2004 Multicultural Initiative Mini-Grant (Phase I).
             She plan’s to explore this as a PREF project (Phase III). She’s working
             on a food safety toolkit targeting refugees.

          E. The 2004 Food Safety AoE budget allocation of $4500 was carried
             forward this year. This year’s 2005 allocation for the Food Safety AoE is
             around $5867. Town Hall meetings will be funded by our AoE budget.

          F. Canning posters have been purchased by the various counties (18 sets),
             including a set for the AoE. These were facilitated by Lisa Treiber.
      G. The Food Safety AoE Mini-grant applications (from Trent’s 2004 AoE
         competitive grant) were reviewed and three of our AoE members
         received mini-grants – congratulations to Joyce,Jeannie and Joan! They
         will work on a project to update food safety disaster materials. Lisa
         reported about the mini-grant that was also received by the Midland
         Health Dept. that will sponsor a Baby Shower and food safety
         information for kids. Lisa will be their key-note speaker at the Baby
         Shower. Lillian suggested including the topic on food safety and
         pregnancy and will forward some resources she could refer to.

      H. Task Force updates:
         Mi Task Force
          Evelyn reported on the planning and work for next year’s 100th
         anniversary celebration of the Food & Drug Admin. Dollars will be
         needed to print materials and asked whether the AoE could help foot the
         bill. She was asked for a budget proposal for this for the AoE to consider.
         She also suggested that theTown Hall Meetings could be a part of this
         large celebration. FDA has nothing specific planned for Food Safety
         Month. MDA has a special line to report problems related to grocery
         stores (1-800-292-3939).
         Tri-County Task Force
          Discussed the new law that mandates Schools to have a nutrition plan and
          HACCP plan in place. There is a timeline in place for implementation.
          Small schools may require assistance. for the AoE . Information is
          needed as to how this training is to be accomplished (ex. do schools have
          money for trainings? Is there a certification required for trainors?).
          This task force supports the Hidden Harvest program ( last year’s display
          was funded by the AoE). It was noted that restaurant personnel are
          frustrated with the type of media coverage they receive.

II.   New Business

      A. AoE co-chairs will be attending a co-chair meeting on Sept. 13th – 14th.

      B. Media packet articles are coming up. Cindy will write for the
         Aug. 30th deadline on maintaining food safety while mailing foods for the
         holidays. Lisa will write the article that is due on Nov. 30th on Cold
         Weather Food Safety, discussing crock pot cooking, safe cooling of thick
         foods (stews, chili, etc.).

      C. AoE PREF project:
             - there was confusion and discussion regarding the CD that had
               been discussed during the June retreat and how to proceed.
             - There was concern as to the need for such a CD by
               teachers/educators. Attempts would be made to question teachers
                        about their opinion/need for a food safety CD to further assess
                        need and likelihood of selling such a CD.
                    -   It was decided that each AoE member working on the PREF
                        project would bring to the October meeting 10 items they would
                        recommend included in the CD. The focus will change from
                        classroom teachers to Extension Educators as part of our
                        response to the need for updated and/or new food safety
                        resources from the counties.

                    -   Individuals having purchased similar CDs would look at the set-
                        up and content and assess how a food safety CD could be
                        formulated to make it most likely to be purchased.

                    -   Next the need by schools for HACCP training and assistance in
                        developing a nutrition plan was discussed. This will be explored
                        further to see if the AoE can assist in filling this need (possibly
                        as a PREF project). Evelyn would be meeting with a group
                        discussing educational initiatives within the next few days and
                        would see what she could find out. Others will explore needs in
                        their own counties to determine where the AoE might fit into this
                        mandate. Lisa and Lillian will bring the literature they read
                        regarding this topic.

          D. Evelyn shared with the group the web site that addresses
             current rumors that appear throughout the internet and media. This web
             site corrects false rumors that are circulating.

          E.   AoE members are requested to email to Cindy data that
               can be used on the AoE’s end-of-the-year report (statistics related to
               ServSafe trainings, projects, presentations, etc.). Lillian proposed a
               template for uniform reporting and including impacts. Evelyn also
               suggested incorporating future directions/plans.

   III.   The next meeting will take place at the Kellogg Center (room and time to be
          designated later) on Thursday, October 13, 2005.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,

Cindy Warren

Reviewed and edited by Lillian

Our sincere thanks to Joyce McGarry for being such a gracious host and preparing a
very delicious and nutritious lunch!

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