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									               “Customized, Patient Specific, Compounded Medications”

PRESS RELEASE:                                                                                                    July 28, 2011

Compounding Pharmacy, offering a solution to major drug shortages.
According to an analysis, by the Premier Healthcare Alliance, March 2011, drug shortages in American
Healthcare have risen from just (74) in 2005 to (211) in 2010.

Further per the analysis, “in 2010 over (240) drugs were either in short supply or completely unavailable
and more than 400 generic equivalents were back ordered for greater than five days”.

The national drug shortage problem has physician, hospitals, and pharmacies, searching for drugs for
diabetes, thyroid, pain medications, and a variety of other sterile medications.

   Compounding Pharmacy is providing an alternative solution. We can help.

Town & Country Compounding Pharmacy is a Compounding only pharmacy lab. Our professional
trained Compounding Pharmacists can help by obtaining the (API) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and
compound the needed medication in the appropriate dosage, based upon the physician or patient needs.
We utilize the finest FDA approved chemicals, follow current USP guidelines, and are licensed and
registered by our State Board of Pharmacy.

Therefore, we can provide medications that are discontinued and no longer available. Further, we can help
by providing medications that are unavailable on the FDA Current Drug Shortage list, until medication is
commercially available.

                            On our websites’ home page               
You will see a current list of Unavailable Medications, and a brief description of our capabilities under the banner:

                             Meeting Unique Physician and Patient Needs
                                           With Compounded Prescription Medications

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Director, Marketing & Education                   Mobile: 201 321-9398

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