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                             FCC Issues Report on Broadcast Localism
                          How You Can Make a Difference


The Federal Communications Commission has issued its Report on Broadcast Localism,
combined with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in which it contemplates significant re-
regulation in a number of areas.

If fully implemented, the FCCproposals would place a number of costly and onerous new
regulated requirements on all Missouri broadcasters and all Missouri stations that would to air
local news and other public affairs programming based on predetermined benchmarks that would
be considered in the renewal time. In many cases, if adopted, these proposals would have exactly
the opposite affect from that which is indended. Below the summary, we have provided
alternaitve ways for you to make you voice heard at the FCC. Please take the time to read this
and act on behalf of your station and for the benefit of all broadcasting.

Our thanks to Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC for their help in creating ths message for
the Missouri Broadcasters Association.

The Commission’s Report addressed matters under a wide variety of topics and proposes specific
initiatives in four major areas:

           Advisory Boards –The Commission proposes requiring broadcasters to convene a
            permanent advisory board made up of officials and community leaders at least on a
            quarterly basis. The the composition of the board may be regulated to assure
            inclusion of all significant segments of the community.

           Standardized Disclosure Forms – The Commission would change the quarterly
            issues-programs lists created by the broadcaster’s judgement of what is important to a
            specific listing of all programming catagorized by national news, local news produced
            by the station, local news produced by others (who must be identified), local civic
            affairs, local electoral affairs, independently produced programming, other local
            programming, public service announcements, paid public service announcements,
            programs aimed at serving the needs of underserved demographic segments, and
            religious programs aired at no charge. It would also requires a description of licensee
            efforts to determine program needs of its community, information concerning close

    This memorandum is provided for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.
            captioning and video description services, and a list of all broadcasts conveying
            current emergency information.

           Main Studios – The proposes to reinstutute much of the old Main Studio Rule,
            including origination of a majority of non-network programming and eliminating
            unattended station operation. The main studios would have to be located within the
            community, rather than within 25 miles or the contour of any other station licensed to
            the community, as is presently allowed.

           Renewal Programming Guidelines – The Commission would reintroduce renewal
            application processing guidelines for locally-oriented programming.

       Click Here for More Detailed Information from MBA’s Washington Counsel

The FCC wants to hear from broadcasters, but it can only take
your views into account if you provide them as comments in the
official docket.

Add your voice to comments filed at
the FCC. Here’s how:
Click on one of these options:
Internet                                By Mail:                    Write your Senator or
                                                                    Member of Congress

The best and easist way is to file your comments by internet on the FCC website. Go to the FCC
web by clicking here FCC Electronic Comment Filing System

    This memorandum is provided for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.
In the box marked                    you must enter 04-233
Then complete all the (required) entries and as many of those marked (optional) as may wish.

You may then either:
       (1) Type comments in the text box at the bottom of the web page marked “Send a Brief
Comment to FCC (typed-in),” or
       (2) Upload a document using the box marked “Send Comment Files to FCC
(Attachments).” The file you upload must be on your computer in PDF, Word, ASCII, Excel,
WordPerfect or Lotus 123. You must designate the uploaded file’s protocol in the drop down
box. The click on

By Mail

Compose your comments. Be sure to prominently reference the docket number, place the docket
MB Docket No. 04-233 at the top or in the re: reference line of the letter. Comments in
Response to Localism Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Send your letter via the US Postal
Service to:
              The Secretary
              Federal Communications Commission
              445 12th Street, SW
              Washington, DC

If you mail, send early, because they must arrive by April 14 to be considered.

Write your Senators & Members of Congress

Your Senators and Members of Congress want to hear from you. Tell them why these FCC
proposals will have the effect of reducing local service to your listeners and require station
revenues to be spent on regulatory compliance rahter than improved programming.

You can find your Seantors at:

and you Congress Member at:

To find your elected officials and for other Options to spread the word:

Click on and place your zip code in the box.

     This memorandum is provided for general information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

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