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                           BCA COMMITTEE MEETING
                              Monday 22nd June 2009

Present:               Arthur Taylor           Mark Spurgeon           Ben Foley
                       John MacLeod            Andrew Long             Jim Allwood
                       John Henderson

Apologies:             Jane Ramsell            Eva Culleton-Oltay

1.     Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the committee meeting held on April 27th 2009 were agreed.

2.     Actions

JR investigated the RAFA Club as an alternative to the Dom Polski Club. It was found to be
suitable for the AGM and was subsequently booked for May 12th. Many thanks to Jane for
arranging this at such short notice.

3.     Correspondence

Invitation from Stagecoach to attend the Stagecoach Rail Stakeholders Conference on July
10th. AT has accepted the invitation.
Letter from EMT re December 2009 timetable consultation.
Invitation from London Travelwatch to attend the Passenger Focus/L&SE RUG Conference
on July 11th. AT to contact London Travelwatch and accept invitation.
Letter received from David Horne re evening stops at Bedford.

4.     Treasurers Report

JA reported a continuing healthy balance in this years account of £1554.16.

5.     Communications

A newsletter was now overdue. Items for this issue to include AGM report, 377 problems,
EMT update, TL Programme Update. Any further items for inclusion should be sent to AL.

6.     Performance

FCC - problems with the 377/5s meant all 6 were out of service for 1 week causing a number
of short formed trains. Also there have been some problems with staff shortages.

7.     Timetable
AT has received a copy of the December 2009 timetable. This was copied to the committee
and was fully discussed and a response agreed. AT to respond with the BCA comments.
JA/JH asked if it was possible to obtain the GN timetable. AT to speak to Larry.

AT had received a letter asking for comments about the December timetable. The meeting
agreed the response to EMT. AT to respond to EMT with the BCA comments.

8.      East Midlands Trains

AT had received a letter from David Horne regarding evening stops at Bedford (17.30). AT
had spoken to Jerry Gold at London Travelwatch who sent an email to David Horne restating
our views on the subject. No further response from EMT has been received.

9.      Thameslink Programme

To date 6 377/5s are in service.
Since the meeting AT has learned that:
August/September Blackfriars Platform 5 moves south, outside pedestrian subway closes,
main entrance moves and new platform footbridge opens.
Only slow line platforms at Elstree and Radlett will be lengthened.
Power supply issues at Farringdon now resolved.

10.     Membership Renewal

The meeting agreed the dates for this years membership renewal. These are:

Bedford                Tuesday 22nd September AM & PM
                Wednesday 23rd September PM only
Flitwick        Thursday 24th September AM &PM

AT to arrange printing of leaflet.

11.     Website

JH asked for a link from our website to the Oxford to Cambridge website.
AT reported increases in the number of spams.
MS to arrange the above.

12.     Bedford Matters

AT had received a letter asking for our views on the Bedford Bus Kick Start Bid. This was to
obtain money for later evening buses and more buses via the railway station. AL has replied
for the BCA.

AL reported on the latest news from the Bedford Station Quarter Development.

13.     Flitwick Matters

Plans for the town centre are not now expected until September.
The next car parking meeting has been cancelled while to the unitary set up is completed and
portfolio holders are chosen.

14.     EWRL
JH gave an update. A petition is on their website and all are urged to sign it. The route via
Luton and Stevenage is the most popular at present. Lib Dems in Bedford are in favour of the
route via Bedford. AL will email committee the BCA reply to the Consortium.

15.     AOB

JA raised the membership of BABUS. It was agreed that we would pay for membership for
AT reminded everyone of the APTU AGM meeting on 24th June. He would be attending.

16.     Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is Monday 14th September 2009 at John’s house commencing at

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