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					                                   FBI CITIZENS' ACADEMY
                               GUIDELINES FOR NOMINATIONS
       The next FBI Citizens' Academy class will be held on eight consecutive Thursdays
beginning February 2, 2012 and ending March 22, 2012. We anticipate class size to be 30

       Nominations for the Year 2012 class may be submitted by FBI Citizens' Academy
graduates, past and/or present FBI employees, community leaders, or by any person known to be
in good citizenship standing.

                      Candidates must meet the following criteria:
                     A recognized business, religious, or community leader from a diverse population
                     Live and/or work within the Division's jurisdiction
                     Minimum age 21 years
                     No prior felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
                     No misdemeanor or felony arrests within one year of application
                     Must consent to a criminal records check
                     Agree to attend all sessions with two excused absences

       To nominate a candidate, please complete the attached "Nomination Form" and provide
a narrative stating the reasons for nominating the candidate. The candidate is to complete and
submit the application form and Privacy Act Statement & Consent. If you plan to nominate
more than one person, please make copies of these forms.

        Selections of the final candidates for the Year 2012 class is based on factors such as their
interest in learning more about the FBI and the level and nature of their participation in
community groups and organizations.

        After graduation, the attendees are expected to help improve relationships between law
enforcement agencies and the community by sharing the insights and information they gain
through the Citizens' Academy programs. Graduates, while not in any way official spokesperson
for the FBI, may be called upon to share their understanding of the role of federal law

       Graduates are also encouraged to become members of the Phoenix Chapter of the
Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association (CAAA). The CAAA’s mission is to actively support
the Community Outreach efforts of the Phoenix Field Office.

(Revised 5/10/2011)
                                     FBI PHOENIX

       The following individual has been identified as a potential candidate for participation in
the Year 2012 Citizens' Academy class.

Length and nature of acquaintance:
Telephone: (H)

Email Address: ______________________________________


Below, please describe the reasons you believe this person is a good candidate for the FBI
Citizens' Academy. Include their involvement or membership in any civic, business, religious,
and /or community organizations which may demonstrate their desire to improve life in our
community. Attach your narrative to this form.

Name of Nominator (please print):

Signature of Nominator:


This candidate information form, your narrative, and the candidate’s completed
application must be returned to the FBI by November 1, 2011. Forms may be mailed to
FBI Community Outreach, 201 E. Indianola, Phoenix, AZ 85012 or faxed to (602)604-3415.

(Revised 5/10/2011)

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