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  All Troy University education majors must be fingerprinted and cleared by ABI/FBI for the Department of Education
                                             during their first semester.
                                     Alabama Applicant Processing Service (AAPS)

                                                      Registration Procedures in PDF

      AAPS will not allow you to complete a registration unless all required fields have valid entries.
      Applicants are responsible for their own registration. Information incorrectly entered during registration and submitted during
       fingerprinting CANNOT be corrected and is the responsibility of the applicants. Changes to incorrect registration data MAY be
       corrected online or by telephone prior to fingerprint submission.
      The AAPS Fingerprint Fee is $54.15
          1. Applicants may pay online during registration using a debit or credit card
          2. No cash, credit card or business checks are accepted at the fingerprint locations.
          3. Applicants may pay at the fingerprint site with money order or cashier check. Payments must be made out to Cogent
      Visit any Cogent fingerprint location in Alabama. See Print Locations & Hours at
      Bring valid identification. See What to Bring at
To submit a new registration:
   The registration page can be accessed directly at - click Register Online
   Select Registration in the Main toolbar and click New Enrollment in the pull-down menu. The Applicant Registration Step 1 window will
      be displayed (Figure 3-1).

                                          Figure 3-1 Applicant Registration Step 1 Window

Enter data for all required fields.
Only one Identification type (driver’s license, state issued picture ID, or passport) is required.
Click Next. The Applicant Registration Step 2 window will be displayed (Figure 3-2).

                                       Figure 3-2 Applicant Registration Step 2 Window

Enter data for all required fields.
Click Next. The Applicant Registration Step 3 window will be displayed (Figure 3-3).

                                         Figure 3-3 Applicant Registration Step 3 Window

Verify all information on this page. If a correction is needed, click Previous. If everything is correct, click Next. The Registration
   Complete window will be displayed (Figure 3-4).

                                       Figure 3-4 Applicant Registration Complete Window

This display contains the registration ID which should be retained for future use. All previously entered registration information will be
   retrieved by Livescan using the registration ID or SSN.

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