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									ScubaJam Virginia

                                  ScubaJam Virginia
                             Agenda for Committee Meeting
                                Monday, May 21, 2012

  I.     Meeting Called to Order

  II.    Attendees: Chip Earle, Mike Engiles, Joe Dubose, Priscilla Joyner, Judy Ford
             Via Audio conference: Peyton Williams

  III.   Regrets: Chuck Burkett, Jim McNeil, Tom Burns

  IV.    Reading & Approval of the Minutes from April 2012 completed

  V.     Committee reports

           i. Treasurer’s Report –
                 i. Purchased acrylic brochure holders for dive shop displays
                ii. One support check from The Dive Shop, Richmond to be deposited

           ii. Administration and Budget –
                  i. Budget – no changes
                 ii. Admin – brochure and placards are on dropbox in pdf and publisher
                     format. We will distribute these this evening.

          iii. Marketing –
                  i. Sponsors – reviewed which ones are confirmed.
                 ii. Website status –Chip will try touch base with Chuck this week.
                iii. BSA updates – Mike feels like the word is out, we need to close in on
                     getting online registration up and running.

          iv. Program & Events –
                  i. Steve wants to use DPV for AOW youth, possibly age restriction to be
                     set at 12.
                 ii. Activity w/ poker chips is now called “Treasure Hunt”.
                iii. Scavenger hunt – Judy and Steve have hundreds of photo shots of
                     partial pieces of underwater items at lake. We could print 12, laminate
                     them and arrange a Scavenger Hunt where participants find these and
                     give details of what/where they are.
                iv. Judy and Steve have a screen on their compound for demos.
                 v. DAN is committed to have a booth at SJ. Mike will touch base with Sam
                     to double check.
                vi. Judy spoke with SeaLife at Baltimore. Mike will go through his contact at
                     SeaLife to see if we can get some cameras donated for use. It would be
                     nice if we could give away a Reef Mini Camera, if we could get one
                     donated. This year we will have a camera table where we can download
                     participants pics and give cd of photos right away to them. Alternatively,
                     participants can use their own thumb drive if they want.
               vii. Its time to start securing outside folks for assistance w/ programs.
               viii. ROV kits – how can we get some and see if any crews want to build over
                     the w/e. Judy will look into.

  VI.    Old Business
ScubaJam Virginia

            i.      Conference Calls – we now have a USB microphone/speakerphone for the
                    monthly meetings. This should make communications more audible and user
                    friendly. The call number is: 855-233-5754. Mtg No 2794376307.
            ii.     Update on submission of event details to Scouting Magazine (postpone til
                    next mtg when Chuck can comment)

  VII.    New Business
             i. Communication – current documents now on google docs.
            ii. Sponsorship – develop a divide and conquer plan for contacting shops tonight.
           iii. Policies – review 2012 leadership document (on google docs), note changes
                 for correction by next meeting
           iv. Marketing –
                  i. – need to launch FB campaign.
            v. Registration – Discuss Suggested times: Friday 2-8:30pm (followed by cracker
                 barrel) 9:30-10pm (anyone arriving during cracker barrel); Saturday 7-10 am.

  VIII.   Announcements - none

  IX.     Next Meeting: June 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm at The Dive Shop, Richmond

  X.      Adjourn

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