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Dear Parent
                        Year 9 History Day Trip to Ypres and the Battlefields, 28th June 2012

The History Department is organising a Trip to Ypres and the battlefields of Northern Belgium to complement your
son’s study of World War I. The trip will be a day visit and will take in sights such as: Tyne Cot Cemetery,
Langemarke (the German Cemetery), the Menin Gate Memorial, Sanctuary Wood Museum (Hill 62) where the pupils
can explore the last remaining examples of a British trench, and the town of Ypres.

The visit will get off to an early start and we will be travelling by coach and Eurotunnel. We will stay to watch the
‘last post’ service at the Menin Gate (20:00 European time), having visited sites associated with the First World War
earlier in the day. We will catch the train back to England around 21:30 and expect to arrive back at The Harvey
Grammar School around 22:00 UK time. Do bear in mind that your son will need a valid passport and European
Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for this trip.

We have organised trips to Ypres before for Year 9 students and they have been a huge success – we have tried to
keep costs to an absolute minimum whilst also ensuring that boys have an unforgettable experience.

This activity, in which your son is invited to participate, is not one for which the School is legally entitled to charge,
but you are invited to make a voluntary contribution to cover costs involved. These have been assessed at £56.00 per
head, which includes an evening meal, transport and pupils’ personal accident insurance arranged via the Local
Education Authority. I have to advise you that, unless parental contributions are forthcoming, the trip will not take

Your son will need to have a good breakfast before setting off because it is an early start and a busy day: he will also
need a packed lunch. Around 18:00 we will be eating at a restaurant in Ypres, where dinner will include chicken and
chips (a vegetarian option is available but must be pre-ordered).

Please return the slip at the bottom of this letter, together with a completed Consent and Medical form and a
remittance of £56 as soon as possible to indicate your son’s interest in the trip. Payment can be made via Wisepay,
cheque (made payable to The Harvey Grammar School) or cash.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C M Clough
Head of History & Politics

                              Year 9 History Day Trip to Ypres and the Battlefields, 28th June 2012

      I wish my son to take part in the activity described above and confirm he has a valid passport and EHIC
      I enclose the completed Consent and Medical form and a payment of £56                          Cash/Cheque/ WisePay*
      Signed:                                                 (Parent/Guardian)        Date:
      Son’s Name                                                                       Form:

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