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                  ANN G. WYLIE DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPS (AY 2012-13)

                           Recommendation of Director of Graduate Studies
                                           Cover Sheet

                        Student                                            Program

is being nominated for a Wylie Dissertation Fellowship. The Graduate School requests letters of
recommendation from each nominee’s advisor and Director of Graduate Studies. The fellowship is
designed to help students complete their dissertations by freeing them from other work. For the 2012-
2013 academic year competition, each program may nominate up to two students. A student may be
nominated only once. Nominations must reach the Graduate School by 12:00 noon on Tuesday,
February 21, 2012.

The Graduate School’s Fellowship Committee will evaluate the applicants on the basis of the likelihood
of the student’s completing the dissertation during the fellowship year, the quality of the student’s work,
the potential contribution/significance of the dissertation to the student’s field of research, and the
student’s lack of other sources of support. If possible, please compare the student’s work with that of
other students in your program or department.

Your letter of recommendation is to be submitted, together with the rest of the nomination package, in a
single pdf attachment as an email to the Graduate School at wylie-fellowship@umd.edu.

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