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					                          Purple Press Newsletter
                                             Home of the Riders!
     Cind y W a l ke r, P rin c i pal                                                        De c emb e r 7, 20 1 1
     Au tu mn He be rt , As s i st a nt P ri nc ip al                                        Is su e 4 2 01 1 - 2 01 2

                   A Note from the Principal                                   Important Dates to Remember:
          We hope each and every one of you had a great         Friday, December 16: End of the 2nd 9 Weeks
Thanksgiving break. We want to thank all of the families                             7:35 a.m.—Spirit Assembly
who joined us this past Tuesday for the Book Fair, Music                            Last hour of the day—Class Holiday
Makers performance and Cookie Decorating. We know that                              Parties (see happenings section)
it is a very busy time of year, and we appreciate you
spending your evening with us.                                                          Weekly Reminders:
          As we begin to wrap up the 1st semester of school,    Mondays: Purple Sage T-shirt day – Wear your Purple Sage T-shirts
we are so proud of all the great work that students and         or the school colors of purple and gray to show school pride.
teachers have done. We truly appreciate the opportunity to      Fridays: College T-shirt day – support your favorite college by
teach your children each day. I hope that you will take a       wearing school colors.
minute to read about some of the upcoming events that will
take place as we close out the semester. We hope that
everyone has a restful, safe, and happy Winter Break. See
                                                                                    Happenings at Purple Sage
you on Tuesday, January 3rd!
                                                                 Class Holiday Parties: Please be on the lookout in your child’s
                                                                 folder for information regarding their class holiday party. All
                           Proud to be a Rider,
                                                                 parties will take place on Friday, December 16th during the
                           Cindy Walker                          last hour of the school day. We hope you can join us!

                                                                 RIDER Pride: Our RIDER Pride boards continue to fill up with
                                                                 more students! At this point in the year, we’ve had over 105
                          Reminders                              students and 10 staff members receive a RIDER Pride. If your
   Please make sure to check for items in Lost & Found.         child receives a RIDER Pride during the 2nd nine weeks, we will
    During the cold weather season, we want to ensure all        send home an invitation for the recognition ceremony in
    students have their coats.                                   January. Way to go RIDERS!
   Please use the crosswalks as you drop-off and pick up
    students.                                                    Robotics: The Purple Sage Riderbots competition team
   Please remember that all visitors to our school must         competed on November 12th at Westwood High School.
    sign in at the office and wear a name tag.                   Congratulations to the following students for doing a great job
                    Thank you for your help!                     representing Purple Sage: Ian Andrews, Jennifer Cazares,
                                                                 Dillon James, Nicholas Kirklin, Coby Krakow, Lorena Leyva,
                                                                 Toshko Mavrodiev, Dalton Nandin, Olivia Steiert and Mackenzie
                      SAVE THE DATE!                             Vaughan. A special thanks to our coaches, Ms. Faris & Ms.
                   Thursday, January 26th                        Kosub for all of their work to help prepare the students for
              Math & Science Night                               this competition.
              (more details to come in January)

                          PTA News                                                       Counselor Corner
         We would like to thank all Purple Sage Families for    Having a Headache Free Morning Routine
helping in our Fall Fundraiser which was selling Cookie         From filling backpacks to finding shoes, there are so many things
Dough. The money raised helps pay for Field Trip                that make getting ready for school and work a hectic time. How
transportation costs, classroom supplies, art supplies and so   we start our day has a considerable impact on the rest of the day.
much more.                                                      Having a morning routine can help alleviate stress from your
         We would like to thank all the students that           family’s life and prepare your student for a day of listening and
participated in this year’s Reflections program. The            learning.
following students will move on to the next round of
judging. Please congratulate Caleb Fowler, Simon Thomas,            1.   Have assigned places for everything (backpack, shoes,
Emilia Adcock, Dillon James, Evan Johnson and Toshko                     coats, etc.) This will make it possible to grab things and
Mavrodiev.                                                               go in the morning.
         We will have our final staff luncheon for this             2.   Pack backpacks in the evening.
semester on Friday, December 9th. Please help us provide a          3.   Make time in the evenings to talk about the next day.
wonderful holiday luncheon to say thanks for all the Purple              You can set it as an actual "appointment". This will
Sage staff does for our children.                                        prevent some of the questions that occur in the morning.
                                                                    4.   Have a set bedtime and bedtime routine. This will help
Thank you for your continued support of Purple Sage.                     make certain your child gets enough sleep and has an
                                                                         easier time getting up in the morning.
                  Go Riders!
                  Stephanie Vaughan, PTA President                                                  Tamara Wahrer—Counselor

                Purple Sage Elementary                   11801 Tanglebriar Trail            Austin, Texas 78750

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