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Volume 1, Issue 8               http:/                                           May 2007

News from the Principal…..Sandra J. Little
Important May Dates:

May 3… Spring Show
                                                                                           rd   th
         Valley West Cheerleaders and Steppers will present the Spring Show at 8:30 am for 3 -5 , 1:30pm for PK-2
         6:30pm for parents. Guest appearance by: Bomb Squad from Westbury, Fondren Middle School Steppers and Welch
         Middle School Cheerleaders.

May 7 & 15…SMaRT Academy Robotics Competition
        Students will participate in a robotics competition at Valley West. Students will work in groups of 3 or 4
        students. There will be 5 components to the competition: 1.Power Point Presentation 2. Create a turtle
        protection postcard or create turtle-information bookmarks. 3. Write a song, rap, or poem about the Kemps
        Ridley Sea Turtle. 4. Students will prepare a speech about the Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle. 5. Robotic Sea

May 8…Math Competition
        Several Fourth and Fifth Grade Students will be participating in the upcoming Math Competition on
        Tuesday May 8, 2007 at Clifton M.S. from 8:30am to 2:30pm.

May 9… SMaRT Academy Lunch with Schlumberger Engineers
        5 Grade SMaRT Academy students will have lunch with Schlumberger Engineers from 10:00-1:00pm

May 10…Field Trip to Water Festival
              rd   th   th
         3 , 4 and 5 grade students will go on a Field Trip to the City of Houston
         Water Festival, the cost is $10.00. May 10, 9:15am-2:00pm.

May 15…5th Grade TAKS Math Retest

May 16…Early Dismissal
         Early Dismissal at 12:00 p.m. Please pick up students on time and remember to tell your daycare to pick at

May 17…Field Trip to the Houston Zoo
        Pre Kindergarten classes will take a field trip to the on May 17, 2007 from 10:30am-2:30pm. The cost of the
        trip is $5.00 per student.

May 17…PTA Meeting at 6:30pm
          PTA meeting will be held in the cafeteria at 6:30pm and 5 grade students will be performing.

May 18…Field Day
                                                                                 st   nd
         Field day will take place on Friday, May 18, 2007. PK-K 8:00-8:30am, 1 -2 grade 9:00-10:00am and
         grades 3-5 from 12:00-2:00pm. Parents are welcome and we need parent volunteers. Please contact the
         front office or Coach McCain if you can volunteer. Students may bring a towel, water bottle, sunglasses,
         sunscreen, mosquito spray and a hat.

                                                 Newsletter 1
May 21-22…5th grade Trip to Corpus Christi, Texas
           5th graders will take their trip to Corpus Christi, Texas to the Texas State Aquarium. Students will leave May
           21 at 12:00 noon and return May 22 at 2:00 pm. Cost per student $25.00

May 24…5th Grade Graduation 1:00pm
       Last Day of School for Students

May 25…Professional Development Day for Teachers

**Parents   to find out the registered sex offenders in our neighborhood please
visit: for more information.
77031         Harris, Timothy Edward              9231 VickiJohn                Houston, TX

                   TITLE I                                                     Box Tops for Education

Valley West Elementary is now a Title I school.                     Clip Box Tops – Earn Cash For Your
This means Title I will provide extra assistance to                 School!
help your child reach his/her goals and in doing so                 Choose to help your school with every trip to
we must include the parents. The goal is a school-                  the
home partnership that will help all students at Valley              grocery store. Find Box Tops on your
West succeed.                                                       favorite participating brands like General
We are offering after-school tutorials from 3:00pm -                Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziploc, and
4:00pm or 3:00pm – 5:00pm for students needing                      Kleenex. You
academic assistance. Please check with your child’s                 can make a difference!
teacher to determine what day your child is
scheduled to attend tutorials. It is the parent’s                                    Dot COM
responsibility to make arrangements to have their                           Local Box Tops Promotions
child picked up at 4:00 or 5:00pm. If your child is                 Locate promotional events in your area
late being picked up, he/she will be immediately                    featuring Box Tops products. You’ll find it
dropped from the program.                                           on the homepage at
Title I will also offer Saturday Tutorials. The hours
will be from 7:30am to 12:00 noon. An
announcement as to the starting date for Saturday
                                                                                 READING FIRST
Tutorials will be made at a later date.                             Valley West is one of 80 schools in HISD
                                                                    to be part of Reading First. Reading First
Thanks to all third grade students for                              is part of the Federal No Child Left
participating in the upcoming City of                               Behind Act (NCLB) and includes first
Houston Water Festival’s t- shirt design                            through third grades. The major goal of
contest. Lizet Gutierrez is one of the four                         NCLB is to insure that all students are
finalists! She will be honored on May 10,                           reading on grade level by the end of third
2007 at the Downtown Aquarium.                                      grade. To achieve this goal Reading First
Congratulations, Lizet!                                             requires additional time for intervention
                                                                    to be provided for struggling readers.
                                                                    Classroom teachers in grades 1-3 receive
                                                                    additional materials and training designed
                                                                    to help their students.

                                                     Newsletter 2
Mr. Brian Roswell, A Fourth Grade Math Teacher at Valley West Elementary, has been working tirelessly in
preparing and sponsoring several Fourth and Fifth Grade Students who will be participating in the upcoming Math
Competition on Tuesday May 8, 2007. These students will be competing against some of the brightest students
from renowned schools in and around Houston. The competition has been divided into three sections: Mental
Math, TAKS Math, and Problem Solving. The students have been working really hard to prepare for this
challenging competition. We wish them all the best!

       Fourth Graders                                                     Fifth Graders

       Janica Abella                                                    Ann Romero
       Lawrence Chibueze                                                Avril Martinez
       Johnisha Demease-Williams                                        Chimaka Ujari
       Grace Egbo                                                       Chioma Ujari
       Emily Garcia                                                     Felipe Garcia
       Michelle Huynh                                                   Juliana Orjey
       Krishna Marepalli                                                Luis Bonilla
       Clarissa Nguyen                                                  Mary Vo
       Kiana Poindexter                                                 Penny Nguyen
       Maegan Raglin                                                    Sai Vadlamani
       Sandy Tran                                                       Saul De La Mora
       Justin Tu
       Ogechi Ujari
       Deveon Victor
       Nancy Vo
              Valley West Elementary
       Cindy Zelaya
              Title 1 Summer School
Valley West Elementary will have Title 1
                                                               Our Principal, Ms. Little and the Magnet
Summer School. This will ensure that all                       Teachers, Ms. Washington, Ms. Parker, Mr.
children have a fair, equal, and significant                   Roswell and Ms. Arnold attending the Magnet
opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and             Schools of America conference on April 30-May
reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging                3, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Clark
state academic achievement standards and state                 County School District hosted of the 2007
academic assessments. This approach will better                Magnet Schools of America 25th Annual
serve students at Valley West Elementary by                    Conference on Magnet Schools. The
                                                               conference also included two magnet school
ensuring that students at risk of failing have a               tours. The participates attended training
better opportunity to succeed.                                 sessions in: Achieving Equity and Diversity,
                                                               Improving Achievement, Innovative Curriculum
Parents should check with your child’s teacher to              and Theme Integration,
see whether or not your child qualifies to attend              Leadership of
Summer School. The first day of Summer School                  Excellence,
is May 31, 2007. The last day of Summer School                 Mathematics and
                                                               Science Initiatives,
is June 28, 2007.                                              and Technology
Summer School Hours: 7:30am-2:30pm
Have a Wonderful Summer
     S. Gillum                                                                  Ms. Little and two school tour guides at
     Title 1 Coordinator                                                        Walter Bracken Magnet School.

                                                Newsletter 3
 Our                                                              May 2007
                              Sunday      Monday             Tuesday       Wednesday          Thursday             Friday         Saturday
Trip                                                     1                2                 3 Spring 4                        5
                                                                                           Show -8:30 am
  to                                                                                       for 3rd-5th,
                                                                                           1:30pm for PK-2
Galve                                                                                      6:30pm for

ston                      6             7 SMaRT 8 3rd, 4th & 5th 9
                                       Academy           grade Math
                                                                              5th Grade
                                                                                           10 Field Trip 11
                                                                                           to City of
By: Felipe                             Robotics          Competition      Academy          Houston Water
Garcia                                 competition                        students Lunch   Festival-3rd, 4th
                                       3:00-5:00pm                        with             & 5th Grade-$10
  In our                                                                  Schlumberger
trip to                                                                   Engineers

Galvest                   13           14                15 ** 5th        16    Early      17** PK Field 18           Field Day 19
                                                         Grade TAKS       Dismissal at     Trip to the         PK-K-8:00am
on, well                                                 Math Retest      12:00 Noon       Houston Zoo         1st &2nd -9:00am
                                                         ** SMaRT                          ** P.T.A.           3rd-5th -12:00-
not                                                      Academy                           Meeting -5th        2:00pm
                                                         Robotics                          Grade
exactly                                                  competition                       performing
                                                         3:00-5:00pm                       6:30 pm
                          20           21    5th grade   22 5th grade 23                   24 Last Day of 25 Teacher          26
on but                                 Trip to Corpus    Trip to Corpus                    School for          Professional
somewh                                 Christi, TX to
                                       TX State
                                                         Christi, TX to
                                                         TX State
                                                                                            5th Grade
ere                                    Aquarium          Aquarium                          Graduation
close to
                          27           28                29               30               31 First Day of
Galvest                                                                                    Summer School
a, the
thing we
when we
was ride
the          UPCOMING EVENTS IN                  MAY/JUNE
Ferry.       May 31, 2001 –June 28, 2001 -Valley West Elementary Title 1 Summer School-7:30am-2:30pm
We fed
                                                              Newsletter 4

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