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					                           COMPUTER NETWORK
Q.1    What is Media Access Protocol used for the LAN setup in our Lab?

Q.2    Write Down the specification of Novell Server of our LAN setup

Q.3    There is a sub directory called CT_ROLLNO under the directory Students on
       volume VOL1 on server PRIYA. Write down the command to map this directory
       to the K drive.

Q.4    How can you find out the address of the terminal you are working on in the
       Novell Network?

Q.5    What is Disk Mirroring?

Q.6    What is Disk Duplexing?

Q.7    What are the names of Netware Protocols that correspond to transport Layer &
       Network Layer of the OSI Model? What is the difference between them?

Q.8    Write down the Hardware & Software components for installing a node on Novell

Q.9    Where is the physical address of every node embedded?

Q.10   Write down the electrical specifications of RS 232-C.

Q.11   What is the maximum speed & maximum cable length supported by RS 232-C

Q.12   Our Network specifications are 802.3 100 Base T. Explain the meaning of the

Q.13   Write the command for mapping the sub directory TEST which is located on
       server PRIYA, Volume SYS and directory LOGIN

Q.14   What is elevator seeking?

Q.15   What is the network operating system used in our Lab? What is its version? How
       many concurrent users are supported?

Q.16   How many printers can be configured on one print server?

Q.17   Draw a diagram showing printer sharing using remote printer configuration in
       Novell Netware.

Q.18   What are the default directories created when you install Novell Netware?
Q.19   What is the purpose of SYSCON & PCONSOLE utilities?

Q.20   Write the names of NetWare protocols corresponding to transport & network
       layer of OSI reference Model.

Q.21   What are NLMS?

Q.22   Write the MAP command to point to a directory named SALES on server PRIYA,
       volume VOL1 and Directory ORG.

Q.23   How do you assign temporary and permanent drive mappings in Novell Netware?

Q.24   How many search drives can be created in Novell Netware? How do you create

Q.25   Draw the protocol stack of Novell Netware Networks.

Q.26   What is the length of MAC address in 802.3? Where is it present?

Q.27   How do you find the MAC address of a node in Novell Netware?

Q.28   Write down the Hardware components and software files required for adding a
       node to an existing Novell Netware LAN.

Q.29   Draw any two configurations for sharing a printer on a Novell NetWare. Write
       down the proper software names used in these configurations.

Q.30   How many printers can be attached to a Print Server?

Q.31   What is the concept and remote printing when you share a printer in Novell

Q.32   What is the default volume created when you install Novell Netware?

Q.33   What are the default directories created when you install Novell Netware?

Q.34   What is the default group created when you install Novell Netware?

Q.35   How can you restrict a user to log in only once from any station?

Q.36   How can you restrict a user to log in from a particular station only?

Q.37   State if True or False
       SPX is connectionless protocol
       IPX is connection-oriented protocol
Q.38   In Novell Netware what is the following four file extensions signify?

Q.39   Where & under what name user mailboxes are created in Novell Netware?

Q.40   What is unbalanced transmission?

Q.41   What is Balanced Transmission?

Q.42   What is the limitation of data rate and cable length in RS 232-C

Q.43   What voltage levels represent 0 and 1 in RS 232-C?

Q.44   Is RS 232-C a serial or a parallel transmission?

Q.45   Write four different protocol names used in Novell Netware

Q.46   What is the difference between SYSTEM script & LOGIN script?

Q.47   What is the topology the medium of transmission & data transmission speed of
       our LAN?

Q.48   Write two server optimization features of Novell Netware.

Q.49   Write two different security features of Novell Netware

Q.50   What is the function of the following NetWare commands
       1. GRANT
       2. NCOPY

Q.51   What is transaction tracking system feature of Novell Netware?

Q.52   What is NCP (Netware Core Protocol)?

Q.53   If you create a queue by the name Q1? Where is the directory for this queue
       created? And under what name?

Q.54   Draw a diagram showing the connection between two DTE's

Q.55   Write the function of the following NetWare commands
       1. WHOAMI
       2. MAP
Q.56   Write three file attributes you can assign in Novell Netware

Q.57   Write down the function of NETX.exe

Q.58   Mention two features of Novell Netware that makes it a fault tolerant system.

Q.59   What are Trustee Rights? Mention any four RIGHTS that can be assigned in
       Novell Netware?

Q.60   How many file servers can be serviced by one Print Server in Novell Netware
       version 3.12?

Q.61   What utility is used to create a new user? What is the default group to which this
       newly created user belongs to?

Q.62   Write down the function of the following in RS 232-C
       1. DSR
       2. DTR

Q.63   What is the full form of following protocols in Netware
       1. NCP
       2. SAP
       3. RIP
       4. SPX
       5. IPX

Q.64   Draw the Block Diagram of our LAN setup.

Q.65   Briefly mention the difference between a switch and hub.

Q.66   What is the function of DCD in Rs 232-C interface?

Q.67   What the Routing information protocol in Novell Netware?

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