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                                  LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS
                                       JUNE 22, 2000

Commissioners Present:

Peggy Weidman, Chairman                 Carl Garner
Curtis Ridout                           Mary Smith
Linda Westergard                        Brenda Williams
Sarah Wruck

Commissioners Absent:

Diane Bray
Larry Visnosky

Staff Present:

Robert Phelps and Brenda Halbert, Keep Arkansas Beautiful
Richard Davies and Gloria Robins, Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

Guests Present:

Sharon Vogelpohl, David Rainwater, Chip Culpepper and Lisa Plaquet of Mangan, Holcomb,
Rainwater & Culpepper
Polly Crews, Arkansas State Parks, Recreation & Travel Commission

Call to Order:

Peggy Weidman, Chair, called the meeting to order, and Brenda Halbert called the roll.
Ms. Weidman welcomed guests. She also thanked Linda Westergard for serving as Chairman Pro
Tem in her absence at the May meeting. A Revised Agenda was distributed.

Presentation of Minutes:

Ms. Weidman asked for approval of the May 25, 2000 minutes. After some discussion raised by
Mr. Garner regarding the GAC date of September 9, 2000, a motion followed:

        Mary Smith made a motion, seconded by Carl Garner to approve the
        May 25, 2000 minutes. The motion passed.

Financial Report:

Robert Phelps reviewed the May 31, 2000 Financial Statement reflecting 79% expenditure of the
$517,518 conservation tax or $409,467. Mr. Phelps indicated at the end of the fiscal year, M&O
would be at 90%, grants at 10%, travel the same, professional fees 100% and capital outlay 12%.
$20,000 - $30,000 will be carried forward to increase funds available in next year’s budget. The
“Wildflowers Forever” Project has been paid in full. A $26,580 bill is pending from Faulkner
County Beautiful and will be paid in the near future to complete the county pilot matching grant.
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 2

       Linda Westergard made a motion, seconded by Sarah Wruck to approve
       the May 31, 2000 Financial Statement. The motion passed.

Commission Director’s Report:

Mr. Phelps reviewed the following:

          Great Arkansas Cleanup – Kickoff September 9, 2000. Tyson Foods, the major
           sponsor, will have theirs on September 16 to tie in with Wal-Mart, Brita Water,
           and their many community plants. Mr. Phelps indicated that one of the
           recommendations made by Mary Storey, State Coordinator, 1999 GAC, as well as
           requests and supporting data by county coordinators, representatives of Tyson Foods,
           and the 2000 Coordinator, reflected a need for flexibility in conducting cleanups on
           other days.

           Mr. Garner and Ms. Wruck again expressed concern of watering down the statewide
           and national campaign by allowing events on other dates with much discussion
           following. Mr. Davies read the section of the May minutes regarding the need to
           “accommodate communities”. Mr. Garner reiterated that “Public Lands Day” was
           established by Congress as the Saturday after Labor Day. Ms. Wruck said she was
           willing to work with Tyson but could not ask county and local officials and other
           agencies to have their trucks and manpower available on two different weekends, and
           she had already notified everyone of the September 9 date. Ms. Weidman stated
           some communities had been having their major cleanups at other times; for instance,
           Fort Smith always holds theirs in October. Mr. Garner asked that the state
           coordinator talk to the local Corps of Engineers regarding the two dates.

           Ms. Westergard explained that volunteers are used for these projects – if they’re not
           paid, sometimes you have to go with the majority and have the event when they can
           do it. Mr. Phelps made a pledge to Ms. Wruck that he would support her, the state
           coordinator, Tyson and the major parties involved in sitting down and working out
           the specifics to an amicable solution.

          PSA promoting the Great Arkansas Cleanup 2000 was made in Fayetteville on
           June 12 with Coach Houston Nutt. All statewide media coverage will reflect
           September 9 as the date of the GAC.

          GAC kickoff press conferences – July 18, Springdale, Tyson Foods’ Corporate
           Headquarters; July 19, Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium.

          Pick-Up Arkansas – Teresa Caveness coordinated that event as well. Coordinators
           had through May to send in a final report to ADEQ. Mr. Phelps stated he hoped to
           have final data to present at the July meeting.
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 3

         KArB Foundation – a meeting was held between Jerry Atchley, Mary Storey and
          Mr. Phelps regarding membership and goals. The office of First Lady Janet
          Huckabee has been contacted regarding her recommendations. Since Mr. Atchley
          has bought a home in California, it is important that a Board be established as soon as
          possible to ensure its strength and effectiveness.

         Status of Diane Bray, Commissioner – Mr. Phelps stated she had indicated a possible
          resignation at completion of the Awards ceremony; additionally, it is his
          understanding that she has indicated to various people she has resigned. Ms. Bray’s
          office has confirmed that to the KArB office via telephone, however, nothing
          tangible has been received from the Governor’s Office, and Mr. Phelps said he was
          reluctant to have an election for a new Vice-Chair without proper documentation.
          Mr. Phelps also explained the re-appointment of Ms. Bray this year, her desire to
          complete her obligation as chair of the KArB Awards, and new business
          commitments since that time. Ms. Smith said she was under the impression
          Ms. Bray would stay when she was approached about a position as Vice-Chair.

          After some discussion with Mr. Davies also stating he had gotten word, although not
          official, of Ms. Bray’s resignation, and Ms. Westergard indicated this would be her
          fourth missed meeting, it was determined an acting vice-chair should be appointed.

          Sarah Wruck made a motion, seconded by Brenda Williams to approve
          Linda Westergard as Acting Vice-Chairman of the Keep Arkansas
          Beautiful Commission. Mary Smith moved that the motion be approved
          by acclamation, and the motion passed.

         KArB Awards 2000 – Mr. Phelps stated he did not have a final report as yet from
          Ms. Bray. It appears the cost of the luncheon/ceremony was more like $60 per head
          against a ticket cost of $25 per person and tables purchased at $200 – most of which
          were sat at by attendees who required lunches, therefore, reflecting a great margin
          between money taken in and cost of the event. He noted the Agency had trimmed
          their original charges somewhat. Additionally, it will be important for the 2001
          committee to study this year’s event from a financial standpoint as well as the
          critiques received from participants and Commission members. Everyone did state
          however that it was a “first class” event. Ms. Weidman reiterated the importance of
          having a committee with all costs outlined and no hidden charges.

          Mr. Garner said he thought there might be some grant money available to fund the
          awards ceremony next year, and Ms. Weidman asked that he research that possibility
          and report at the next meeting.
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 4

            Volunteer Coordinator – Mr. Phelps stated he had made a personnel request for that
             position for legislative approval. As of July 1 this year, it would be a part-time
             position; with legislative approval, it would become a full-time position as of July 1,
             2001. He stated one person had been considered for the position, but she had to
             decline because of health reasons. Linda Westergard as Chair of the KArB Affiliate
             Program has assumed many of the responsibilities of that job.

KArB Affiliate Committee:

Linda Westergard reported on the status of the KArB Affiliate Network, stating that is the
Commission’s answer to making our mission a success. She emphasized several points:

           Affiliate map – needs to be divided into zones with a chair in each for
            communication purposes. That person would 1) communicate concerns and activities
            of Affiliates and groups or individuals in the counties of that zone; 2) be our contact
            in helping promote or assisting in projects of KArB including PUA and GAC.
           Training –Affiliates have not scheduled training as planned, thus we may have to do
           Training agenda distributed – Chrystal Gray of the Division of Volunteerism, AR
            Department of Human Services, is still the designated trainer.

Ms. Westergard also reported on the KArB Affiliate Conference 2001, with eleven proposals
received and reviewed by the committee. It will be a two-day conference in February. Selection
was made as follows:

           2001 – Holiday Inn, Fort Smith (the only proposal that met all criteria with low price
            lodging, reasonable food prices, and value added entertainment – the most complete
           2002 – Hot Springs chosen as the location; on-site visits will be made to determine
            the property of that event.

Ms. Westergard expressed her appreciation to the others who submitted proposals including
Michael Sindelar of Fort Smith’s Hampton Inn.

Mr. Garner asked if we have to guarantee number of attendees. Ms. Westergard said she didn’t
think so, and Mr. Garner said he had experienced that was the case at some hotels even if not in
the original contract and stressed getting everything in writing.

Mangan, Holcomb, Rainwater & Culpepper:

Sharon Vogelpohl opened the presentation by expressing appreciation to the Commission for the
continued personal and professional relationship enjoyed by the Agency. As we move into the
next fiscal year, Ms. Vogelpohl briefly recapped various events and accomplishments based on
goals of last year and new goals as presented at the May meeting:
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 5

           Continuation of consciousness raising
           Expansion of educational initiatives
           Promotion of enforcement programs

Ms. Vogelpohl noted that in the last two years, the media campaign has focused on developing a
high level of awareness of KArB, especially programs and events such as the Awards Program.

David Rainwater set the stage for the Media Strategy Outline 2001. The last two years focused on
awareness: The first year was an aggressive multi-media campaign involving television statewide
radio, some cable and spot markets. It was also multi-targeted and multi-message, particularly
“anti-litter” with the passive and active litterers. The next year continued with that theme but
focused more on a single message, emphasizing “beautification”.

Mr. Rainwater noted the media budget was shrinking somewhat due to other commitments as
well as costs rising 10% to 20%. He also stressed this as being an unusual year, especially in the
fall, with politics taking center stage and the 2001 Olympics changing people’s viewing habits.
New television programming will not take place until after October as a result. Mr. Rainwater
presented a color flow chart of the recommended purchased and matching dollar for dollar bonus
advertising for the fiscal year. It was recommended that KArB provide news sponsorships for
6 o’clock and 10 o’clock television broadcasts in the major areas of the state that will not be
affected by political campaigns. The bonus time will focus primarily around Keep Arkansas
Beautiful Month. Local cable will be purchased in other metro areas not reached by the major
stations, i.e., El Dorado and surrounding areas, Texarkana, Harrison and Mountain Home and
Forrest City, Helena/West Helena. Additionally, there will be buying opportunities in the
Arkansas Razorback Sports Network with bonus spots in the coach’s shows, post-game wrap-ups,
etc. There will be prospects through the Arkansas Radio Network with approximately seventy-
two affiliates around the state including the agricultural network. Hopefully, the Sonic partnership
will continue. ARN is going to provide us with a promotion tied to Janet Bierman Carson’s
garden show.

In conclusion, Mr. Rainwater stated, “We tried to keep the best of what we had, carry forward
partnerships” and work around some of the challenges in the course of the year. He noted that
Chip Culpepper would distribute a portfolio in the afternoon session including a budget
breakdown of costs associated with everything. He then opened the floor to discussion.

Mr. Garner asked if we had anything new or would we be running the same things.
Mr. Rainwater stated a decision had been made not to do new television creative – we have some
good spots in “Rewind”, trash magnet, the new beautification spot and some others. Some new
spots are recommended for radio, and that will be a more economical approach. Mr. Garner
asked about the feasibility of purchasing spots from other states, and Mr. Rainwater said that
could happen. Mr. Garner asked if Batesville was covered, and Mr. Rainwater answered

Mr. Davies asked if the political window spots were costing us more. Mr. Rainwater said he
thought most of it was about the same, some maybe a little more. Additionally, the $1 bonus time
might be in less effective time frames with spots run more frequently than during the prime time
or sponsorship times.
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 6

Ms. Vogelpohl reviewed other aspects of the portfolio as follows:

           No new creative except freshening up the radio, specifically for the Razorback
           Design and develop the web site
           New logo – challenge of updating spots, etc. with that
           Concept task with focus groups – new logo before we put it out there
           Maintenance of current programs and moving forward on the volunteer program and
            educational component
           Public Relations – special projects/programs: “It is the Agency’s job to provide
            support of any kind . . . and the publicity side of all the things that we do – Great
            Arkansas Cleanup, etc….”.

Recommendations were outlined as follows:

           Produce at least two (2) public service announcements during 2001, recommending
            focus on: a) call for entries for the awards program and b) recruitment for the
            Affiliate network.

           The Keepsake quarterly newsletter – the Agency will limit its responsibility to
            copywriting; the ADPT printing office will provide general layout and printing.

           Speaker training for Commissioners – missed out in May but will be done during the
            course of the year.

           Focus on educational side – other than Sonic’s pledge card program and ADEQ’s
            “Waste-In-Place” centers on a KArB initiated program: development of a skit
            (script) geared toward elementary school audiences. Environmental groups, thespian
            groups and other leadership organizations in high schools would be asked to present
            it in the elementary schools and also to local civic groups.

            Ms. Vogelpohl said the script could be ready at the beginning of the school year.
            Mr. Garner expressed concern that the schools should be approached first as to
            whether or not they would be interested in such a program. Mr. Davies asked “how
            to get the word out”, and the answer was AEA, Cooperative Extension Service,
            PTO’s, etc., Ms. Weidman said she thought it was a wonderful idea.

            Ms. Vogelpohl stressed the far reaching impact of such a program with strong local
            news value citing the high cost production of a new video at $1,000 per finished
            minute. The thespian concept would be an inexpensive alternative teaching tool.
            Ms. Westergard suggested the Commission purchase videos on litter and recycling
            from Pinnacle Mountain State Park at a fraction of the cost to produce our own – in
            turn, providing them to schools.
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 7

           Clipping service – not only a method of measurement but a referral opportunity for
            groups or communities that have active projects but not yet affiliated with KArB.
            Commissioners might be rallied to make a phone call or write a personal note to the
            groups and invite them to join our Affiliate network and let them know about our

           Budget for special events: $10,000 GAC; $10,000 for KArB Month/PUA; $7,500 for
            KArB Affiliate Conference. This would be monies allocated separately from the
            media campaign, and Ms. Westergard expressed her concern that more money might
            need to be given to the Affiliate Conference. The determination on how the money
            will be spent will be under the auspices of the state coordinator of the events and
            KArB Administration. PUA 2000 received $10,000 from Georgia-Pacific and
            $27,000 from ADEQ.

Mr. Davies pointed out an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article regarding inability to get enough
recyclables. Mr. Phelps said essentially, four years ago forty percent of the homes were setting
out recycling bins – that is now at twenty-three percent. Mr. Phelps stated that Waste
Management was paid a set collection rate per household through their water bill to offset
recycling expense. They are proposing to drop glass which, when crushed, can go into the
landfill; additionally, there is not much market for glass, but there is for plastic.

Mr. Davies asked if we had enlisted partnership, not just donation, from the people who are in the
recycling business. Mr. Phelps stated 1) Waste Management reports it does not make a profit on
recycling; 2) an organization in the Pine Bluff area is reported to be making money, and we do
have plans to contact them. Mr. Phelps said the cycle had to be complete for recycling to work
and pay off – we all need to buy more recycled products to create the demand for manufacturing
to buy the recycled material. Ms. Wruck mentioned that the problem lies with many of the
recycled products being more expensive. Mr. Davies said he was just wondering what companies
are out there who would literally profit from the efforts of the KArB Commission.

Ms. Westergard reported on an environmental fair she attended at one of the large malls out of
state. One of the major sponsors was BFI. She said she approached waste management about
doing something similar at Park Plaza partnering Pinnacle Mountain and BFI, but nothing was
ever finalized; however, BFI was interested.

Ms. Vogelpohl completed her presentation, and the group broke for lunch.

Chip Culpepper dominated the afternoon session, completing the Agency presentation, by
introducing three new logo designs following specific criteria:

           Embrace in a positive manner every aspect of the KArB mission of beautification,
            recycling and litter prevention
           Reflect volunteer efforts
           Aesthetically pleasing
           Practical application, small or large executions as well as color and black and white
           Flexible and adaptable for the Commission, Foundation and Affiliates
           Understood at a glance
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 8

Mr. Culpepper asked that the criteria be kept in mind when viewing each design. Three designs
were presented in black and white – traditional, abstract and something in between. Later each
design was presented in color with varying sizes and applications.

Brenda Williams asked if we were supposed to have a new slogan as well to replace the “Fight
Dirty, Keep Arkansas Beautiful”. It was noted the old slogan was aimed more toward litter
prevention with the new logo geared more toward “Keep Arkansas Beautiful”.

With the maple leaf design receiving the most positive comments, Mr. Culpepper again
emphasized the symbolism of the leaf design representing the three-fold mission of KArB; also,
denoting recycling, the natural cycle of growth with change and color, seasonal, a “tip of the hat”
to Parks & Tourism with the leaf logo connection and the natural beauty of Arkansas reflected.
He noted it also represented the Commission, the Foundation and the Affiliate Network, showing
how a somewhat different application could be used for each.

Mr. Garner said it made him think of Canada. Ms. Westergard said she appreciated the
consistency of following ADPT’s use of the leaf and tie in with the natural state as well as
lending itself to promotion.When comments were made regarding use of another leaf species such
as the oak, Ms. Smith indicated the maple leaf was one of the most aesthetically beautiful in
symmetry and design. Mr. Davies expressed caution in identifying with other logos such as The
Nature Conservancy who uses a cluster of white oak leaves.

Mr. Culpepper said he would like to put the logo agreed upon before a focus or test group before
the Commission makes a final decision.

        Carl Garner made a motion, seconded by Linda Westergard, for the
        Agency to present at the July meeting a more refined application of the
        maple leaf design, possibly using the shape of Arkansas instead of a rectangle
        in some of the applications, mailing to Commissioners in advance the more
        refined concept. After the Commission makes a preliminary decision, it will be
        taken to a focus group before a final decision is made. The motion passed.

Mr. Culpepper noted it was his personal opinion as well as the collective decision of the Agency
that the maple design did have the greatest application opportunities and met more of the design
criteria than the others presented.

Sharon Vogelpohl stated the KArB 2001 media budget is $291,000 included the following:

                         Projects in Progress             $ 21,000
                         Media                             200,000
                         Logo Testing                       10,000
                         Creative                           20,000
                         Special Projects/PR                40,000

Mr. Garner asked for a breakdown of labor, materials, etc., and Ms. Vogelpohl indicated the bulk
of the labor comes under the headings of creative and special projects/PR, i.e., as outlined already
KArB Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000 – page 9

regarding special projects of GAC - $10,000, Affiliate Conference - $7,500, KArB Month -
$10,000; live school program - $5,000; PSA - $2,000; The Keepsake - $4,000; speaker training -
$1,000; clipping service referrals - $500 for a total of $40,000. She noted that each project would
be presented at time of initiation with a more complete breakdown of Agency time, etc.

        Brenda Williams made a motion, seconded by Carl Garner to
        approve the media budget as presented. The motion passed.


Ms. Weidman announced that she would be out of state during the KArB Commission’s regular
meeting date of July 27. Additionally, the GAC 2000 Press Conference has been scheduled for
July 19 at War Memorial Stadium. Options presented for the July meeting were as follows:

        1.       Cancel July 27 meeting;
        2.       Change meeting to July 19, possibly earlier than the usual 10:00 a.m. time;
        3.       Change meeting to July 20, the day after the news conference.

It was the consensus that having a July meeting was imperative for further development and
approval of the logo which should take precedence on the agenda. Additionally, it would be
convenient for most Commissioners to be in Little Rock on July 19 for the Commission meeting
and the news conference. Mr. Phelps stated that Ms. Caveness, State Coordinator of GAC 2000,
might present an interim report. Further, Ms. Weidman may want to appoint a committee for the
KArB Awards 2001.

        Linda Westergard made a motion, seconded by Sarah Wruck to
        change the July KArB Commission meeting to the morning of
        Wednesday, July 19, 2000. The motion passed.

Mr. Phelps congratulated Reverend Curtis Ridout for recent bestowal of an honorary doctorate
from his alma mater and noted that Carl Garner had also received that distinction from Lyon

Mr. Garner asked that the Agency check other states about their logo, i.e., other KAmB Affiliates.

Mr. Garner asked when we expect another publication of The Keepsake, stating the importance of
recognizing the recipients at the Awards 2000 ceremony. Mr. Phelps said it was the plan to
publish at least three the first year and every quarter in the second year.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

_________________________________ ___________________________________________
Robert Phelps, Director           Peggy Weidman, Chairman

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