This agreement made and entered on this _____ day of by 0ww0RNy



This agreement made and entered on ____________ by and between Sandra Wasicek, Hereinafter referred to as
Seller; and _____________________________________________________________; Hereinafter referred to as Buyer
1) Seller agrees to sell to Buyer, and Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller, the following described animal:

(breed)                      (sex)                                                    (litter number, date of whelp)
Buyer agrees to pay for said animal the sum of ____________________which is to be rendered as follows:
Non-Refundable Holding Deposit:________________________________Balance_____________________________
Estimated shipping:____________________Registration elgibility: AKC on proof of spay/neuter             N/A Hybrid

2) Seller shall deliver said animal to Buyer upon payment in full of all balances owed. Holding deposits are non-
refundable in the event that Buyer fails to complete purchase of animal described above.

3) Buyers who receive animals via air cargo shipment may elect to return said animal to Seller at his expense and cancel
the contract for a period of 7 days following delivery. Refund of purchase price only, exclusive of shipping and veterinary
bills incurred by Buyer will be rendered upon return of animal in good condition. No animal may be returned by Buyer to
Seller after a 7 day approval period, except for such reason provided herein. All other Buyers shall not return said animal
for any reason except pursuant to health guarantee as provided herein. All Buyers are responsible for any and all
veterinary bills incurred with respect to said animal without exception.

4) Seller does not guarantee against intestinal parasites, giardiasis, coccidiosis, mites, colds, mange, kennel cough,
malocclusion, temperament, reproductive ability, trainability, or any harm brought to animal by neglect of Buyer.
Complications, death, or sequelae secondary to surgery, pregnancy or trauma are specifically excluded from this

Health guarantee:
Buyer and Seller agree that in order to qualify for Seller’s Health Guarantee, Buyer shall produce proof that said animal
was examined by a licensed Veterinarian in the State of __________________within _____days/weeks of the date of
delivery. If said animal is noted to be in unsatisfactory health at that examination, Buyer may return the animal,
accompanied by a written veterinarian statement of deficiency up to 7 days following delivery for a full refund of the
purchase price of the animal. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with veterinary examination and transportation
costs related to return of said animal. Buyer and Seller agree that if Buyer fails to have said animal examined as set
forth above, declines to microchip animal within 7 days, or fails to return an executed copy of this agreement to
Seller within 7 days of delivery of said animal, Buyer is deemed to have accepted said animal in “as is” condition,
fully and conclusively terminating any and every obligation or warranty of seller under this purchase agreement.
Additionally, in order to qualify for health guarantee, Buyer must provide written proof from a licensed Veterinarian of
vaccination against Parvovirus, Distemper, Coronavirus, Hepatitis CAV1 and CAV2, and Parainfluenza of said animal
according to the following schedule:
____puppy shots on _____________________________________________________and annual booster thereafter
____Rabies vaccine at 4-6 months: 18 months: and every three years (or annually) thereafter _________________
____monthly anti-parasitic tx per vet recommendation _________________________________________________

If Buyer qualifies for health guarantee as set forth above, and animal is diagnosed with a serious genetic health condition
or expires within one year from the date of purchase from any health condition resulting from genetic deficiency and
unrelated to Buyer’s negligence, trauma, surgical complication or failure to produce proof of vaccination per the schedule
set forth herein, Buyer may, at his expense, obtain an autopsy of the animal by the ___________________State Lab, and
produce proof, in writing of the animal’s cause of death OR Buyer may provide two written statements from licensed
veterinarians of animal’s diagnosis and prognosis. Seller will, at Seller’s option, refund the Purchase price of the animal
(exclusive of transportation and other costs) or replace the animal with an animal of like breed and value within 90 days
for a period of 365 days from delivery,

Seller makes no other representation or warranties, expressed or implied pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code or
otherwise other than as contained herein in writing. This agreement is binding upon the heirs, administrators, executors,
and no representation whatsoever not incorporated herein shall be binding on either party. This agreement shall not be
varied or contradicted hereafter except in writing signed by both parties. Buyer hereby waives any action or cause of
action against the seller for any damages incurred as a result of the sale of said animal. This contract is deemed to have
been executed in the State of Arkansas, Faulkner County, and any cause of action relative to this agreement shall be
adjudicated within that jurisdiction.

            Signature                  date                  Signature                  date
Buyer’s Address:___________________________________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Phone Number and e mail _____________________________________________________________________

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