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					86 Hartford Ave.                         9/15/2012                 Back house, Barn Project

                                   General Concepts
Home (owner) needs: New or updated/upgraded kitchen, master suite (or at least a larger
master bedroom), larger living room with fireplace.

“Big house, little house, back house, barn”

We have the big house (the ‘main’ building), the little house (the current kitchen/office),
and an existing back house (the mudroom and workshop). Designing an addition to all
of that without a major reconfiguration of at least one of the sections has proven
impossible – at least for me.

Razing the existing back house, the least architecturally interesting and a poorly built part
of the home, opens up the possibility of meeting the aforementioned needs while
preserving and perhaps enhancing the vernacular character of the house. Because it is
minimally invasive to the current living areas, it may also enable us to live in the home
during construction.

                                 Existing “Big house”
   Bay window in Dining Room will become French doors (include in current project?)
   Living room will become office/guest room (no work needed).
Future considerations:
   Add a bathtub/shower to the current very small downstairs guest room and it, in
   conjunction with the current ½ bath, becomes a large full bath. Move door to connect
   to current living room and a ground floor suite is created.

                               Existing “Little house”
   Office will become master bedroom; work will include opening ½ wall and roof to
   new master bath in back house. Would a king bed under south facing windows work?
   Draperies/windows as “headboard”?
Future considerations:
   Existing kitchen use is up in the air - some possibilities: Laundry, ‘home’s office’
   (mail/bills/messages/etc.), small playroom, combo? We’re still considering finishing
   the sunroom as a TV/family room. “Butler’s Pantry” will remain as a storage area for
   fine dining ware and seldom used kitchen appliances & utensils.

   New deck between Barn and Big House (include in current project?)
Future considerations:
   Screened Porch in lieu of deck?

86 Hartford Ave.                         9/15/2012                 Back house, Barn Project

                                       Back House
1st floor - new kitchen
     Stream of consciousness: older look & feel (not continuous banks of counters and
cabinets); wood floors + runners; large sink under window(s); butcher block prep areas;
soapstone or slate counter adjacent to range; country cabinet & shelves; trap-door access
to existing well; large tall table (not island) for prep, eating and entertaining; east
windows capture abundant morning light; west windows offer views of yard/woods and
warm afternoon sun/sunsets.
     Included in current sketch: half wall to living room – perhaps with the ability to close
up (windows), door to east side herb garden & grilling area (current entrance/deck).
     Another possibility worth exploring: Flipping the layout so that the main traffic
pattern is on the west side (move door to existing kitchen so that it enters butler’s pantry).
Many appealing aspects to this change: Existing kitchen will become a more coherent
space; I’d be less inclined to have so many windows above sink & can add needed upper
cabinets or shelves; butler’s pantry retains traditional location between kitchen and dining
room; deck/porch becomes more integral to kitchen space. Downsides: less appealing
view from sink; more work on existing house.

2nd floor – new full bathroom
    ½ story, the same height (or shorter) than existing ‘little house’, attached to master
bedroom (current office).
    Stream of consciousness: Large shower; separate clawfoot or pedestal tub for baths
only; bead board wainscoting; interesting character opportunities with half story; tub
drawn under windows – nice place to soak and enjoy views; two closets as drawn are for
clothes, would be nice to rearrange shower (would make smaller) to have a linen closet.

                       Old? New? What size (drawn 20’ X 30’)?
1 ½ story living room w/fireplace
    Adult & Family entertainment area – no tv. I imagine the last 8’ or so of the west end
of the living room having large French doors, in place of barn doors, on three sides
(south/west/north) to create a porch-like feeling facing the yard & wooded land trust area.
These would be screened & open during warm spells to give the feel of (and eliminate the
need for?) a screened porch. Fireplace (intake air source from behind/below)

Entrance (on driveway level, about 7’ above ground floor)
  Mudroom: Utility space, yet main public entry should set ‘tone/feel’ of home. View
   of living room – window(s) or open to room? Benches, hooks, closets, cubbies, all
   wood & country rustic.
  “Stacked” closets (neat idea) – could add future elevator for aging or aged
  ½ bath, tiled floor w/floor drain and hand ‘shower’ – wash down (roughed only?)

Full basement:
   Rough plumbing for utility sink (drain to dry well).

86 Hartford Ave.                       9/15/2012                Back house, Barn Project

Back house
   Slab surrounding existing well.
   Full Basement (very important to us for storage and utility space)

Flooring & Heating Options:
   1) Softwood (pine or fir)
       Heat: Baseboard, Kickspace Heaters &/or HydroAir – one advantage of
       HydroAir is ability to add A/C easily, disadvantage is ductwork
   2) Engineered wood (a.k.a. Pergo)
       Heat: radiant
   3) Mudroom & ½ bath (entry): Stone tile
       Heat: whatever is easiest, but preferably radiant

   Flooring & Heating Notes:
      Softwood incompatible w/radiant heat
      All heating options will work with existing new-in-2003 boiler

     Single glazing, true divided lites + storms (mounted within trim)
     On back house: lite patterns (2 over 2) and trim to match existing windows
     On barn: more options open (but divided lites a must)

    The rest of house has Western Red Cedar clapboards, about 100 years old and in
rough shape due to a past sandblasting. Open to ideas (except vinyl), particularly for
barn. Fiber cement siding is an interesting alternative… Barn could/should not match the
rest of the house in color, siding or both.

   Standing Seam Metal, by Mario Lallier Metal Roofing (860) 379-9276

Appliances (separate budget?)
   Fridge:
        White “Trio” Type, if walkway space is confining
        (Brands – LG, Amana, Maytag, Kenmore – all same fridge)
        70"H x 36"W x 32"D
   Range:
        DCS 36” 6 burner professional gas range
   Dishwasher:
        Fisher & Paykel Integrated DishDrawers
   Sink: The “Big Daddy”! 48” W x 28” D
        Kohler Harborview 48" Cast Iron Countertop Utility Sink
        with 4-Hole Faucet Drilling (wall mounted w/legs)

86 Hartford Ave.                        9/15/2012                Back house, Barn Project

Bath Fixtures
   Used the following for tub in draft: 67"L x 31"W x 24"H double-ended claw foot


                    Miscellaneous Considerations and Notes
  The workshop will have to move to the garage, at least for now

Homeowner Help:
  Stripping down existing back house before razing
  Finish carpentry
  Interior painting
  Fixture installation – plumbing, electrical, appliances

Homeowner shies away from:
  Master framing (willing assistant)
  Rough Plumbing
  Rough Electrical
  Floor Finishing

Notes on sketches:
   1) PDF files should be printed w/out scaling
            Standard scale is 1/8” = 1’; small (sorry) to fit standard paper
            Two ‘blow-ups’ are ¼” = 1’; a little better
   2) Not drawn on barn: Chimney, windows, doors
   3) New exterior doorway to dining room is quite fanciful – from an earlier plan –
       and can change (I’m not emotionally tied to it).
   4) I’ve got in my head a covered entry porch on the barn, facing the driveway – quite
       simple, but not in the drawings & could be added in the future rather than be part
       of the current project

Design Query:
   I think the kitchen may need to be wider, for better access around table, particularly
   on the main traffic side, but I’m not sure where/how best to do that considering
   exterior limitations. Any thoughts?


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