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The truth about most "troubled" custody cases, is that the case decisions have
been made before the cases got started, and sometimes by people other than the
responsible judge who is "hearing" the case, and there is little which you could
have said or done to change this - as many have sensed.

We know techniques to "discover" and retroactively attack this illegal collusion.

The only way to be helped is to focus on the involved authorities, who they are
associated with and what they have done; and by in learning a different style in
dealing with these people.

DO NOT introduce your story by telling the "What happened to me" story
dialogue. This is confusing and unnecessary since the personal incidents don't
identify the category of problem, legal status, or possible official collusion. A long
recitation of "I did" and "He said" incidents, is very confusing to non-involved
people and makes your story appear unprofessional and not credible. Tell your
case facts from the third person as if you were someone else writing a
chronological outline of what you have reviewed from a case file.

There are hidden reasons why fathers retaliate with custody litigation when
moms file child abuse or support arrears complaints, and hidden reasons why CPS
will not investigate child abuse reports using the fake excuses of ongoing
litigation, or "just" a custody fight, or parental alienation.

These reasons are that the system is set up to deliberately mishandle cases and
the men are coached in retaliatory litigation and "crazy" making so the authorities
can maintain control of lucrative litigation. These authorities only view you as
exploitable prey - and posturing yourself as a "helpless" victim only provokes their
malicious instincts and makes them feel very successful and eager to conduct
more malicious litigation against you.

Victimized protective mothers need to understand their case is not really about
litigation on the merits of the individuals, but rather it is an "extortion" scheme
run under the ethos of predators against prey. To cry victimization, only justifies
in their minds that they are entitled to victimize you again and again.

This is why there are few court professionals who can actually handle these type
of cases honestly and effectively. We know of no pro-bono experts who works on
these cases. Very few are successful with these bad cases and those who are
charge big fees. Also some 'purported' custody/chils abuse litigation experts who
specialize in fighting PAS for protective mothers have a history of acting like
swindlers and not professional attorneys. They demand a huge retainer fees only
to totally ignore their new client after the retainer fee check has cleared their
bank. Some of these bad attorney have had bar complaints filed against them by
victimized mothers.

We know of no established women's or child abuse advocacy organization, which
assists victims in these cases. As many have discovered, the main result from
seeking a pro-bono expert is a lot of time lost and big phone bill. These type of
people do not exist.

We are desperate for change,

Liz Richards

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