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									                                    Dates: June 18-22
  Magazine Lessons: What’s in the Newspaper?/ TV News/ What’s Happening?/ Time Zones/
                                         Jet Lag
          Activity Focus: Reading Comprehension, Crossword Puzzle, Tell a Story

                                  News and Travel
 Part 1: Multiple Choice. Choose the correct answer for each question. Use the information from the
 conversations in your magazine.

June 18                                            June 20
 1. What can people read about in the               7. Where can people find the most up-to-date
    newspaper?                                         news?
      A. world news                                      A. in a newspaper B. on a news show
      B. sports news                                     C. from friends   D. online
      C. entertainment news
      D. all of the above                           8. What happens when news stories are posted
                                                       too fast?
 2. What is Susie reading?                               A. Stories are not always complete.
     A. a newspaper B. a book                            B. Their facts are always correct.
     C. a magazine       D. a website                    C. People buy more newspapers.
                                                         D. They never need updates.
 3. Why doesn’t Rob like business news?
     A. He doesn’t think it is interesting.        9. What news story does Rob see online?
     B. He doesn’t think it is important.              A.A famous actor is in town.                   Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
     C. He doesn’t think it is valuable.               B. Someone is robbing a bank.
     D. He doesn’t think it is helpful.                C. There was a terrible accident.
                                                       D. World leaders are having a meeting.
June 19
 4. What do reporters do?                          June 21
     A. They report the news.                      10. How many time zones are there in the world?
     B. They interview world leaders.                   A. 13            B. 24
     C. They cover important events.                    C. 35            D. none of the above
     D. all of the above
                                                   11. How many hours ahead is Paris from where
 5. Why does Ken like TV news better?                  Ken and Lily are?
     A. News shows cover important events.              A. seven         B. six
     B. News shows have video footage.                  C. five          D. four
     C. News shows are free.
     D. all of the above                          June 22
                                                   12. What do you get when you travel by plane
 6. Why doesn’t Susie want to interview a world        across many time zones?
    leader?                                             A. jet sick       B. jet ache
      A. She only wants to cover city news.             C. jet time       D. jet lag
      B. She can only speak English.
      C. She would be too nervous.                 13. What does Mr. Travel do on a plane?
      D. She is very shy.                              A. He watches movies.
                                                       B. He plays games.
                                                       C. He sleeps a lot.
                                                       D. all of the above
Part 2: Crossword Puzzle. Fill in the boxes below. Use the words that go in the sentences.

 1                     2
                                          3                   4          5
                                          6           7
        9                                                                         east
                               10                     11                          leader
 12                                                   13
1. San Diego is a safe place. There is very little ______________ there.
3. Michael’s answers were all ______________on his test. He got 100.
7. A king is the ______________ of a country.
8. Ron is good at making money. He knows a lot about ______________.
9. Grandma is coming? When will she ______________?
10. Did you see this ______________ of Laura's baby? He's really cute.
12. This book is not ______________. There are pages missing.
13. I'm so tired. I am falling ______________.
14. Storybrooke is a small ______________. Only 100 people live in it.

2. I like sweet food, ______________ chocolate ice cream.
4. What ______________ is your favorite TV show on?
5. Daniel is a ______________ traveler. He's been to over 20 countries.
6. The fastest way to get to the U.S. from China is to travel ______________.
8. After a month, Joanna finally ______________ her cold.
11. If you travel from New York to Calfornia, you are going ______________.

Part 3: Tell a Story. Look at the pictures. Use some of this week’s vocabulary words to tell a story
about each picture.

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