True or False? by gvwf5Cc4


									True or False?

   20 questions
Question 1

      Sound is a transverse wave

         False its longitudinal!
Question 2

         Waves are vibrations

Question 3

  Amplitude is the maximum distance from
            the normal of a wave

Question 4

  Frequency is measured in Lambda (  )

      False! It is measured in Hertz!
Question 5

   Radio 1 FM (88-91MHz) has a shorter
      wavelength that BBC 5 Live MW
             (693-909 kHz)

Question 6

      You cannot reflect all waves

     False! It is a property of waves!
Question 7

            All waves are visible

 False! Think of the Electromagnetic waves!
Question 8

    Diffraction is where waves change
     direction due to a change in speed

     False! This would be refraction!
Question 9

  A Tsunami is made of lots of little waves
   creating one big wave as in interference
                   of waves

Question 10

   In sound the higher the frequency the
               higher the note

Question 11

  A wave will travel faster in a more dense

         False! It will travel slower!
Question 12

    Gamma radiation has the highest
      frequency of the waves in the
        electromagnetic spectrum

Question 13

 All waves of the electromagnetic spectrum
         can pass through the body

         False! What about light?
Question 14

  In stars a red giant is hotter than a blue
      dwarf and has a higher frequency

  False! Blue hot is hotter than orange hot
      and gives off a higher frequency!
Question 15

       Waves can go around corners

 False! They travel in straight lines! (Unless
                 they diffract!)
Question 16

 Digital signals have a range of frequencies

      False! Digital signals don’t have a
    frequency in the sense we use it here.
Question 17

   Optical fibres use dispersion to transfer
           from one end to the other

  False! They use Total Internal Reflection!
Question 18

 When sunlight passed through a raindrop it
   splits into a spectrum of colours. This is
  because sunlight is made up of different
         frequencies and wavelengths.

Question 19

   A “ noisy” wave is a bad thing. Noise is
       interference but can be corrected.

Question 20

  Write down as many uses of each type of
              wave as you can

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