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									Year 8 level descriptors

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Module: 8K Light

      Level      Module Content
        3         Know light travels from a source
                  Know light travels faster than sound
                  Know light travels through some materials and not others
                  Know that in total darkness only a light source can be seen
        4         Describe evidence to support the idea that light can only travel in straight lines
                  Represent the path of light using rays
                  Use the term transparent, opaque, translucent and reflect correctly
                  Make a prediction about how light will be reflected off a flat surface
                  Know how and where shadows are formed
        5         Explain that some materials absorb light
                  Explain how non-luminous objects are seen
                  Describe the nature of an image formed in a plane mirror
                  Know white light is dispersed by a prism
                  Describe reflection using a ray diagram
                  Describe refraction
        6         Make generalisations about refraction
                  Draw diagrams to establish these generalisations
                  Explain how white light is dispersed by a prism
        7         Explain the results of mixing coloured light
                  Explain how we see colour

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