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					                      2012 Perennials
                 For September Shipping

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Plants for shipping are bare root and well packed for Canada Post handling. Shipping, packing,
and handling are flat rated for orders of any size: 18.00 to Alberta and British Columbia, 15.00 to
all other provinces, and as an incentive; free to any Canada Post address “North of 60” or to the
Labrador part of NL. (Please send me a 2 years later progress report!) Prices are in Canadian
funds of course. No GST, HST, PST, etc to add on!
**NEW SHIPPING OPTION: Many of our clients seem to be very close to an intercity bus depot. We have
made use of this method of shipping on several occasions and have been pleased with the results. Clients are
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parcel at the bus depot. The advantages over Canada Post are: Faster delivery in all cases, no need to worry
about weekends or holidays (everyday is a travel day for busses), longer business hours at bus depots, we
can pack in multiple cartons for no extra charge. I think more careful handling on the whole too. Tracking is
not possible with multiple bus companies but we insure shipments against loss and other griefs.
For us it is a 45 minute drive each way to our nearest bus depot!, but the advantages to clients, our more
flexible scheduling etc. make it a better choice in many cases. Bus shipping is a bit more expensive than
CanPost, so we have come up with our partially subsidized rates for Bus shipping: Flat rate again,
     20.00 to Atlantic Canada and Quebec,               28.00 to Ontario, Manitoba, & Saskatchewan,
and 35.00 to Alberta, British Columbia, and the Territories (where possible).
So with your order, CHOOSE either CanPost or Bus for your preferred method of

 - Items marked with (*) and (**) in price column are new stock this year and therefore not necessarily field
grown this year.

PHOTOS of many of the Perennials in our gardens and field rows are now available online at Skydrive:
    Paste the preceding link into your browser address bar to see our shared photos. We are able to post
   hundreds of named photos from our fields.
   Any Perennial described on this list that has one or more photos posted on Skydrive will have the
   following symbol in the description box: #. More photos to be posted at unpredictable times!
   # This symbol does not act as a live link yet, so look alphabetically on Skydrive in the “Perennials A-Z

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POY 2002 etc. indicates the “Perennial of the Year” selection.
   = Native plant of CANADA but not Nova Scotia         = Nova Scotia Native plant.

Entries HIGHLGHTED in GREEN are new to our list for 2012
Entries HIGHLIGHTED in YELLOW are prices REDUCED from last year’s list.

  Item: Botanical name/(commom name)
                                                                         Quantity           Price             Line
  foliage height/width/(bloom ht.) description
                                                                         Ordered            6” Pot          Extension

  ACONITUM henryi Spark’s (monkshood) 120/20 Rich navy-
                                                                                         2 the same
  blue hooded blooms in July and August. Cool moist sites                     0                                 .00
                                                                                         for price of
  Actaea simplex atropurpurea (formerly Cimicifugia ramose
  atropurpera) (Bugbane) 125/50 Wh. frag. Aug-Oct. Tall slender
  plant favours cool moist sites. Stems, buds, leaves are dark                0             14.00               .00
  purple with maturity. Zone 4
  * ACTAEA simplex Pink Spike (bugbane)(formerly Cimicifuga
  racemosa 'Pink Spike') 150/90 A clump-forming perennial with
  dark, purple-brown foliage and arching stems bearing racemes of             0            * 11.75              .00
  fragrant, pink, bottlebrush-like flowers in late summer and early
  autumn. Attracts butterflies.
  ACTAEA simplex White Pearl (Bugbane) Formerly Cimicifuga.
  /50/110 Tall spikes of fragrant white flowers Jul to Sep. Needs             0              7.50               .00
  steady moisture &/or shade in hot summers.
  ALCHEMILLA – epipsila
  60/60 Yellow-green blooms. Give good moisture, drainage.
                                                                              0              6.50               .00
  ALCHEMILLA mollis [Lady’s Mantle]          #
                                                                                         2 the same
  30/50 Sulphur yellow blooms in Jun. Give good moisture,                     0                                 .00
                                                                                         for price of
  ALCHEMILLA mollis Thriller
  30/40 Sulphur yellow blooms in June. Give good moisture,                    0              6.50               .00
  ALCHEMILLA robusta [Lady’s Mantle]
  50/50/much larger leaf variety than mollis. give good moisture,             0              7.50               .00
  ALLIUM schoenoprasum. (Chives)           #
                                                                                         2 the same
  30/20 Good culinary herb and great mound of decorative mauve                0                                 .00
                                                                                         for price of
  ALLIUM senescens (German Garlic)
  A chives like plant of swirling, twisted blue-grey leaves. A bulb
  plant having fragrant lilac lavender florets in globular clusters. A        0              6.50               .00
  good ornamental.
  Amsonia hubrichtii (Blue Star Arkansas)
  90/90 Silky soft bottle brush shaped leaf arrangement. 6-7 cm.
  clusters of light blue flowers in late spring to early summer. A            0              8.75               .00
  billowy plant that reaches 90 cm. tall after bloom. In fall the
  foliage becomes a bright golden yellow. Zone 4. POY 2011
* ARISAEMA Ringens (Japanese Cobra Lily)
60 cm. tall. Pale green and white striped spathe with distinctive        * 29.00
dark brown or green lips sit below attractive three part leaves      0   Fall Sale      .00
held on dark stems. Natiive to mountainous areas of the
Himalyas. Zone 5.
ARISAEMA – triphyllum (Jack in Pulpit)           Green-brown
spadix, overarched by green spathe purple & white striped.
Leaves three lobed. A bulb that forms offsets, ultimately making     0      7.50        .00
a colony. Late summer sees a club-like seed stalk, revealing
bright red seeds. Zone 4.         #
ARUM italicum Pictum
35/30        In late summer, the tropical-looking aroid foliage
emerges from dormancy to remain attractive all winter. Each
glossy green, arrowhead-shaped leaf features dramatic silver
patterning, usually following the veins. In late spring, 12" white   0      7.50        .00
peace lily-like flowers appear, followed by an attractive stalk of
red berries. At this point, the plant goes to sleep for the
summer, emerging again in late August with new leaves. Italian
arum will naturalize in woodland areas. Zone: 4.
ARUM cornutum VooDoo Lily (aka Typhonium venosum and
Sauromatum venosum)
35/95 Shade-loving lily blooms in mid- to late summer with a
long, dark purple spike at least a foot in length amid magenta       0      9.75        .00
colored leaves. When beginning, the leaves almost look curled,
spiraling out of their buds. Zone 6
ARUNCUS dioicus (Goat’s Beard) aka. A. sylvester Jul-Aug                    7.50
120/75 Broad fern-like leaves topped by plumes of minute                 2 the same
starry creamy blossoms. A woodland plant that adapts to most         0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
garden sites.   Zone 2.                                                      one
ASARUM europaeum (Wild Ginger) May-Jun
15/25 Blooms hidden under leaf and brownish in colour. Glossy
dark green, heart shaped evergreen foliage. For shaded woodland      0     * 8.75       .00
conditions. (Zone 5.)
ASCLEPIAS– incarnate Soulmate
80/40 Tall growing with red stems, flowers salmon-red. Zone 3.       0      6.50        .00
ASCLEPIAS – tuberose            Jul-Sep                  .
45/50 Bright orange flower head. Needs heat + sandy soil.
Drought tolerant. One of the last perennials to start growth every   0      6.50        .00
year. Do not despair in early spring! Full sun. Zone 4. #
ASTER Michaelmas daisy. – novae-angliae #                                2 the same
 150/50 Navy-blue blooms Aug-Sep. Full sun best. Zone 2
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
ASTER Michaelmas daisy. – novae-angliae            #                     2 the same
 150/50 Pink blooms Aug-Sep. Full sun best. Zone 2
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
ASTER Michaelmas daisy. – novae-angliae                #
September Ruby 100/50                                                0      6.50        .00
Very bright red blooms in Sep. thru Oct. full sun. Zone 3.

Astilbes seem not to attract the attention/interest of deer!!        0                  .00

ASTILBE arendsii Lavender Jun-Aug #
                                                                         2 the same
70/50 Unsual lavender blooms on medium-large plant. Thrives          0                  .00
with plenty shade & steady moisture. Zone 3.                             for price of
ASTILBE arendsii Bressingham Beauty
90/70 One of the tallest of any astilbe. Dense flower clusters of      0      7.50        .00
rich middle pink. Zone 3.
ASTILBE arendsii Bridal Veil Mid-season bloom. #
Thrives with plenty shade & steady moisture. Zone 3.
                                                                       0      7.50        .00
ASTILBE arendsii Dutch       Jun-Aug
75/40/ white Thrives with plenty shade & steady moisture.              0      7.50        .00
Zone 3.
ASTILBE arendsii Erica Jul-Aug Zone 3
90/50 Loose plumes of lilac-pink. Foliage emerges red, becoming        0      7.50        .00
green late season.

ASTILBE arendsii Fanal
                                                                           2 the same
60/50 Dark red flower stems, deep green finely divided leaves.         0                  .00
Zone 3.                                                                    for price of
ASTILBE arendsii Snowdrift         Jul-Aug
65/40 Feathery white plumes. Thrives with plenty of shade &            0      7.50        .00
steady moisture. Zone 3.
ASTILBE chinensis Superba (taquetii)
80/70 Vigorous growing pink-purple narrow vertical plumes.
Somewhat sun tolerant, some drought resitance.Latest blooming.         0      7.50        .00
ASTILBE chinensis Veronica Klose
45/ / Purple-red flower plumes. Somewhat sun tolerant, some            0      7.50        .00
drought resitance. Jul-Aug. blooming.
ASTILBE chinensis Visions late blooming, fragrant #
45/25 Thick plumes of magenta-purple, and dark green leaves.           0      7.50        .00
Somewhat sun tolerant, some drought resistance. Zone 3.
ASTILBE –simplicifolia Sprite Aug-Sep
40/40 Pink plumes with bronze-green foliage. Needs steady              0      7.50        .00
moisture, good shade. PofY 1994 Zone 3.           #
ASTILBE thunbergii Red Charm (Red Ostrich Plume)(Rote
Straussenfeder) 75/70/ Jul-Aug intense-red arching nodding             0      7.50        .00
flower plumes. Zone 3.
ASTILBE thunbergii Straussenfeder (Ostrich Plume)                          2 the same
80/70 Salmon-rose blooms in cascading plumes. Zone 3.
                                                                       0                  .00
                                                                           for price of
ASTILBOIDES tabularis (Rodgersia tabularis (Shield Leaf
Rodgersia) 90/90 Huge circular leaves on long petioles.
Conspicuous white flowers reaching 120cm high. Zone 4. An              0      8.75        .00
architectural plant, needs ample moisture. The “cool climate
ASTRANTIA major Lars           Jun-Sep            #
65/40/ Wine-red starry flowers on strong stems. Deadheading            0      6.50        .00
extends bloom period. Zone 4.
* Astrantia major 'Star of Billion' Mid summer blooms
60/30 White flowers with green highlights, surrounded by
bracts that look like an Elizabethan collar, set above lacy foliage.
The long-lasting flowers actually look like they hold countless pins   0    * 6.50        .00
in a pin cushion. Clump growing plant. Long lived cut flower with
a vase life of 10-14 days. Zone 4.
BERGENIA -cordifolia Apr-Jun          #
30/40 Bright-pink flowers, evergreen foliage. Avoid dry and heat.      0      6.50        .00
Zone 2.
BERGENIA -cordifolia Rotblum Apr-Jun
40/40 Cherry red blooms held well above large evergreen leaves.        0      7.50        .00
Avoid dry and heat. Zone 2.
* CAMPANULA –glomerata Superba (Clustered Bellflower)
60/45 'Superba' can have up to 15 double flowers clustered on
                                                                           * 6.50
                                                                         2 the same
each stem. Deadheading will encourage additional bloom and           0                  .00
clumps can be divided in fall every 3-5 years to maintain vigour         for price of
and control moderate spreading. A good cut flower. Zone 4.                   one
CAMPANULA – hyb. Hot Lips Jul-Sep
35/30 Huge 5 cm. rose-pink bell flowers. Very dark green shiny       0      6.50        .00
foliage. Spreading nature. Zone 3.
CAMPANULA persicifolia La Belle (Belleflower)
60/30 Silvery lavender shades on upright stems. Each flower
fully double rosette. Self-sows but not troublesome. Foliage is
                                                                         2 the same
dark green, lance-shaped and semi-evergreen. Removing spent          0                  .00
blooms will prolong blooming into late summer. Good for Cut              for price of
Flowers. Plants attract Butterflies. Pinch at 15 cm. height in               one
spring for more stocky plant. Zone 3.
CAMPANULA punctata Cherry Bells (Bellflower)
35/25 Elongated bells of bright cherry red with a frosted lower      0      6.50        .00
edge. Zone 3.
CENTAUREA montana (perennial bachelor’s buttons)(Blue
Cornflower) Jun-Jul.
45/30 Indigo-blue thistle shape flowers, grey-green leaves.          0      6.50        .00
Deadhead for rebloom. Good cut flower.
Centaurea hypoleuca ‘John Coutts’ (Cornflower) Jun- Jul
55/35 A rose-pink thistle like flower with a yellow centre.          0      8.75        .00
Deadhead for rebloom. Good cut flower. Zone 3.
Clintonia borealis (Bluebead Lily) May-Jun         #
20/30/35 Three shiny strap-like leaves, followed by a single
stem with a cluster of starry yellow blooms. Shiny round blue        0      6.50        .00
berry by late summer. Woodland plant of upland areas.
CONVALLARIA – maj. Doreen –/May-Jun
40/15 A taller fragrant white version, better for cut flowers.       0      6.50        .00
Ideal north side of house groundcover.
CONVALLARIA majalis     May-Jun
                                                                         2 the same
15/10 White heavenly scented blooms. Ideal north side of             0                  .00
house groundcover.
                                                                         for price of
Cornus Canadensis (Bunchberry, Dogwood)
20/25 Single 4-bract white flower surmounting a low whorl of
well veined leaves. Blooms in June, followed by crimson berries.     0      6.50        .00
A woodlander.       #
                                                                           * 7.50
* CROCOSMIA Lucifer (Montbretia) Jul-Sep.
95/35 Brilliant flame red blooms on upright wirey stems. Great            3 in pot
mid-late summer colour. Plant corms 5-6” deep in full sun and        0    2 pots the    .00
good winter drainage. Zone 5                                               same for
                                                                         price of one
Cypripedium aucale Pink Lady’s Slipper #
Provincal floral emblem of Prince Edward Island.
Found irregularly in wooded areas in Atlantic Canada. Enjoy them     0      N/A         .00
where you find them. They do not survive transplanting. Do not
pick or dig.
Cypripedium calceolarus (Cypripedium parviflorum) Yellow
Lady Slipper Orchid              #
25/30/25 A native terrestrial orchid that does adapt to digging
and transplanting. A woodland plant here needing good spring
time moisture. Will go dormant late in season or earlier if dry.     0     29.00        .00
Always back next year! Blooms are rich yellow fat pouches with
spots and other character markings all framed by 4 bronze-red
wing-like sepals in late spring. Better in sweet soils than highly
acid ones. A real spring treat, making a great full small clump.
Very hardy zone 3.

DARMERA peltata (Umbrella Plant) Apr-May
75/100/30 Pink-lilac flowers appear like a drumstick in early
spring before the large lobed leaves appear. Requires steady         0      7.50        .00
moisture and much shade.
                                                                          7.50 gal.
DICENTRA –spectabilis red May-Jun
                                                                     0     2-gal.       .00
90/90 Rose-pink & white heart shaped flowers. Good in shade or
moist & sunny.
                                                                         2 the same
                                                                           size for
                                                                         price of one
DISPOROPSIS pernyi (Evergreen Solomon’s Seal)(Asian Fairy
Bells) 40/60 Glossy dark green ladder-like foliage, evergreen to -
15C (regrows from dieback) Usual S.S. hanging white bell             0      8.75        .00
flowers. Slow growing. Zone 6 (Overwintered here since 2009) #
Dodecatheon Media Lilac (Shooting Star)             Zone 2.
30/ A native woodland plant. Tall bloom stems above foliage          0                  .00
with cluster of “mad dog” like flowers in bright magentia pink.           4.5” pot
* Epimedium grandiflorum Lilafee (='Lilac Fairy'.) (Bishop’s
hat) (Large-flowered or longspur epimedium)
30/40     One of the larger epimediums. It is a dense,                     * 7.50
rhizomatous, clump-forming perennial which typically grows in            2 the same
shady or woodland areas. 'Lilafee' produces racemes of long-         0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
spurred, lavender-violet flowers in spring well above the foliage.           one
New leaves in spring emerge beige with a red tinge, mature to
green and turn red in fall. Has healing herbal properties. Zone 5.
EUPATORIUM dubium Little Joe (Joe Pye Weed) Jul-Oct
120/45 A shorter Joe Pye Weed with rose-purple flat headed           0      8.75        .00
blooms. Zone 4
EUPATORIUM maculatum atropurpera
(Joe Pye Weed) Aug-Sep Zone 5                                              2 Gal.
180/50 Fuzzy rose-pink flowers of wide flat heads, purple stalks.    0   2 the same     .00
An architectural.              #                                         for price of
EUPHORBIA – dulcis Chameleon May-Jun
50/30 Golden-yellow bloom with dark reddish-green foliage
                                                                     0      6.50        .00

EUPHORBIA -polychroma paulustris
                                                                         2 the same
40/40 Clear yellow flowers May-Jun. Attractive bush shape,           0                  .00
foliage turns red in fall. Zone 5                                        for price of
FILIPENDULA purpurea Elegans Jun-Aug              #                      2 the same
125/60 Rose-pink feathery plume/ moisture loving.
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
FILIPENDULA rubra Venusta (Dropwort)                     150/80
A good waterside plant. Cloud-like plumes of bloom in light pink,    0      7.50        .00
vert tall plant. Zone 3.
FILIPENDULA ulmaria variegata Jul-Sep
100/45 Foliage soft green with irregular yellow variegation, white   0      7.50        .00
feathery plume of blooms. Moisture loving.           #
GERANIUM –clarkei Kashmir White Jul-Aug                     #
50/50 White & lilac veins flowers. Small finely divided leaves.
                                                                     0      6.50        .00
Geranium magnificum (platypetalum) Jun-Aug                #
60/60 Large mounding plant with large violet-blue blooms with
prominent veins. Responds well to cuttiing back after blooming.      0      7.50        .00
Good heat tolerance. Fall brings a change in foliage to red.
Geranium Macrorrhizum (Bulgarian or Bigroot Geranium)
25/++ Bit of a rambler, flowers soft middle-pink.. Highly
aromatic leaves resembling maple leaves., Fall frosts bring on        0      6.50        .00
rosy red colouring to the foliage. Foliage overwinters for an early
spring showing. Good in shade up to moderate sun.
Geranium psilostemon (Armenian Cranesbill)              Jun-Aug
100/100 Electric bright-magentia with black eye. Large size           0      7.50        .00
clump. #
Geranium sanguineum album Jun-Aug
20/ /white bloom, vigorous grower. Good in shade up to                0      6.50        .00
moderate sun. Smallish, delicate deeply cut leaves. #
* Geranium sanguineum Max Frei
                                                                           * 6.50
20/50 This shorter, compact variety forms a low mound of fine-
                                                                          2 the same
textured green foliage, bearing a nice display of bright magenta-     0                  .00
pink flowers in late spring and well into the summer. Often               for price of
shows good bronzy-red fall colour. Zone 3.                                    one
Geranium Hyb. Johnson’s Blue Jun-Aug
50/50 Large sky-blue clump . Good in shade up to moderate sun.        0      6.50        .00
Responds well to cuttiing back after blooming.
Geranium Hyb. Tiny Monster Jun-Aug
Large saucer shaped lavender-blue flowers on low compact clump        0      6.50        .00
growing plant. #
Helianthus atrorubens 'Gullick's Variety' (perennial
Sunflower) 200/45 Single yellow blooms that look like the             0      7.50        .00
annual flowers. Drought tolerant, good cut flowers. Zone 2
Helleborus orientalis Banana Cream Pie (Christmas Rose)
55/120 Dark green foliage. Like other H. orientalis types, it
blooms in spring, in March. 8 cm. wide floral bracts that are
creamy yellow with pink spotting. Fast growth rate. ‘Banana           0     16.00        .00
Cream Pie’ is a selected seedling of Helleborus orientalis. Zone 4.

Helleborus orientalis Blue Metallic Lady (Christmas Rose)
Apr-May blooming.
                                                                           * 16.00
40/40 True dark metallic-blue blooms very early spring. Very          0   Sale price     .00
dark green evergreen foliage. Ideal under deciduous trees for the           12.00
sake of early spring only sunshine. Zone 4.
Helleborus Northern Beauty (Christmas Rose)
50/100 Dark green foliage, vigorous growth rate.
Flowers generally 3-4 lobed 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" wide, Creamy white
floral bracts, fading to green, approx 6-8 cm. wide. Cross            0     14.00        .00
between H. niger x H. argutifolius. Hardy in zone 4b-5a. Mulching
is recommended during the winter.
HEUCHERA Amethyst Mist Jun Jul. #
22/42/65 Glossy plum-burgundy leaves with a light silver
dusting. More compact and the color more vivid if grown in full       0      7.50        .00
sun. Pink insignificant flowers.
HEUCHERA Autumn Haze
20/45/60 Autumnal hints of pink, cinnamon and purple haze are
infused in the frosted foliage. Short leaf petioles. Rose tinted      0      8.75        .00
flowers abound in the spring. This plant has four seasons of color
and looks superb in the winter. Sun to part shade.
HEUCHERA Beaujoulais
A vigorous selection with large dark burgundy-red leaves with         0      8.75        .00
silver highlights and darker veins.
HEUCHERA Beauty Colour Jun-Jul 25/35/ Marbled foliage. #
White to yellow varigation, grey-green veins. Thin orange edge        0      8.75        .00
after frost. A classic of distinctive appearance. COFP abandoned
40/(40) Large leafed heuchera with dusty dark red-purple finish.      0      9.75        .00
Zone 4.
40/(40) A multi coloured leaf: edge in green, prominent purple       0      9.75        .00
veins, with silvery transition zone. Zone 4.
HEUCHERA Blackout Jun-Jul
25/35/60 A vigorous selection with large dark burgundy-red
leaves with silver highlights and darker veins. Darker leaf color    0      8.75        .00
than Obsidian.           #
HEUCHERA Brandon Pink (pink Coral Bells)
25/30/60 Dainty spikes of pink bell-shaped flowers emerge
from distinctive dark red flower buds and rise above the foliage
from late spring to mid summer. It's crinkled lobed leaves           0      7.50        .00
remain dark green in color throughout the year. Best with steady
moisture and reduced sunlight.
Zone 2.
HEUCHERA Can-Can Jun-Jul             #
22/38/65 Dark plum-purple leaves with ruffled , jagged edges
and metallic silver sheen. Full sun tolerant. Insignificant cream    0      9.75        .00
HEUCHERA Caramel                   #
25/ / Large rounded leaves of a warm orange-yellow color with
                                                                     0      8.75        .00
the vigour, heat and humidity tolerance of Heuchera villosa. Tiny
creamy-white flowers in late spring.    Zone 4.
HEUCHERA Cinnabar Silver Brick red Jun-Jul
purple metallic leaves transform to silver and then give rise to     0      9.75        .00
striking cinnabar-red flowers.
HEUCHERA Citronelle
30/35/ Citrus-yellow to chartreuse foliage depending on light
intensity. Cream flowers. 'Citronelle' offers the vigour, heat and   0      8.75        .00
humidity tolerance of Heuchera villosa.
HEUCHERA X Dolce Mocha Mint            #
30/30/65 Green and mocha undercolour with silver overwash.           0      8.75        .00
Especially large coral-pink flowers.
* HEUCHERA sanguinia Geisha’s Fan                    #
22/38/45 Grown in shade, in or out of a container, this foliage is
                                                                     0    * 8.75        .00
beautiful. Large purple foliage with whitish interveinal areas.
Small soft pink flowers on tall stems.
HEUCHERA americana Green Spice (Eco Improved) 22/40/72
Large, lobed green leaves are frosted silver in their centers with
purple-brown staining along central veins. Shade to part sun.        0      8.75        .00
HEUCHERA Marmalade          #
25/45/38 Rich, shiny, undulating foliage ranging in color from
umber to deep sienna with hot pink undersides. Full sun tolerant.    0      9.75        .00
Slow initial growth.

Heuchera Mars             #                                                 7.50
                                                                         2 the same
25/30/30 Pale purple-red leaves, silver washed with dark veins.      0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
Flowers insignificant.
HEUCHERA Mocha                             #
37/50/75 Chocolate colored selection. The large, “coffee one
cream” colored leaves (to 6 inches across) have a purple             0      8.75        .00
underside. Heuchera villosa heritage. Near-white flowers.
HEUCHERA micrantha Palace Purple                #
                                                                     0      6.50        .00
35/30/70 Purple-bronze folliage. White flowers Jul-Aug. PofY’91
Heuchera Peach Flambe                  #
18/35/40 Bright peach colored in spring and fall, a softer peach     0      9.75        .00
in the summer and plum during the winter and it has nice white
flowers. Differs from ‘Marmalade’ & ‘Amber Waves’ with larger
smoother leaves and flaming red infusions. Part shade atleast.

HEUCHERA Peppermint Spice                         #
20/30/60 Rose pink flowers are shorter than ‘Green Spice’ but        0     11.75        .00
taller than the compact forms. Part shade or AM sun.
HEUCHERA Pewter Moon Jul-Aug                                             2 the same
                                                                     0                  .00
25/35/(40) Dark purple with silver sheen, pink flowers                   for price of
HEUCHERA americana Pewter Veil
18/35/68 Copper-pink spring foliage changes to sheets of                    7.50
                                                                         2 the same
pewter-silver on 6” leaves. Tolerates shade better than many         0                  .00
Heuchera. Spikes of pale greenish white flowers. Sun to part             for price of
shade.         #                                                             one
HEUCHERA Pinot Gris                                 #
25/35/45 This chameleon emerges in the spring with an orange
                                                                     0      8.75        .00
hue like 'Caramel' with silver tones on the leaf margin. Maturing
to a smoky-rose color with a higher concentration of silver.
(25/35/45) Smaller dark purple-gray leaves with a silver overlay.    0      8.75        .00
Early season white flowers.
HEUCHERA Pistache                #
25/35/45 Large lime-green to chartreuse leaves (depending on         0      8.75        .00
light). Larger clump & leaves than Citronelle.
HEUCHERA Plum Pudding Jun-Jul
20/38/65 glossy carmine-purple leaves, deep cut edges. “Ready        0      7.50        .00
to go” spring performance.       #
Heuchera pulchella (species)
10/15/30 A miniature. Plain green leaves with scalloped edges.       0      7.50        .00
Shade/cool beneficial.
HEUCHERA Purple Petticoats                   #
30/60/68 Dark purple frilly foliage, which looks good all year.      0     11.75        .00
Sun to part shade.
HEUCHERA Regina       Jul
35/40/90 Silvered burgundy-bronze leaves, light pink flowers
                                                                     0     11.75        .00
HEUCHERA Silver Scrolls May-Jun               #                             8.75
20/30/60 Dark purple veins of rounded leaves with silver                 2 the same
                                                                     0                  .00
overlay, white flowers. Outstanding winter endurance. COFP               for price of
abandoned.                                                                   one
Heuchera americana Stormy Seas                  #
45/90/90 Ruffled foliage with an appliqué of silver, lavender,       0      7.50        .00
pewter and charcoal gray. Large sized, vigourous grower.
40/(40) Amber-gold leaves with red center and veins deep             0      9.75        .00
sharp cut edges. White flowers bloom midsummer. Zone 4.
HEUCHERA villosa Tiramisu
25/25/35 Wonderful chartreuse foliage with a heavy splash of
brick red in veins. Leaves in summer develop a light silver          0     11.75        .00
overlay. Villosas are more sun tolerant.
HEUCHERA Velvet Night Jun-Jul
20/30/60 Darkest veiled form, 7” plush, slate black leaves with             8.75
                                                                         2 the same
complex metallic purple overlays. It’s foliage is actually velvety   0                  .00
to the touch. Insignificant creamy flowers appear in June. Part          for price of
shade best.         #                                                        one
HEUCHERA Venus Jun-Jul                                                      8.75
20/30/55 Green under colour and veins with a silver sheen over.      0                  .00
                                                                         2 the same
White blooms.                                                           for price of
Heucherella Burnished Bronze #
17/35/45 Large glossy bronze leaves. Starry pink flowers in         0      8.75        .00
INULA – helenium (elcampane) Jul-Aug
125/40 Yellow daisy-like flowers topping large pyramid of coarse    0                  .00
leaves.                                                                   2 gal.
IRIS -pseudoacorus [yellow flag]      May-Jun      #                    2 the same
90/60 Eggyolk yellow. Sun,moist.
                                                                    0                  .00
                                                                        for price of
IRIS -siberica – Caesars Brother May-Jun
70/25 Dark-blue with yellow throat markings. Needs full sun,        0      6.50        .00
and moisture. Zone 3. #
 IRIS -siberica – Dance Ballerina Dance May-Jun
60/25 Ruffled soft-pink standards, lilac falls. Needs full sun,     0      6.50        .00
and moisture. Zone 3.     #
IRIS -siberica – Moon Silk      May-Jun
60/25 White and pale yellow bi-colour. Needs full sun, and          0      6.50        .00
moisture. Zone 3.      #
Iris-siberica Roanoke’s Choice        May-Jun #
65/25 White standards with soft lavender-purple falls. Needs        0      6.50        .00
full sun, and moisture. Zone 3.
IRIS –versicolour species (Blue flag Iris)       #
                                                                        2 the same
Rich blue with gold throat. Native plant of sunny, moist and wet    0                  .00
sites. Provincial floral emblem of Quebec. Zone 3.                      for price of
KIRENGESHOMA palmata (yellow wax bells) Aug-Sep
90/40/95 Clustered pale yellow waxy textured bell shaped
flowers. For shady borders, good moisture and drainage areas.       0      7.50        .00
# Zone 5
* KNIPHOFIA – uvaria (Red Hot Poker) Aug-Sep                              *6.50
150/90 Kniphofia uvaria is an evergreen perennial.                      2 per pot
The flowers have both male and female organs. It is noted for       0   2 the same     .00
attracting wildlife. It requires moist soil, full sun, tolerates        for price of
maritime exposures. Zone 5.
LEUCANTHEMUM superbum – Becky PofY’03 Jun-Sep #                         2 the same
90/35 Large single white blooms with deep green shiny foliage.      0                  .00
                                                                        for price of
LIATRIS spicata (Gayfeather)
                                                                        2 the same
70/15/ species, vigorous will reseed. Purple bloom opening top to   0                  .00
                                                                        for price of
LIATRIS spicata – Kubold       Jul-Sep
45/20 Shorter bloom stalks, lavender spikes. Sterile, will not      0      6.50        .00
reseed.                   #
LIATRIS spicata Floristan White(alba) Jul-Sep
60/30 White version of species. Needs good winter drainage.         0      6.50        .00
Tolerates dry sites well.

LIGULARIA – dentata Desdemona Jul-Sep              #
90/100 Heart-shape brownish-green, & purple underside leaves.           9.75 2 gal.
Clustered, branched flower stalks with gold-yellow daisy like       0   2 the same     .00
blooms. Needs summer moisture, shade appreciated.                         size for
                                                                        price of one
LIGULARIA dentata Britt Marie Crawford
90/90 Darkest purple foliage and stays dark all season. Yellow
daisy-like flowers. Favours shade, needs summer moisture.          0      9.75        .00
Zone 4.          #
LIGULARIA – dentata Othello Jul-Sep        #
90/90 Orange daisy like flower heads, purple heart shaped
leaves. Needs steady moisture or shade.                            0                  .00
Zone 4.                                                                9.75 2 gal.
LIGULARIA japonica         Zone 4             #
150/120 Deeply cut leaves of many long segments. Loose
                                                                   0      9.75        .00
clusters of yellow-orange daisy like flowers. Needs summer
moisture, shade appreciated.
LIGULARIA – przewalskii Jul-Sep
180/90 Dark yellow flowers on vertical spire. Leaves triangular,
deeply fingered dark green. Needs summer moisture, shade           0      8.75        .00
LIGULARIA x palmataloba Jul-Aug                 #
150/90 Large clusters of orange flowers. Deeply cut green          0      7.50        .00
leaves. Needs summer moisture, shade appreciated.Zone 4.
* LIGULARIA – stenecophala – Little Rocket (Leopard Plant)
60/90/100 Yellow rocket flowers appear from June through July.
Sun with moisture or shade. Attracts butterflies. A great plant    0    * 7.50        .00
for the pond side. Zone 4-8.
LIGULARIA – stenecophala – The Rocket Jul-Aug 120/60
Yellow pokers of bloom. Rounded toothed leaves. Needs summer       0      7.50        .00
moisture, shade appreciated. Zone 4.           #
LIGULARIA veitchiana                  Zone 4
150/60 Near circular large dark green leaves. Golden yellow
                                                                   0      9.75        .00
daisy-like flowers from broad bracts. Needs summer moisture,
shade appreciated.
LYCHNIS – chalcedonica (Maltese Cross) Jun-Aug
100/30 Cardinal-red panicles of bloom on strong erect stems.       0      6.50        .00
For sunny locations with favourable drainage. #
LYSIMACHIA ciliata purpera ‘Firecracker’ (Purple Leaf
Lysmachia) #         100/35 Dark red-purple leaves with yellow     0      6.50        .00
flowers in mid summer. An aggressive grower.
LYSIMACHIA clethroides - Gooseneck Jul-Sep #
                                                                       2 the same
60/50 A unique unsual white bloom with a kink, looking like a      0                  .00
goose’s neck. Needs good moisture, then spreads progressively.         for price of
LYSIMACHIA punctata Alexander 80/25 Yellow flowers on                  2 the same
upright stems. Variegated foliage. #                               0                  .00
                                                                       for price of
LYSIMACHIA punctata                                                    2 the same
80/25 Yellow flowers in early summer. Plain green leaves.          0                  .00
                                                                       for price of
Maianthemum racemosum (False Solomon’s Seal) see
SMILACINA – racemosa
                                                                   0      7.50        .00
MENTHA spicata (Spearmint)
                                                                       2 the same
65/35/65 Lively fresh mint flavour. My family’s heirloom strain    0                  .00
from Britain. Not for dry sites.
                                                                       for price of
MERTENSIA virginica (siberica) (Virginia Bluebells)
60/40 Pink buds open into pastel-blue bell shaped flowers in       0      6.50        .00
early spring. Grey-green foliage. Adapted to dry shade areas.
Often dormant by mid summer. Zone 2

NEPETA cataria Catnip
                                                                           2 the same
45/15 Soft green highly aromatic leaves. Good for healthy herb         0                  .00
teas & amusement 4 cats                                                    for price of
OREGANUM vulgare (common marjoram or wild oregano)                            5.50
50/30/50/ clump forming with attractive purple-pink flowers.               2 the same
Good cut flower. Valuable medicinal properties, boosting immune        0                  .00
                                                                           for price of
system.                                                                        one
PAEONIA kirinmaru a bush peony.
60+/90       Rare full double blooms of white streaked with            0     49.00        .00
raspberry red. Outstanding fragrance. Zone 3.
PAEONIA lact. Bowl of Beauty           Jun. #
80/90 Fuchsia-rose outer petals with prominent yellow frilly           0     11.75        .00
centre. Fragrant.
 PAEONIA lact. Coral Sunset        early blooming
80/75 Coral-pink buds open to semi-double coral-peach blooms,          0     29.00        .00
revealing golden yellow centres. Fragrant. Zone 3.
P. lact. Duchess de Nemours Early (Jun) #
85/100 Large loose white double blooms w. yellow centre                      11.75
showing thru. Delightfully fragrant. Vigourous dependable              0                  .00
Paeonia lactifolia Edulis Superba Early - Jun. #
85/100/ pink-orange, single, very fragrant.                            0      9.75        .00
P. lactifolia Gold Mine (aka: Haung Jin Lun, Aurea, Yokihi,
Golden Wheel, Minuet, Oriental Gold.) Jun. #
75/ A true yellow lactifolia appearing herbaceous plant. Loose         0     69.00        .00
double blooms w fragrance. Herbaceous.
PAEONIA lactifolia Kansas May-Jun
95/ Double flowers in carmine-red. Strong stems make good              0     11.75        .00
cut flower.
Paeonia lactifolia Karl Rosenfeld        Main       #
100/100 Large dark-wine-red double blooms. Fragrant. A good            0      9.75        .00
cut flower provider.
Paeonia lactifolia Pillow Talk            Main(Jun)
90/80/lg.fairytale-pink, lt.frag.    double #                          0     14.00        .00
Paeonia lactifolia Pink Cameo          Main(Jun) #
90/80 Cyclamen-pink base, lt.pink dbl.centre                           0     14.00        .00
Paeonia lactifolia Sarah Bernhardt (Jun-Jul)
90/ Large med-pink-rose, vigorous, tight double bomb type              0      9.75        .00
bloom. Late. #
Paeonia lactifolia Shirley Temple        Main    #
Loosely double in blush pink to white. Fragrant                        0     11.75        .00
Paeonia lactifolia Sword Dance        Main Fragrant
Deep red petals as single base with very large yellow centres.     #   0     16.00        .00
PAEONIA Officinalis hyb. Alba Plena
80/ / Large double pure-white blooms. Main-late (Jun-Jul)              0     16.00        .00
PAEONIA Officinalis hyb. Anemoniflora early Jun
45/45 Bowl of single carmine petals, w. very lg. ctr. of yellow
stamens. First to bloom each year. Beautiful matt leaves show          0      9.75        .00
bronze cast early.     #
PAEONIA tenuifolia Itoba (Fern Leaf Peony)            Zone 3
60/55 Silvery-green fern-like foliage. Cherry-red single blooms.
Early-main season. Fascinating dark green fern-like leaves.            0     49.00        .00
Foliage tends to go dormant and die back earlier in the season
than the more well-known lactiflora peonies if dry stressed.
PENSTEMON digitalis Husker Red PofY’96 100/30 Pink-
white spikes of flowers. Rich red leaves are evident right from        0      6.50        .00
early spring. Jun-Sep   #

PERSICARIA filiforma polymorpha (Knotweed) 180/60/200                      2 gal
Clump forming knotweed of architectural proportions. Panicles
of creamy white flowers good for cutting and later as dried stems.   0     11.75        .00
Avoid dry sites. Highly fragrant. #
PERSICARIA bistorta superba (Knotweed) Jul-Aug
40/65/50 Soft pink blooms as single pokers. A moisture loving        0      7.50        .00
plant for sunny spots. Spreads.
PETASITES japonicus var. giganteus (Fuki = giant Japanese
butterburl) 80/175 Z3 Huge round leaves, largest of all our
plants here! Ideal for hypertufa leaf castings. Flowers emerges            2 gal.
                                                                     0                  .00
very early spring (Apr.) before leaves. Heavy moisture                     9.75
requirement. An architectural sized plant, spreads readily with
favourable conditions. #
Phlox carolina Bill Baker               Jun-Jul
50/50 Vivid pink with a lighter centre. Earlier and shorter than     0      6.50        .00
paniculatas. #
Phlox paniculata Blue Paradise Jul-Sep
60/30 Electric-blue flowers w maroon eye, fragrant.                  0      6.50        .00
Phlox paniculata Bright Eyes Jun-Oct.        #
100 ht./ clear pink w red eye. fragrant                              0      6.50        .00
Phlox paniculata David PofY2002 Jul-Sep            #                     2 the same
75cm. pure white, fragrant. Dark-green foliage. Resists mildew.      0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
P. pan. Cherry-red             Jl-Sp
                                                                         2 the same
70 ht./ rich cherry-red blooms, fragrant. Good mildew                0                  .00
resistance.           #                                                  for price of
Phlox paniculata Rainbow                   Jun-Jul                       2 the same
50/ Light rose & dark eye, fragrant.           #                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
Phlox paniculata                 #
120/45 Solid fuscia –pink. Tall variety.                             0      6.50        .00
Phlox paniculata Common white                                            2 the same
120/45 Pure white, very fragrant.      #                             0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
Phlox paniculata White Sparr. Jul-Sep 90/60          Vigorous
white, fragrant. Blooms long. Good in containers                     0      6.50        .00
PHLOX stolonifera Sherwood Purple
                                                                         2 the same
20/75+ A taller later blooming creeping phlox than sublata           0                  .00
types, suited to shade. Powder-blue bloom May-Jun, evergreen.            for price of
PHLOX subulata Bonita Pink(Creeping Phlox) May-Jun
10/75+ Pale pinkish-blue & dark-blue eye.
                                                                     0      5.50        .00
PHLOX subulata Candy Stripes (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun
10/75+ White with pink stripe middle of each petal. #
                                                                     0      5.50        .00
PHLOX subulata Coral Eyes         (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun
                                                                         2 the same
10/75+ White with a light pink blush, & bright coral eye. Foliage    0                  .00
curly. #                                                                 for price of
PHLOX subulata Crimson Beauty (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun
10/75+ Dark-pink flowers & needle-like foliage.
                                                                     0      5.50        .00
PHLOX subulata Emerald Blue (Creeping Phlox)       May-Jun
                                                                         2 the same
12/75+ Lavender-blue flowers, vigourous growing. Purple cast         0                  .00
leaves. #                                                                for price of
PHLOX subulata Emerald Pink (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun                     2 the same
10/65+ Soft pink flowers on compact growing plant.
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
PHLOX subulata Fort Hill (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun 10/75+                 2 the same
Electric-pink with darker eye, short tight foliage. #
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
PHLOX subulata Millstream Daphne (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun
10/75+ Dark-pink flowers, needle-like foliage.
                                                                     0      5.50        .00
PHLOX subulata Scarlet Flame         (Creeping Phlox) May-
                                                                         2 the same
Jun10/75+ Vigorous growing, cherry red blossoms. Purple-red          0                  .00
cast foliage. #                                                          for price of
PHLOX subulata White Delight (Creeping Phlox) May-Jun                    2 the same
8/60+ All white flowers on compact bright green foliage. #
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
PHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Snow Crown
75/30 Tall spikes of beady white compound blooms, mid-               0      6.50        .00
summer.                     Jul-Sep
POLYGONATUM biflorum (Solomon’s Seal)
75/45/paired white bell flowers ocurring with each leaf along        0      7.50        .00
arching stems.
POLYGONATUM commutatum Giganteum (Great Solomon’s                           7.50
Seal) Great woodlander. Spring moisture and summer shade                 2 the same
best. Especially tall variety, white pendulus flowers May-Jun.
                                                                     0                  .00
                                                                         for price of
POLYGONATUM multiflorum (Solomon’s Seal) May-Jun.
110/50 More than 2 white flower bells to a cluster in early spring
                                                                         2 the same
on tall arching leaf stems. Spring moisture and summer shade         0                  .00
best. Rounded stems. Companion with lacy ferns, astilbes!                for price of
#                                                                            one
POLYGONATUM multiflorum variegatum (Solomon’s Seal)
80/45 White bells, leaves striped with creamy-white. Red leaf        0      7.50        .00
stems. May-Jun. Companion with lacy ferns, astilbes!         #
18/50 A miniature sized Solomon’s Seal. Upright single stems
of rich shiny-green leaves arranged alternately on the stem with     0      7.50        .00
single white flowers ascending up the stem with the leaves in late
spring. Makes a colony of stems.           #
Pulmonaria hyb. Majeste Apr-May
25/ / Light blue flowers, elongated silvery leaves, slightly         0      6.50        .00
spotted. Best with good moisture &/or some shade.
RODGERSIA aesculifolia Jun-Jul            #
125/75 Creamy-white plumes of fragrant flowers, bronze tinted        0      7.50        .00
foliage. Grow cool, moist, good drainage.
RODGERSIA pinnata Elegans Jul                #
80/60 Pale pink flower cluster, large lobed leaves with rose-        0      7.50        .00
bronze blush. Grow cool, moist, good drainage.
Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus
(Red-veined dock)         #                                          0      6.50        .00
15/35/ Bright green leaves with highly contrasting red veins. A
leaf show! Leaves are edible before summer either raw in salads
or steamed like spinach. Late or no flowers! Needs steady
SANGUSORBA obtusa Aug-Sep
65/50 Oblong laddered leaves. Arching stems holding bottle-         0      6.50        .00
brush like crimson-red flowers. Zone 4.
SEDUM alboroseum mediovariegata
30/30/40 Light-green leaves with yellow centre variegation.         0      7.50        .00
Flowers range thru green-white to pink. (Zone 3.)
SEDUM hyb. Autumn Delight (Beka)
60/60 Tall upright sedum of chartreuse yellow leaves with blue-
green serrated edges. Cream flower buds open into clusters of       0      7.50        .00
light pink flowers covering the entire top surface. Zone 3.
SEDUM hyb. Autumn Joy (herbstfreude) Sep-Oct
50/40/55 Salmon-pink flowers, jade-green leaves attractive all      0      6.50        .00
season. Zone 3.
SEDUM spectabile Brilliant      Aug-Sep         45/40/rose-pink
flower heads, grey-green lvs.   Zone 3.
                                                                    0      6.50        .00
Sedum (hyb.) spurium Vera Jameson               Aug-Sep
30/35 Brick-pink.flowers, grayish foliage purple-bronze tinged.     0      6.50        .00
(Zone 3.)
SISYRINCHIUM (Blue Eyed Grass) May
20/25 Thin, stiff upright grass-like leaves, followed by tiny       0      6.50        .00
blue iris-like flowers. Zone 5
SMILACINA racemosa (False Solomon’s Seal)
Cluster of white blossoms on distal end of stems. Leaves like       0      7.50        .00
Solomon’s Seal. For shade.
Spiranthes cernua        (Nodding Ladies' Tresses)                         9.75
30+/12       These have a spike of slightly fragrant creamy-white
flowers appearing in the fall. The leaves are narrow and mainly     0                  .00
around the base. A native terrestial orchid. The soil should be           only late
wet to slightly moist and acid. Zones 4-8                               summer/fall
Symphytum x uplandicum (Russian comfrey) #
65/35/125 Blue flowers, not invasive, as white flowered is. We      0      7.50        .00
use it here as a great compost heap activator and fortifier.
Tanacetum parthenium White Pompom (Matricaria -
Feverfew) 60/30/       Dense double white pompom type flowers on    0      6.50        .00
long stems. Good cut flower. #
Tanacetum vulgare (Common TANSY)
100/40 Upper stems terminate in flat button-like clusters of               6.50
20++ yellow flower heads. Good cut flower. Strong camphor-              2 the same
like odor of the foliage. Repels some insects. Healing herbal       0                  .00
                                                                        for price of
properties. Can become a weedy pest.
Zone 3.
* Thalictrum (dasycarpum) Hewitts Double
125/60 Rich mauve small double flowers in a large spray             0    * 11.75       .00
reaching to 150cm. Moist & light shade best. Zone4.
TROLLIUS – europaeus Superba                   #
60/30/ Jun-Jul/for some shade/needs moisture                        0      6.50        .00
TROLLIUS Orange Princess May-Jul
60/30/ Deep orange-yellow single blooms. Cut flower                 0      6.50        .00
VERBASCUM chiaxii Cotswold Queen (Mullein)
                                                                        2 the same
120/45/180 Bright yellow spike blooms with red centres, late        0                  .00
summer. Short lived perennial, reseeds in open sunny ground. #          for price of
Viola canadensis Apr-May                                                   4.00
25/35 Native plant white blooms with throat markings.
                                                                    0                  .00
                                                                        4.5” pots
VIOLA tricolour (Johnny Jump Ups) Apr-Sep         #
20/25 Violet-blue, yellow, and white. Long blooming.                0      4.00        .00
                                                                    4.5” pots

YUCCA filamentosa                 Jul-Aug
125/150/200 Creamy-white. spikes, all green upwards radiating   0               .00
foliage. Vigorous grower. Zone 5.    #                               11.75
220                                                             0               .00

TOTALS                                                          0               .00

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