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									Papers in: SP-2249
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2009-01-0141            Development of Super Ultra Flat Torque Converter with Multi
                        Plates Lock-up Clutch
2009-01-0142            Design and Experimental Characterization of a
                        Magnetorheological Fluid Clutch
2009-01-0328            Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Manual Transmissions
                        - Gear Rattle
2009-01-0329            Shudder Durability of a Wet Launch Clutch Part I - Thermal
                        Study and Development of Durability Test Profile
2009-01-0330            Shudder Durability of a Wet Launch Clutch Part II - Durability
2009-01-0508            General Motors 2 Mode Hybrid Transmission for Front Wheel
2009-01-0509            Selectable One-Way Clutch in GM RWD Six-Speed Automatic
2009-01-0510            ZF New 8-Speed Transmission 8HP70 - Base Design and
2009-01-0511            Design Methodology for a Compact Dual Clutch Transmission
2009-01-0512            Development of New Control System for 7-speed Automatic
                        Transmission for RWD Vehicles.
2009-01-0513            Proven High Efficiency Actuation and Clutch Technologies for
                        eAMT and eDCT
2009-01-0514            Development of a Dual-Clutch Transmission System for ATVs
2009-01-0725            Drivability Development Based on CoSimulation of AMESim
                        Vehicle Model and Simulink HCU Model for Parallel Hybrid
                        Electric Vehicle
2009-01-0726            Development of a New Hybrid Transmission for Compact Class
2009-01-0950            Power-By-Wire Piezoelectric-Hydraulic Pump Actuator for
                        Automotive Transmission Shift Control
2009-01-0951            Closed Loop Pressure Control System Development for an
                        Automatic Transmission
2009-01-0952            Torque Gap Filler for Automated Manual Transmissions:
                        Principles for the Development of the Control Algorithm
2009-01-0953            A New Type Clutch Auto-operating System for Heavy-duty
                        Commercial Vehicle
2009-01-0954            Torque Converter Slip Control using H Infinity Approach
2009-01-0955            Development of the Slip Control System for a Lock-up Clutch
                        Part 3
2009-01-1137            Dynamic Analysis of Transmission Clutch and Input Torques
                        using the Lever Analogy
2009-01-1138            Reliability and Life Study of Hydraulic Solenoid Valve - Part 1 -
                        A Multi-physics Finite Element Model
2009-01-1139            A Closed-Loop Drive-train Model for HIL Test Bench
2009-01-1141   Multi-domain Modeling and Simulation of Clutch Actuation
               System Based on Modelica
2009-01-1255   Torque Capacity Prediction Technology in Automatic
               Transmissions Focusing on Friction Characteristics of Wet
               Multiple Plate Clutches
2009-01-1256   Cost and Weight Optimization of Magnesium Powertrain
               Components by using Aluminium Thread - Forming Fastener
2009-01-1257   Friction Material Bench Test for Torque Converter Clutch
2009-01-1258   A Comparison of Spur Gear Response Under Non-ideal
               Loading Conditions
2009-01-1358   Shift Strategy Research on Off-Road Vehicle
2009-01-1360   Experimental Characterization of Wet Clutch Friction Behaviors
               Including Thermal Dynamics
2009-01-1361   Development of Electronic Controlled Four Wheel Drive
               Vehicle by Using Performance Analysis Tool
2009-01-1535   Intelligent Control of Metal-Belt CVT Based on Fuzzy Logic
2009-01-1537   Innovative Self-Optimizing Clamping Force Strategy for the
               Pushbelt CVT
2009-01-1538   Dynamic Performance of a Metal V-belt CVT During Rapid
               Shift-Ratio Conditions for Control Applications
2009-01-1539   Optimising the Design of a Milner CVT using Simulation Based
               Design of Experiments
2009-01-1540   Development of the Epicycloidal Roller Control System for the
               Torotrak Full Toroidal Infinitely Variable Transmission
2009-01-1541   Torque Converter-type High Fuel Economy CVT for Small
               Passenger Vehicles
2009-01-1542   Design, Construction and Experimental Testing of an High
               Efficiency Continuously Variable Transmission

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