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Just of recent, Google disabled a mass number of Google Adsense publisher’s accounts due to
different reasons ranging from invalid clicks to invalid activities. Many publishers were affected
worldwide and due to this, opening of another account has not ‘been easy’ to get by. Reasons
ranging from ‘too much of keywords in contents and page coding’ to ‘unsupported contents’.
And because of this, most people tends to quit and gave up.

However, if you are aspiring to get approved into Google Adsense program or you are a newbie
and you are finding it very difficult to get an approved account, there is still hope for you. I will
be sharing with you an easy way to get approved into Google Adsense program even if you don’t
have a website or blog within 24 hours.

To get started, I will share with you, how to get Google Adsense account and get it approved
within hours (less than 24 hours), all for free.

Okay, follow these 3 simple steps and in the next few hours, your new Google Adsense account
will be waiting for you.

Step #1: Get a Gmail Account

To register for Google Adsense, you definately needs a Gmail account. If you have been banned
from Google Adsense program before, make sure you register another Gmail account before
applying for the new Adsense account. If you do not already have a Gmail account, click
here to register for free.

Step #2: Get a Flixya Account
You must have gotten your Gmail account before continuing with this step. Go
to andopen an account with them. Of course, it is free to open a flixya account.
After registering, you will need to go back to your Gmail inbox to verify your registration with
flixya. Open the message and click on the verification link. This will take you back to flixya
website where you will have to continue yourregistration. Once registration is completed, you
can now start posting pictures, video and articles (blog post).

You must post the combination of this 3 before you can be able to apply for Adsense account. If
you have any problem posting, just head to YouTube and find some interesting
videos, Flickr or Google Images for non-copyrighted pictures and write 2-3 unique articles

After you must have completely uploaded 10 items (pictures, videos and blog posts), you can
then apply for your Google Adsense account. You can apply by clicking the Monetize Tab in
your flixya account.

You must complete each steps before you can apply for Adsense account.

Step #3: Apply for Google Adsense Account

After you must have completely uploaded 10 items and clicked Monetize Tab in your flixya
account, you will have to go back to your Gmail account to complete the application. Check your
Gmail inbox for a message from Google asking you to apply for Google Adsense account
through flixya. Click on the link provided in the message and you will be taken to Google
Adsense Application page where you can fill the application form. Fill the necessary fields
especially the Payee Information and your address.

After you must have filled and submit the form, be expecting a congratulatory message from
Google Adsense Team welcoming you into the Google Adsense Program.

Once approved, you can then login to your Adsense account with the Gmail account you opened
earlier and your password. You can use the same account on your websites or blogs. If you are
on blogspot blogger, login to your blogger dashboard and go to your Monetize tab. If you are on
self-hosted blog, login to your Adsense account and get an Ad Code, then insert it into your
blogs or websites.

I have only shared with you what works when applying for Google Adsense program through a
third party. This is legal and also approved by Google. Although there are other means you can
apply through third party such as hubpage. However, being a Google Adsense publisher is a
good start tomake money blogging, but one must be careful enough to follow the Adsense T.O.S
and Policies. Note that going against the rules means you are risking a ban. So, play safe! Like
this post, share with friends. Any questions, suggestions or comment? Leave a comment below.

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