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Ellen sitcom on life sup-                                                                                         Use pages 4 & 5 as a bulletin
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                                                      urged	their	supporters	to	plead	with	Disney	
■	Gay rights group                                    to	keep	the	sitcom.                                    	 ❚ OutReach             22
  enlists Ellen’s mom in                                 The	 decision	 by	 Disney	 to	 remove	 Ellen	
                                                      from	 its	 February	 sweeps	 line-up	 is	 under-
  pro-homosexual ads                                  standable,	 as	 TV	 viewers	 now	 seem	 to	 be	        	 ❚ Change	ourselves,		 	
                                                      abandoning	the	show.	For	the	1996-97	season,	          	 	 change	society       20
    What	 do	 you	 do	 when	 you’ve	 given	 the	      the	sitcom	averaged	15.2	million	viewers.	But	  	
country	its	first	lesbian	lead	character	on	TV,	      as	the	all-lesbian	themes	dragged	on,	viewer-          Legislative Issues
but	no	one	wants	to	watch?	Do	you	stand	by	           ship	declined	to	13.2	million.	In	three	new	           	 ❚ Pro-family	outlook                 18
your	gal?	Yes…and	no,	if	you’re	Disney.               episodes	this	year,	Ellen	averaged	11.9	million	
    Creatively,	the	Disney/ABC	sitcom	Ellen	          viewers,	 losing	 nearly	 two	 million	 viewers	       News of Interest
has	been	in	limbo.	Three	of	its	six	episodes	         between	January	7	and	28.	                             	 ❚ Britain	supports	gay			
since	Christmas	have	been	reruns.	Perhaps	               The	public	may	be	growing	tired	of	Ellen’s	         	 	 rights	in	Caribbean	 7
undecided	about	the	show’s	future,	Disney	            loud	and	lewd	lesbian	self-promotion.	A	Gan-           	 ❚ Groups	protest	child		
said	it	will	pull	Ellen	from	its	regular	rotation	    nett	News	Service	poll	revealed	that	almost	half	      	 	 	    porn	at	major	book		
for	six	weeks,	beginning	March	11.	It	will	re-        of	respondents	(47%)	had	an	“unfavorable”	             	 	 	    chain              9
turn	on	April	22,	but	Disney	has	not	decided	         opinion	 of	 actress	 Ellen	 DeGeneres.	 Only	
if	the	show	will	return	next	season.                  34%	had	a	“favorable”	impression.                      Religion in America
    That	 uncertainty	 has	 angered	 gay	 activ-         Moreover,	the	poll	showed	Americans	have	                                      	
                                                                                                             	 ❚ Beliefs	have	political		
ists,	 who	 believe	 that	 Disney’s	 hesitancy	 to	   a	negative	view	of	television’s	pro-gay	parade	        	 	 consequences            19
unreservedly	back	Ellen	is	the	result	of	pres-        in	general:	56%	of	people	said	they	thought	
sure	from	moral	conservatives.	Homosexual	            TV	ought	to	have	either	fewer	homosexual	              Sexual Addiction
pressure	groups	like	Gay	&	Lesbian	Alliance	          characters	(23%)	or	none	at	all	(33%).                 	 ❚ Familiar	signs                     24
Against	Defamation	and	Human	Rights	Cam-                 Even	ABC	Entertainment	president	Jamie	
paign	blasted	AFA	in	shrill	tones,	calling	the	       Tarses	 admitted	 the	 possible	 connection	           Television
group	“radical”	and	“extremist.”	Both	have	           between	the	sinking	numbers	for	Ellen	and	
                                                                                  See eLLeN on page 21       	 ❚ TV	reviews                         15

Stern says “under siege” from
    Shock-jock	 Howard	 Stern	 is	 pleading	          the	program.
with	his	listeners	to	support	sponsors	of	his	           On	his	show,	Stern	says	AFA	is	“probably	
radio	show,	after	advertisers	were	inundated	         run	 by	 two	 people	 and	 a	 computer	 and	
by	thousands	of	cards	and	letters	from	AFA	           bunch	 of	 letterhead	 that	 they	 printed	 up	
supporters	 protesting	 his	 vulgar	 program.	        themselves.”
Stern	 called	 AFA	 supporters	 “nuts”	 and	             The	Stern	Project	is	headed	by	Bill	Johnson	
“wackos.”                                             of	AFA	of	Michigan.	Johnson	said	advertisers	
    Stern,	who	calls	himself	the	King	of	All	         have	been	very	responsive	to	requests	to	drop	              See page 3
Media,	is	broadcast	in	38	markets	in	the	U.S.	        Stern.	In	Boston,	for	example,	128	out	of	153	
and	two	in	Canada.	A	video	version	of	his	ra-         sponsors	pulled	their	ads	–	nearly	84%.	The	           INDIvIDuAL SubSCRIpTIoN:
dio	show	is	broadcast	nightly	on	E!	network,	         Stern	 Project	 has	 seen	 similar	 success	 else-       Suggested contribution: $15 per year
                                                                                                             ALL-membeRShIp pLAN
a	cable	channel.	Disney	and	Comcast	closed	           where:	in	Cleveland	(82%),	Detroit	(87%),	               Subscriptions mailed directly to your
a	 deal	 last	 year	 which	 gave	 the	 pair	 70%	     Pittsburgh	(87%),	Washington,	DC	(82%),	and	       	   church members:
ownership	in	E!.	According	to	Daily Variety,	         five	other	major	markets,	advertiser	withdrawal	         • $4 a year/each subscription
Disney	oversees	E!’s	decision	making.                 rates	have	all	been	over	80%.	Nationally	the	              (minimum 10)
                                                                                                               • Send check or money order with
    AFA	 has	 volunteers	 in	 20	 cities	 where	      project	has	seen	1,600	sponsors	(out	of	1,871)	            church name and legible mailing
Stern’s	radio	show	is	aired.	The	volunteers	          drop	Stern,	Johnson	said.                                  list to address on back page
tape	the	program	to	track	advertisers.	Hun-              He	conducts	lewd	interviews,	fondles	na-                mailing label.
                                                                                                               • U.S. addresses only
dreds	of	letters	go	out	each	week	to	compa-           ked	women	on	air,	has	called	himself	Jesus	              • Copies of this issue:
nies	that	sponsor	Stern	asking	them	to	drop	                                        See STeRN on page 2          $12.50/50 copies

   AFA apparel and products for the whole family… page 11
    DoN wILDmoN

                                                        by DoNALD e. wILDmoN • AFA President

Sadly, many of us believe…

“It	is	the	economy,	stu-
    I	don’t	put	a	lot	of	stock	in	polls	unless	I	know	the	ques- increasingly	come	under	persecution	by	
tions	and	the	methodology	used	in	the	polling.	But	a	recent	 the	establishment.	Count	on	it.	The	wheat	
poll,	if	accurate,	tells	us	a	lot	about	our	society.                            and	chaff	are	being	separated.	Our	job	as	
    The	 poll	 says	 that	 President	 Clinton’s	 popularity	 is	 the	 individual	Christians	for	now	and	the	immediate	years	before	
highest	it	has	ever	been.	That	despite	all	the	recent	allegations	 us	is	to	be	the	wheat.
concerning	the	President.	That	despite	the	fact	that	the	Presi-                    In	our	society,	the	day	of	being	a	“Sunday”	Christian	is	
dent	admits	that	he	lied	to	the	American	public	concerning	 fast	coming	to	an	end.	The	day	of	being	a	“cross	carrying”	
another	affair	–	that	one	with	Gennifer	Flowers.                                Christian	is	quickly	approaching.	There	has	never	been	any	
    Somehow,	and	I	hope	I’m	wrong,	I’m	inclined	to	believe	 such	thing	as	“cheap	grace.”	Nor	is	there	any	“cheap	grace”	
the	polls	concerning	the	President.	For	two	decades	I	have	 today.	What	is	the	good	word	in	all	of	this?	Well,	Paul	had	it.	
seen	our	society	going	toward	a	“personal	morality”	standard.	 He	went	on	to	say:	“And	let	us	not	grow	weary	in	well-doing,	
That	is,	morality	is	whatever	you	define	it	to	be.	You	make	 for	in	due	season	we	shall	reap,	if	we	do	not	lose	heart.”
up	your	own	morality	based	on	whatever	criteria	you	desire.	                                 _
And	your	morality	is	as	good	as	anyone	else’s.
    “Do	not	be	deceived,”	Paul	said.	“God	is	not	mocked,	for	 STeRN …from page 1
whatever	a	man	sows,	that	he	will	also	reap.	For	he	who	sows	to	 Christ	and	God,	and	almost	always	covers	obscene	topics.	In	
his	own	flesh	will	from	the	flesh	reap	corruption;	but	he	who	 December,	for	example,	his	topics	included	“Woman	shoots	
sows	to	the	Spirit	will	from	the	Spirit	reap	eternal	life.”                     Jack	 Daniels	 out	 of	 her	 private	 parts.”	 Other	 subjects	 are	
    In	his	first	campaign,	one	of	President	Clinton’s	slogans	 simply	too	perverse	to	print.
was:	“It	is	the	economy,	stupid.”	One	of	the	networks	showed	                      On	his	February	6	radio	broadcast,	a	panicky	Stern	begged	
some	 reactions	 to	 the	 recent	 allegations	 concerning	 the	 his	listeners	to	support	his	advertisers.	“Let	me	tell	you	some-
President.	“I	don’t	think	it	is	such	a	big	deal.	I	have	a	job.	 thing,	we	are	under	siege,	ladies	and	gentlemen,”	he	said.	
I’m	paying	less	taxes.	The	economy	is	good.	It’s	about	me!	 “If	you	love	this	radio	program	we	ask	you	to	stand	behind	
It’s	about	me!	It’s	about	me!”	one	said.                                        every	one	of	our	sponsors.”
    Money	has	become	our	god.	For	the	masses	–	the	polls	say	                      Stern	said	he’d	received	about	ten	letters	from	radio	station	
the	majority	of	the	masses	–	personal	morality	is	now	based	 program	directors	around	the	country.	“The	American	Fam-
on	each	individual’s	preference.	And	our	society	is	showing	 ily	Association	is	targeting	all	of	our	sponsors,	writing	them	
moral	 meltdown.	 The	 President	 was	 right.	 It	 is,	 for	 most	 letters	and	relentlessly	–	relentlessly –	going	after	them	trying	
people,	 “the	 economy,	 stupid.”	 Not	 morals.	 Not	 integrity.	 to	get	them	to	cancel	their	advertising,”	Stern	said.
Not	truth.	But	“the	economy,	stupid.”                                              The	shock-jock	then	urged	his	listeners,	“When	you	hear	a	
    Homosexuality	is	now	the	latest	“rights”	effort.	Violence	is	 sponsor	on	any	of	these	radio	stations	that	we’re	on…you	must	
stalking	our	land.	Promiscuity	is	considered	to	be	the	norm.	 buy	their	products!	…I	am	telling	you,	even	if	it’s	a	couple	
Government	 has	 become	 our	 “savior.”	 Lying,	 even	 by	 the	 extra	bucks,	I	don’t	care,	it’s	worth	it	to	keep	this	show	on	
most	powerful	individual	in	the	world,	is	now	accepted	and	 the	air.…I’m	not	making	this	up,	we	are	under	siege.”
approved.	Infanticide	is	a	“right”	and	euthanasia	is	good.                         On	the	air,	Stern’s	assistants	said	the	radio	show	itself	had	
    Has	the	institutional	church	collectively	failed	to	address	 received	two	thousand	AFA	post	cards	in	two	days.	The	cards	
this	issue?	Absolutely,	without	question.	Are	we	paying	the	 ask	Stern	to	stop	polluting	the	airways	and	start	using	his	talents	
price	of	this	failure?	Absolutely.	Collectively,	will	the	institu- to	glorify	God.	They	also	mention	that	the	sender	has	prayed	
tional	church	correct	its	silence?	I	doubt	it.	It	will	be	left	to	 for	Stern,	something	that	the	shock-jock	ridiculed.
individual	Christians	and	local	churches.                                          Stern	also	insulted	the	people	who	have	been	contacting	
    Our	society	is	the	kind	of	environment	into	which	Chris- advertisers.	“…We	are	under	siege	from	religious	zealots	and	
tianity	 was	 born.	 In	 the	 coming	 decades	 Christianity	 will	 nuts…	Mostly	Christians,	so-called	Christians.	Not	Christians	
                                                                                like	you	meet	in	the	street	every	day,”	he	said.	“I’m	talking	
                                                                                about	those	hell-bent,	holy	raisers,	holy	rollers	that	sit	around	
   AFA JournAl	•	Volume 22, no. 3           WAFR	Radio:	601-844-8888            and	try	to	control	the	country,	the	ones	that	are	against	abor-
       The	 AFA Journal is	 a	 publication	 Internet	homepage:		
   of	 the	 American	 Family	 Association.	 	 http://www.afa.net                tion.	They	don’t	want	women	to	have	the	right	to	get	rid	of	a	
   Published	 monthly	 except	 Novem-                                           fetus	they	don’t	want.	Those	nuts.	Those	wackos.”
   ber/December.	 AFA	 is	 a	 Christian	 Founding Editor:	Don	Wildmon              Not	all	advertisers	have	dropped	Stern	upon	learning	of	
   organization	 promoting	 the	 Biblical	 Editor:	Randall	Murphree
   ethic	of	decency	in	American	society	 Associate Editor:	Rusty	Benson
                                                                                the	sort	of	vulgarity	they	are	sponsoring.	America	On	Line	
   with	 primary	 emphasis	 on	 TV	 and	 Copy Editor:	Jessica	Huckaby           (AOL),	the	largest	on-line	information	service,	is	the	leading	
   other	media.	                            news Editor:	Ed	Vitagliano          national	sponsor.	Johnson	has	repeatedly	contacted	AOL	and	
                                            Editorial Assistant:	 Carrie	 Ann	
   P.O.	Drawer	2440                         Gwinn
                                                                                informed	the	company	of	the	nature	of	Stern’s	program	and	
   Tupelo,	MS	38803                                                             asked	them	to	stop	advertising	on	it.	An	AOL	representative	
   Main	phone:		601-844-5036                Please, no unsolicited manuscripts. told	Johnson	not	to	bother	with	the	letters,	since	they	were	
   FAX:	601-844-9176                                                            being	thrown	unopened	into	the	trash.
    AFA	Law	Center:	601-680-3886

2                                                                                                                   AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
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AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                              3

Disney films cited for
influencing murder,                             Studies confirm God’s laws
calling phone sex line                          are beneficial for families
    Two	teenage	murder	suspects	claim	              Several	recent	studies	overwhelmingly	     were	 more	 likely	 to	 become	 sexually	
they	were	influenced,	by	The	Disney/            show	the	great	individual	and	social	cost	     active	 if	 parents	 divorced	 and	 remar-
Miramax	 “slasher”	 films	 Scream	 and	         when	God’s	purposes	for	marriage	and	          ried	between	the	boy’s	sixth	and	12th	
Scream 2,	to	kill	a	relative.	                  family	are	ignored.                            birthdays;	girls	were	more	predisposed	
    The	victim,	37-year-old	Gina	Castillo	          The	largest	study	ever	conducted	of	       to	 sexual	 experimentation	 relative	 to	
of	Los	Angeles,	was	found	in	her	home	          American	teens	found	that	the	more	love	       the	number	of	years	spent	living	with	
dead	from	multiple	stab	wounds.                 adolescents	feel	from	parents,	the	less	       an	unmarried	mother.
    Los	 Angeles	 County	 Sheriff’s	 De-        likely	the	teen	is	to	engage	in	destruc-          ➤	 Additional	 research	 from	 other	
partment	 Deputy	 Angie	 Prewett	 said	         tive	 behavior:	 taking	 drugs,	 drinking	     sources	found	the	same	phenomenon.	
Castillo’s	16-year-old	son	told	authorities	    alcohol,	 using	 tobacco,	 committing	         The	University	of	Texas	at	Austin	found	
that	he	and	a	14-year-old	cousin	were	          violence,	becoming	sexually	active	at	a	       that	adolescent	girls	not	living	with	their	
inspired	 to	 commit	 the	 murder	 after	       young	age,	or	committing	suicide.	The	         biological	 fathers	 and/or	 living	 with	
watching	the	two	Scream	movies.                 study	involved	over	12,000	teens,	grades	      moms	that	work	outside	the	home	were	
    In	 another	 incident,	 parents	 in	 a	     7-12,	and	was	published	in	the	Journal of      more	likely	to	yield	to	sexual	temptation.	
small		upstate	New	York	community	say	a	        the American Medical Association.              Researchers	 at	 Bowling	 Green	 State	
Disney	movie	indirectly	influenced	their	           The	 study	 identified	 other	 factors	    University	 uncovered	 evidence	 that	
children	to	call	a	phone	sex	line.	             which	kept	teens	away	from	dangerous	          both	young	men	and	women	were	more	
    In	early	January	Marjorie	Brown	of	         activities:	 having	 at	 least	 one	 parent	   likely	to	be	sexually	active	and	to	have	
Lowville,	New	York,	accidentally	hit	the	       home	 during	 “key	 times”	 of	 the	 day	      more	sexual	partners	if	they	came	from	
redial	button	on	the	phone	her	son,	age	        –	 such	 as	 before	 or	 after	 school,	 at	   a	broken	home.	Similar	results	from	an	
nine,	and	a	friend	had	been	using.	When	        dinnertime,	 and/or	 bedtime;	 strong	         independent	 study	 were	 published	 in	
the	phone	automatically	connected	to	           religious	belief;	and	high	moral	expec-        the	journal	Social Work.
the	 most	 recent	 number	 dialed,	 Mrs.	       tations	from	parents.                           The Family in America: new research, 11/97,
Brown	realized	the	boys	had	been	call-              ➤	In	another	study	investigating	the	             1/98, 2/98; Washington Watch, 11/97;
ing	a	phone	sex	service.	                       causes	 of	 teenage	 substance	 abuse,	 a	                                  World, 9/20/97
    The	Browns	investigated	and	learned	        team	of	researchers	from	the	University	
that		another	child	had	heard	the	num-          of	 Minnesota	 	 and	 the	 University	 of	
ber	in	the	dialogue	of	the	movie	The            North	 Carolina	 at	 Chapel	 Hill	 found	
Santa Clause,	then	shared	it	with	other	        that	so-called	“latchkey	kids”	–	teenag-
children.	In	the	movie,	star	Tim	Allen	         ers	who	come	home	to	an	empty	house	
is	talking	to	his	ex-wife.	She	gives	Allen	     every	day	–	were	more	likely	to	suffer	
a	number	where	their	children	can	be	           emotional	 distress	 and	 resort	 to	 drug	
reached	to	which	Allen	replies,	“1-800-         and	alcohol	abuse.
XXX-XXXX.”	(Number	omitted.)                        ➤	Data	collected	from	researchers	at	
    When	 AFA	 first	 reported	 the	 story	     Washington	State,	Virginia	Polytechnic,	
in	 July,	 1996,	a	 spokesman	for	 Disney	      Utah	State,	and	the	University	of	Hawaii	
denied	the	number	was	put	in	the	film	          over	an	11-year	period	from	over	1,100	
intentionally	and	claimed	not	to	know	          children	demonstrated	the	importance	
that	it	was	a	working	number.		                 of	the	institution	of	traditional	marriage	
    The	film	was	released	1994	and	of-          as	a	hedge	against	early	sexual	experi-
fered	for	rental	in	1995.                       mentation.	
               reuters/Daily Variety, 1/14/98       The	 study	 showed	 that	 young	 men	

                  AMERICAN	FAMILY	ASSOCIATION	•	P.O.	DRAWER	2440	•	TUPELO,	MS	38803	•	601-844-5036
homosexuals can change,
says new study from NARTh                                                                          “Legislation	endorsed	by	a	celebrity	
                                                                                               is	 ten	 times	 more	 likely	 to	 pass	 than	
    The	National	Association	for	the	Re-       telling	young	people	and	others	strug-          legislation	that	isn’t.”
search	and	Therapy	of	Homosexuality	           gling	 with	 homosexuality	 that	 they’re	       George magazine, citing a study by
(NARTH)	has	released	a	study	demon-            stuck	with	it.	Instead	we	should	say,	‘If	       Democratic pollster Tom Yamuda which
strating	 that	 homosexual	 orientation	       you	 want	 to	 change,	 you	 can,	 like	 so	     showed that having legislation endorsed by
can	 be	 altered	 significantly	 in	 many	     many	others	who	have.’”                          a highly recognizable star increases its odds
instances.	That	claim	is	denied	by	gay	           The	 study	 was	 conducted	 among	            of being passed. The study also revealed
activists,	who	have	everything	to	gain	if	     860	 individuals	 who	 were	 struggling	         that a celebrity who calls a senator’s office
society	 believes	 that	 homosexuality	 is	    with	homosexuality	and	more	than	200	            can usually get a meeting the very next
an	unchangeable	biological	or	genetic	         psychologists	and	therapists	who	treated	        day. Average constituents, however, must
characteristic.                                them.	Before	treatment,	68%	of	those	in	         schedule months in advance.
    “This	research	proves,	once	and	for	       the	study	perceived	themselves	to	be	ex-                                         George, 12/97
all,	that	the	propaganda	being	spread	         clusively	or	almost	entirely	homosexual.	
by	 the	 gay	 lobby	 in	 this	 country	 has	   After	 treatment,	 only	 13%	 perceived	         “There	is	no	evidence	that	the	pos-
been	without	any	basis,”	said	Dr.	Joseph	      themselves	in	this	manner.                   sibility	 movies	 could	 influence	 young	
Nicolosi,	 psychologist	 and	 executive	                               Good news, 1-2/98 people	to	adopt	other	bad	habits	–	such	
director	 of	 NARTH.	 “We	 should	 stop	                                                    as	illicit	sex,	drug	use,	gang	membership,	
                                                                                            criminal	 activity,	 and	 similar	 behavior	

Americans embrace Constitution,                                                             glamorized	 in	 recent	 movies	 –	 was	
                                                                                                  Gene Edward Veith, commenting about a
but woefully ignorant of content                                                                  meeting in Hollywood between film pro-
                                                                                                  ducers and directors, where concern was
   While	nine	out	of	10	Americans	said	        and	only	6%	could	name	all	four.                   expressed about the influence upon young
the	U.S.	Constitution	was	important	to	            The	survey,	Williams	said,	uncovered	          people of cigarette smoking in its movies.
them,	a	recent	survey	revealed	an	over-        some	strange	beliefs,	such	as:	“freedom	                                        World, 11/8/97
whelming	ignorance	of	that	document’s	         from	fear”	being	one	of	the	rights	guar-
content.                                       anteed	by	the	First	Amendment;	the	first	          “To	consider	a	boycott	censorship	is	
   The	 National	 Constitution	 Center	        10	amendments	to	the	Constitution	are	          to	fail	to	see	that	the	consumer	has	the	
found	that	only	5%	of	Americans	could	         called	 the	 Pledge	 of	 Allegiance;	 and	      right	to	exercise	countervailing	power	
correctly	 answer	 10	 simple	 questions	      the	 commander-in-chief	 is	 Norman	            in	the	marketplace.	While	the	seller	is	
about	 the	 Constitution,	 according	 to	      Schwarzkopf.                                    free	to	promote	the	positive	marketplace	
columnist	 Walter	 E.	 Williams.	 Almost	          Williams	asked,	“How	can	the	Con-           values	of	the	product,	the	consumer	is	
25%,	 for	 example,	 could	 not	 name	 a	      stitution	be	important	to	us	while	at	the	      free	 to	 promote	 the	 negative	 societal	
single	one	of	the	four	rights	guaranteed	      same	time	we’re	so	ignorant	of	it?”             impact	of	that	product.	The	marketplace	
by	 the	 First	 Amendment	 (freedom	 of	                             Human Events, 1/23/98     then	exercises	its	freedom	of	choice	in	
speech,	religion,	press	and	assembly),	                                                        deciding	whom	to	support.”
                                                                                                  Geoffrey P. Lantos, Professor of Business

Abortion: TV commercials show
                                                                                                  Administration at Stonehill College in
                                                                                                  North Easton, Massachusetts. Lantos was
                                                                                                  responding to an editorial that called the

potential to change public’s opin-
                                                                                                  boycott of advertisers for the Disney/ABC
                                                                                                  show Nothing	Sacred “censorship.”
                                                                                                                     Advertising Age, 9/29/97
   While	the	partial-birth	abortion	issue	     dropped	 by	 approximately	 one-third	
appears	to	be	making	more	and	more	            after	the	ads	were	aired,	according	to	             “The	blame	couldn’t	conceivably	lie	
Americans	reconsider	their	pro-abortion	       AFA	of	Texas.                                   with	 a	 [pro-abortion]	 movement	 that	
beliefs	(See	AFA Journal,	1/98.),	pro-life	       Other	states	began	using	the	commer-         does	its	best	to	get	teens	to	view	fetal	
groups	 are	 turning	 to	 an	 increasingly	    cials	as	well,	with	equal	success.	Indiana	     life	the	way	an	exterminator	regards	a	
potent	weapon	in	the	war	for	the	hearts	       Citizens	 for	 Life	 (ICL),	 for	 example,	     cockroach.”
and	 minds	 of	 the	 American	 people:	        hired	the	polling	firm	of	Baselice	and	            Columnist Don Feder, rejecting the argu-
television	commercials.                        Associates	to	conduct	surveys	both	be-             ment from pro-abortionists that a teenage
   The	 commercials	 are	 produced	 by	        fore	and	after	airing	the	spots	in	their	          girl, who allegedly delivered her baby in
award-winner	Jim	Hanon,	who	has	done	          state.	Their	poll	results	showed	a	12%	            the bathroom at her senior prom and killed
national	ads	for	Fortune	500	companies.	       jump	in	the	pro-life	position	following	           him, was driven to do so by the shame
He	began	donating	his	time	and	skill	to	       the	commercials,	and	an	11%	drop	in	               society heaps upon unwed mothers.
producing	commercials	for	Right	to	Life	       the	number	of	people	who	say	they	are	                                   Boston Herald, 7/2/97
of	Michigan.	Ads	were	also	used	in	Mis-        “pro-choice.”
souri.	Abortion	levels	in	the	two	states	                               AFA of Texas, 1/8/98

Sources cited for News of Interest indicate    sonally	 delivered	 letters	 of	 apology	 to	    of	Dartmouth’s	conception.	Mohler	said	
source of basic information only.              the	 parents	 of	 the	 teens,	 admitting	        the	 school’s	 first	 charter,	 granted	 by	
                                               that	the	tactics	were	“rash”	and	“inap-          King	George	III,	intended	Dartmouth	
EDuCATion                                      propriate.”                                      to	be	“for	civilizing	and	Christianizing	
                                                  At	 least	 one	 parent	 was	 said	 to	 be	    the	children	of	pagans.”	
Kids get real sex education                    considering	legal	action	against	the	gym	           This	 core	 Christian	 purpose	 has	
lesson in Texas classroom                      teacher,	school	principal,	school	district	      evaporated,	 Mohler	 said.	 “Now,	 as	
    A	freshman	English	class	in	Moody,	 and	the	police	department.                              President	Freedman’s	comments	show	
Texas,	got	more	of	an	education	than	it	                   Daily Journal (Tupelo, MS), 2/2/98   clearly,	the	very	Christian	roots	of	the	
bargained	for,	when	two	students	had	a	                                                         schools	 are	 cause	 for	 head-hanging	
very	public	sexual	encounter	after	the	 higher education dives                                  shame	 inside	 the	 ivy-covered	 walls	 of	
teacher	left	the	room.                         lower into moral relativism                      the	elite	academy,”	he	said.
    The	 two	 freshmen	 at	 Moody	 High	          The	nation’s	colleges	and	universities	          The	moral	relativism	in	universities	
School,	a	16-year-old	boy	and	a	15-year- continue	their	slide	into	moral	oblivion,	             has	duplicated	itself	in	a	form	of	edu-
old	girl,	had	oral	sex	when	the	teacher	 as	 relativism	 and	 blatant	 immorality	              cational	relativism,	as	well.	In	the	first	
excused	himself	to	make	a	phone	call,	 have	often	become	the	foundation	of	                     comprehensive	 survey	 of	 education	
according	 to	 authorities.	 The	 rest	 of	 higher	education.                                   professors,	the	nonprofit	group	Public	
the	class	–	all	20	students	–	witnessed	          At	 the	 University	 of	 Virginia,	 for	      Agenda	discovered	some	surprising	atti-
the	sex	act.                                   example,	young	men	and	women	pair	               tudes	among	those	who	train	the	nation’s	
    Waco	detective	Janet	Smith	said,	“This	 up	 to	 create	 Play-Doh	 sculptures	 of	           public	 school	 teachers.	 According	 to	
all	came	up	because	of	a	dare.	It’s	a	bad	 genitals,	 according	 to	 the	 New	 York	            Education Matters,	the	study	showed	that	
deal.	It	never	should	have	happened.” Times.	Susan	Tate,	who	teaches	the	hip	                   only	small	percentages	of	professors	felt	
    The	 two	 students	 were	 suspended	 course,	explained	by	saying,	“If	we	can	               that	maintaining	order	and	discipline	in	
for	 three	 days,	 and	 will	 be	 attending	 discuss	 the	 heart,	 stomach	 and	 elbow	         the	classroom	(37%),	stressing	grammar,	
the	school	district’s	alternative	school	 without	embarrassment,	we	should	be	                  correct	punctuation	and	spelling	(19%),	
for	the	rest	of	the	school	year	when	they	 able	 to	 talk	 about	 [genitals]	 without	          and	expecting	students	to	be	punctual	
return.	In	addition,	the	students	may	be	 laughing.”                                            or	polite	(12%)	is	“absolutely	essential”	
charged	by	police	with	public	lewdness,	          Courses	abound	on	sexuality,	often	           in	public	schools.
a	misdemeanor	punishable	by	a	fine	of	 focusing	 on	 sex	 toys,	 sadomasochism	                    Numerous	 polls	 show	 Americans	
up	to	$4,000	and	up	to	a	year	in	jail,	ac- and	 homosexuality.	 In	 complaining	                very	 concerned	 about	 modern	 public	
cording	to	the	Waco	Tribune-Herald.            about	 the	 direction	 of	 America’s	 col-       school	education,	and	feel	that	students	
                Waco Tribune-Herald, 1/29/98   leges	and	universities,	columnist	Mona	          should	be	taught	the	basics	using	more	
                                               Charen	 said,	 “America’s	 elites	 have	         traditional	methods	of	instruction.	But	
police strip-search teen girls                 completely	 lost	 their	 judgment	 and	          in	the	survey,	79%	of	education	profes-
at oregon middle school                        common	sense...There	is	more	beauty,	            sors	said	they	believed	the	public’s	ap-
    When	 some	 items	 were	 reported	 mystery	and	wonder	in	the	world	than	                    proach	towards	learning	is	“outmoded	
missing	from	a	locker	room	at	Duniway	 any	student	can	hope	to	taste	even	in	                   and	mistaken.”
Middle	School	in	McMinnville,	Oregon,	 four	full	years.	To	waste	any	of	that	pre-                    Conservative Chronicle, 1/14/98; World,
teachers	called	police.	But	the	real	crime	 cious	(and	expensive)	time	on	nonsense	                12/27/97-1/3/98; Education Matters, 1/98
took	place	after	the	girls	in	the	gym	class	 is	almost	criminal.”
were	assembled.                                   But	if		anything	goes	on	campus	in	
    Several	 students	 had	 complained	 most	 instances,	 one	 thing	 that	 is	 not	            EnTErTAinMEnT
that	 they	 were	 missing	 some	 jewelry,	 welcome	is	evangelical	Christianity.	The	
makeup,	 CDs	 and	 about	 $30	 in	 cash.	 proud	traditions	of	the	elite	Ivy	League	             Sony distributes bizarre
After	the	gym	teacher	failed	to	discover	 schools,	 for	 example,	 apparently	 no	              film about child transvestite
who	had	committed	the	theft,	the	police	 longer	 include	 their	 Christian	 roots.	                My life in Pink (Ma Vie En rose)	is	a	
were	summoned.                                 Although	Harvard,	Yale,	Princeton	and	           story	about	a	little	boy	named	Ludovic,	
    As	 many	 as	 30	 teenaged	 girls	 were	 Dartmouth	were	all	essentially	founded	            portrayed	in	this	movie	as	a	girl	trapped	
brought	into	the	locker	room	in	pairs	 to	train	and	educate	Christian	ministers,	               in	a	boy’s	body.	The	film,	which	has	at-
and	 told	 to	 strip	 to	 enable	 police	 to	 Christianity	appears	now	to	be	a	source	          tracted	critical	acclaim	following	its	de-
search	for	the	missing	items.	According	 of	great	shame	for	these	schools.                      but	last	year	at	the	Cannes	Film	Festival,	
to	 Associated	 Press,	 girls	 were	 told	 to	    For	 example,	 James	 O.	 Freedman,	          was	distributed	by	Sony	Pictures.
remove	 their	 clothing	 and	 even	 drop	 president	of	Dartmouth	College,	said	in	                 The	strange	tale	follows	the	boy’s	de-
their	panties	to	their	ankles.	                a	public	address	that	the	school	should	         sire	to	change	sexes	“in	order	to	rectify	
    When	 13-year-old	 Kayla	 Plumeau	 distance	itself	from	“ghosts	of	the	past”	               the	error	nature	has	unjustly	set	upon	
asked	to	call	home	first,	her	request	was	 –	 its	 legacy	 of	 “bigotry.”	 According	 to	       him,”	 according	 to	 a	 review	 by	 James	
refused.	“I	was	told	if	I	didn’t	take	[my	 an	article	in	World	magazine	by	R.	Al-               Berardinelli	 for	 Cinema	 1.	 Ludovic’s	
clothes]	off,	they	would	do	a	full	body	 bert	Mohler,	Jr.,	Freedman	claims	that	                secret	fantasy	is	to	marry	his	neighbor	
search,”	she	said.	“If	I	didn’t	pull	them	 Dartmouth’s	bigotry	includes	the	“sin”	              Jerome	and	“then	become	the	woman	
off,	they	said	they’d	do	it	for	me.”           of	trying	to	Christianize	students.              of	all	women.”	The	boy	is	shown	in	high	
    The	 Police	 Chief	 has	 already	 per-        That	intent	was	indeed	at	the	heart	          heels,	wearing	makeup	and	lipstick,	ear-

                                                                                                              AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
                                                                                                     NewS oF INTeReST

rings,	and	a	girl’s	wedding	gown.
    Ma Vie En rose	director	Alain	Ber-
liner	describes	the	movie	at	the	official	
                                                Cayman	government	says	gay	cruise	ship	
Sony	Pictures	web	site	as	“the	age-old	
story	of	sidelong	glances,	disapproving	
                                                not	welcome,	British	support	homosexu-
neighbors,	gossip,	and	being	ashamed	              The	British	government	is	pressuring	its	dependent	territories	in	the	Ca-
of	what	is	different.”	Berliner	admits	the	     ribbean	to	reconsider	any	actions	which	protect	their	citizens	from	crude,	
movie	avoids	questions	of	“what	is	right	       public	 homosexual	 acts.	 That	 pressure	 is	 the	 result	 of	 an	 incident	 in	 the	
or	wrong”	for	children,	and	says	merely	        British	Cayman	Islands,	where	island	officials	refused	to	allow	a	cruise	ship	
that,	in	today’s	culture,	“the	gender	cards	    full	of	gay	men	to	dock.	
are	being	re-dealt.”                               The	ship,	operated	by	Norwegian	Cruise	Line,	Inc.,	had	been	chartered	
    Reviews	of	the	film	have	been	diverse.	     by	a	homosexual	tour	operator	and	was	scheduled	to	berth	in	Grand	Cayman	
Entertainment Weekly	gushed	over	Ma Vie         on	February	1.	Some	900	homosexual	passengers	were	to	be	on	board.
En rose,	describing	Ludovic	as	“a	doe-             But	the	Cayman	Islands’	ministries	of	tourism,	commerce	and	transport	
eyed	 pansexual	 cherub,”	 whose	 cross-        voted	to	reject	the	ship’s	visit.	Thomas	C.	Jefferson,	Minister	of	Tourism,	said	
dressing	 is	 simply	 part	 of	 his	 journey	   in	a	letter	of	explanation	to	an	official	of	the	cruise	line,	“Careful	research	and	
in	“becoming	himself.”	The	magazine	            prior	experience	has	led	us	to	conclude	that	we	cannot	count	on	this	group	
touts	the	film	as	one	that	“conveys	the	        to	uphold	the	standards	of	appropriate	behavior	expected	of	visitors	to	the	
beautiful	inarguability	of	being	exactly	       Cayman	Islands,	so	we	regrettably	cannot	offer	our	hospitality.”
who	you	are.”                                      The	move	brought	a	swift	response	from	gay	activists.	The	Human	Rights	
    But	John	Podhoretz	excoriated	the	          Campaign	(HRC),	a	homosexual	lobby	group,	registered	complaints	with	the	
movie	in	a	New	York	Post	column,	saying	        British	Embassy,	members	of	Congress,	and	the	U.S.	State	Department.
it	is	“an	effort	to	make	an	undeniable	            Britain	responded	to	the	gay	pressure	by	urging	its	Caribbean	dependen-
perversion	seem	normal.”                        cies	to	remove	their	sodomy	laws.	The	U.S.	State	Department	also	responded	
    Podhoretz	 criticized	 Berliner	 for	       by	sending	a	message	of	“regret”	to	the	government	of	the	Caymans	for	its	
using	“cinematic	trickery”	in	order	“to	        decision.	Jim	Mertz	of	the	State	Department’s	Human	Rights	Division	told	
make	 us	 feel	 happy	 when	 Ludovic	 is	       AFA	that	the	message	was	conveyed	because	of	the	apparent	“discriminatory	
happy	 and	 sad	 when	 Ludovic	 is	 sad.	       basis”	of	the	Cayman	action.
And	since	Ludovic	is	happy	when	he	is	             AFA	is	asking	the	Christian	community	to	contact	the	British	Embassy	in	
in	drag,	and	sad	when	he	is	not,	we	are	        Washington,	DC,	and	let	them	know	that	tourism	to	England	could	suffer	if	
happy	for	him	when	he	is	dressed	like	          the	British	government	continues	to	pressure	the	Caymans	to	promote	the	
a	girl,	and	sad	for	him	when	this	small	        gay	lifestyle.	
child	is	not	allowed	to	express	himself	           Donald	E.	Wildmon,	president	of	AFA,	said,	“This	small	country	has	the	
as	a	transvestite.”                             courage	 to	 stand	 up	 against	 the	 homosexual	 agenda	 and	 it’s	 time	 for	 the	
    Not	surprisingly,	the	film	has	received	    Christian	community	to	show	their	support.”	
a	 warm	 reception	 at	 gay	 and	 lesbian	
theaters,	according	to	Lesbian	and	Gay	         mINISTeRS pRAy, weATheR STopS ShIp FRom DoCKINg
New	York,	a	homosexual	newspaper.                  According	 to	 Associated	 Press,	 after	 the	 controversy	 surrounding	 the	
            Entertainment Weekly, 1/23/98;      Cayman’s	 refusal,	 the	 Bahamas	 (some	 200	 miles	 east)	 did	 the	 neighborly	
        new York Post, 1/9/98; lGnY, 1/5/98     thing:	they	invited	the	900	homosexual	tourists	to	visit	their	islands.	But	local	
                                                pastors	didn’t	believe	the	gay	tourists	would	be	good	for	their	islands	either.	
GoVErnMEnT                                      God	may	have	agreed,	because	a	storm	kept	the	ship	from	docking.
                                                   Christians	opposed	the	invitation	and	marched	in	downtown	Nassau	to	
Concealed-carry gun                             protest.	Also,	the	Christians	began	to	pray	about	the	homosexual	visitation.	
laws silencing critics                          Before	the	ship	was	able	to	berth	in	the	Bahamas,	a	storm	blew	in,	making	it	
    When	 states	 began	 rewriting	 their	      impossible	for	the	ship	to	dock.
gun	laws	to	allow	citizens	to	carry	con-           The	ministers	said	the	storm	was	an	answer	to	prayer.	“The	weather	was	a	
cealed	weapons,	gun	control	advocates	          great	factor	because	the	government	made	it	abundantly	clear	to	us	that	they	
not	only	predicted	no	benefit	to	society,	      were	going	to	allow	that	ship	to	come,”	said	Baptist	Bishop	Harcourt	Pinder,	
they	also	predicted	a	handgun-induced	          president	of	the	Bahamas	Christian	Council.	“But	I	still	feel	that	prayer	is	the	
holocaust	involving	accidental	deaths.	         weapon	we	should	use	to	fight	a	lot	of	the	ills	about	us.	Prayer	fails	not	and	
Critics	of	the	“concealed-carry”	gun	laws	      history	has	proven	that.”
have	been	proven	wrong	on	both	counts,	
according	to	a	recent	study.                    ACTIoN NumbeRS
    The	10-year	study	of	evidence	from	            •	British	Embassy,	Washington,	DC:	202-462-1340
25	states,	authored	by	attorney	Jeffrey	           •	Cayman	Islands	Ministry	of	Tourism,	Commerce	and	Transport:	
R.	Snyder	for	the	Cato	Institute,	found	           			345-949-7900
drops	in	the	crime	rate	of	7%	and	more	            •	U.S.	State	Department’s	Office	for	Public	Affairs:	202-647-6575
in	states	that	have	passed	concealed-carry	                                     USA Today, 1/7/98; U.S. news & World report, 1/19/98;
laws.	 And,	 says	 Snyder,	 “[A]lthough	                                                       Pensacola (Florida) news Journal, 1/7/98
advocates	of	gun	control	predicted	that	

AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                                 7

blood	 would	 be	 running	 through	 the	        who	engages	in	homosexual	conduct	is	           Scouts	of	America	long	ago	embraced	
streets,	no	such	thing	happened.”	In	fact,	     not	a	role	model	for	those	values.”             homosexuals.	In	1980	the	Girl	Scouts	an-
Snyder	argues,	other	studies	indicate	that	        New	Jersey	also	expanded	its	anti-dis-       nounced	that	it	would	not	discriminate	
guns	are	used	for	defensive	purposes	by	        crimination	statutes	in	1992	to	prohibit	       based	on	sexual	orientation.	
law-abiding	citizens	as	many	as	2	million	      most	organizations	from	discriminating	            Lesbian	activist	and	former	Girl	Scout	
to	3.6	million	times	a	year.                    on	the	basis	of	sexual	orientation.	And	        Nancy	 Manahan	 said	 that	 puts	 them	
    The	laws	are	not	the	loose	handgun	         now	a	gay	activist	is	using	that	state’s	law	   one	step	ahead	of	the	Boy	Scouts.	“Both	
hand-outs	that	critics	predicted.	For	the	      like	a	crowbar	to	pry	open	the	door	to	         [the	Boy	Scouts]	and	the	military	have	
most	 part	 concealed-carry	 laws	 –	 also	     the	Boy	Scouts.                                 adopted	 this	 absurd	 ‘don’t	 ask,	 don’t	
called	 “shall	 issue”	 laws	 –	 require	 an	      James	Dale	was	tossed	out	of	the	Boy	        tell’	 policy	 out	 of	 timidity,	 fear	 of	 the	
applicant	to	provide	specific,	objective	       Scouts	almost	eight	years	ago	after	his	        religious	right,	and	inertia,”	she	said.
licensing	information	to	a	local	authority.	    homosexuality	was	discovered.	He	is	now	           Manahan	is	editor	of	the	anthology,	
That	information	usually	includes	age	          suing	the	organization,	saying	the	action	      On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their
and	 residency	 requirements,	 finger-          by	the	Scouts	violated	the	law.                 Scouting Experience.	The	New	York	Blade,	a	
prints,	and	criminal	and	mental-health	            Eric	Neisser,	a	professor	at	the	Rut-        homosexual	newspaper,	said	Manahan’s	
background	 checks,	 according	 to	 Hu-         gers	University	Law	School	in	Newark,	          work	was	full	of	stories	about	girls	“fall-
man Events.                                     New	 Jersey,	 said	 the	 state’s	 expanded	     ing	in	love	with	muscular	butch	coun-
    Snyder	 said	 concealed-carry	 laws	        anti-	 discrimination	 powers	 are	 quite	      selors”	who	can	“make	young	campers	
“accomplish	 the	 twin	 goals	 of	 provid-      broad.	“The	Boy	Scouts	would	have	to	           tingle	by	singling	them	out	for	special	
ing	a	mechanism	by	which	law-abiding	           show	that	heterosexuality	is	somehow	an	        attention.”
citizens	can	carry	the	means	with	which	        essential	job	requirement,”	said	Neisser,	                       Citizen Issues Alert, 12/17/97;
to	 defend	 themselves	 from	 a	 violent	       a	former	legal	director	of	the	New	Jersey	         Star-ledger (newark, new Jersey), 12/8/97;
criminal	assault...and	provides	the	public	     chapter	of	the	American	Civil	Liberties	                               new York Blade, 1/2/98
reasonable	 assurance	 that	 those	 who	        Union.	“I	think	the	Boy	Scouts	are	go-
receive	 permits	 are	 persons	 who	 will	      ing	to	have	a	very	hard	time	justifying	        New york, vermont courts
act	responsibly.”                               this	conduct.”                                  reject same-sex marriage bids
             Conservative Chronicle, 1/14/98;      While	gay	rights	activists	continue	to	         Pro-family	groups	sighed	in	relief	as	
                    Human Events, 12/26/97      pound	away	at	the	Boy	Scouts,	the	Girl	         lawsuits	brought	by	homosexual	couples	


gay activists pressure boy
   While	the	Girl	Scouts	surrendered	to	
                                                  Celebrities support gay marriage
                                                     A	coalition	of	gay	rights	groups,	supported	by	Hollywood	celebrities,	de-
the	homosexual	agenda	almost	20	years	            clared	February	12	to	be	“National	Freedom	to	Marry	Day,”	in	honor	of	the	
ago	by	allowing	open	lesbians	to	serve	as	        homosexual	movement’s	goal	to	elevate	same-sex	marriage	to	a	status	equal	
Scout	leaders,	the	Boy	Scouts	of	America	         to	that	of	traditional	marriage.
has	 continued	 battling	 to	 preserve	 its	         The	National	Freedom	to	Marry	Coalition,	which	announced	the	national	
sense	of	morality.	Some	legal	experts,	           event,	includes	Lambda	Legal	Defense	and	Education	Fund;	Human	Rights	
however,	think	the	surrender	of	the	Boy	          Campaign;	National	Gay	&	Lesbian	Task	Force;	Gay	&	Lesbian	Alliance	Against	
Scouts	may	not	be	far	off.                        Defamation;	Gay	&	Lesbian	Advocates	and	Defenders;	American	Civil	Liber-
   In	 California,	 the	 state’s	 1992	 gay-      ties	Union;	Parents,	Friends,	and	Family	of	Lesbians	and	Gays;	and	National	
rights	 law	 has	 now	 been	 expanded	 to	        Organization	for	Women,	among	others.
cover	even	nonprofit	groups,	according	              According	to	Human	Rights	Campaign	(HRC),	February	12	was	chosen	
to	Citizen Issues Alert.	Previously	the	law	      because	it	is	the	birthday	of	President	Abraham	Lincoln	and	comes	two	days	
exempted	nonprofit	and	religious	orga-            before	Valentine’s	Day.
nizations,	but	Labor	Commissioner	Jose	              “Abraham	Lincoln’s	birthday	is	a	time	to	think	about	equality;	Valentine’s	
Millan	 issued	 the	 new	 interpretation,	        Day	is	a	time	to	think	about	love.	In	other	words,	there’s	no	better	day	to	
threatening	all	but	explicitly	religious	         mark	the	importance	of	ending	sex	discrimination	in	marriage	and	allowing	
groups	with	punishment	for	“employ-               lesbian	and	gay	couples	to	marry,”	an	HRC	statement	said.
ment	discrimination	based	on...actual	               The	coalition	produced	a	“Marriage	Resolution,”	which	supports	the	le-
or	perceived	sexual	orientation.”                 galization	of	same-sex	marriage.	It	states:	“Because	marriage	is	a	basic	human	
   That	puts	the	Boy	Scouts	on	the	hot	           right	and	an	individual	personal	choice,	RESOLVED,	the	State	should	not	
seat,	since	they	have	always	considered	          interfere	with	same-gender	couples	who	choose	to	marry	and	share	equally	
homosexuality	to	be	outside	the	moral	            in	the	rights,	responsibilities,	and	commitment	of	civil	marriage.”
code	it	requires	of	both	its	leaders	and	            The	 document	 was	 signed	 by	 numerous	 celebrities,	 including	 Gillian
the	scouts	themselves.                            Anderson, Ted Danson, Phil Donahue, Ellen DeGeneres, laura Dern, David
   “The	 Boy	 Scouts	 have	 long	 taught	         Duchovny, Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Heche, Helen Hunt, ricki lake, lucy
the	traditional	values	held	by	scouting	          lawless, norman lear, Judith light, Bonnie raitt, Paul reiser, Mary Steen-
families,”	Greg	Shields,	a	spokesman	for	         burgen, Marlo Thomas,	lily Tomlin and others.
the	organization	told	Citizen.	“A	person	

8                                                                                                               AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
                                                                                                                NewS oF INTeReST

asking	for	the	right	to	legally	marry	were	
dismissed	by	courts	in	both	New	York	
state	and	in	Vermont.	
   In	Vermont,	three	homosexual	cou-
ples	 asked	 Judge	 Linda	 Levitt	 of	 the	      bookstore chain selling child porn, group says
Chittenden	County	Superior	Court	to	                 A	growing	number	of	outraged	people	in	scattered	communities	are	com-
interpret	Vermont	law	in	their	favor	and	        plaining	that	the	New	York-based	bookstore	chain	Barnes	&	Noble	–	with	
allow	them	to	marry.	While	the	judge	            about	500	“superstores,”	it	is	the	largest	book	superstore	chain	in	the	U.S.	
found	 that	 most	 of	 the	 state’s	 argu-       –	is	selling	child	porn.	And	they’re	not	just	complaining.	They’re	protesting,	
ments	against	same-sex	marriage	were	            picketing	and	demanding	the	removal	of	offensive	material.
inadequate,	she	said	the	traditional	basis	          Although	the	works	of	other	“artists”	are	sometimes	mentioned,	the	allega-
for	heterosexual	marriage	–	procreation	         tions	center	on	the	photography	collections	of	Jock	Sturges	(Radiant Identities	
–	was	sound.                                     and	The Last Day of Summer),	Sally	Mann	(Immediate Family) and	David	Hamil-
   Judge	Levitt	said	the	role	of	the	court	      ton	(The Age of Innocence).	To	those	who	are	incensed	that	the	bookstores	are	
was	to	construe	the	intent	of	the	legis-         selling	the	works,	they	are	a	clear	case	of	child	obscenity.
lature	in	passing	a	law,	and	Vermont’s	              “If	this	type	of	material	is	allowed	to	stay	in	the	store,	it’s	going	to	legitimize	
statutes	 regarding	 marriage	 clearly	          something	that	is	illegal,”	said	John	Oliver,	president	of	the	Middle	Tennessee	
use	words	like	“bride”	and	“groom”	to	           Coalition	for	the	Protection	of	Children	and	Families,	a	group	of	two	dozen	
identify	 the	 parties	 to	 a	 marriage,	 ac-    people	in	Williamson	County	who	want	the	books	removed.
cording	to	Lesbian	&	Gay	New	York,	a	                Oliver	presented	compelling	evidence	from	the	works	of	Sturges	and	Ham-
homosexual	newspaper.                            ilton	to	a	reporter	for	the	Nashville	Banner:	pictures	showing	preteen	girls	
   In	Albany,	New	York,	a	similar	chal-          lying	in	provocative	poses,	their	breasts	and	genitals	exposed;	nude	adolescent	
lenge	 was	 dismissed	 by	 an	 appellate	        boys	holding	hands	on	the	beach;	young	teenaged	girls	locked	in	embraces	
court,	although	it	was	on	technical	rather	      with	other	girls,	or	touching	their	own	genitals.
than	constitutional	grounds.	                        In	one	picture	from	Age of Innocence,	a	nude	picture	of	a	12-	or	13-year-old	
   In	 that	 case,	 two	 homosexual	 men	        girl	is	accompanied	by	a	poem	which	reads:	“Take	me,	take,	some	of	you,	
asked	 the	 mayor	 and	 city	 council	 of	       while	I	am	yet	young	and	true.	Ere	I	can	my	soul	disguise;	Heave	my	breasts,	
Ithaca	to	support	the	idea	of	same-sex	          and	roll	my	eyes.”
marriage,	which	the	council	did.	When	               “What	does	that	picture	mean	to	you?”	Oliver	asks.	“I’ll	tell	you	what	it	
the	 city	 clerk	 refused	 on	 the	 basis	 of	   means	to	me.	It’s	telling	someone,	‘Rape	me.’”
state	law	to	issue	a	marriage	license	to	            Detective	Robert	Fraker	of	the	Bethel	Park,	Pennsylvania,	Police	Depart-
the	men,	the	gay	couple	sued	the	clerk.	         ment	said	he	believes	the	work	of	Sturges	is	illegal.	He	said,	“They’re	the	
The	judge	in	the	case	ruled	that	the	state	      same	type	of	photographs	that	I’ve	seen	confiscated	from	pedophiles.	To	put	
of	New	York	–	not	the	city	clerk	–	is	the	       them	in	a	book	and	put	a	fancy	cover	on	it	doesn’t	make	it	protected,	period.”	
true	defendant.                                  Fraker	told	the	Associated	Press	that	he	would	like	to	see	Sturges’	books	off	
   Appeals	are	possible	in	both	the	New	         the	shelves	of	Pittsburgh	area	bookstores.
York	and	Vermont	cases.                              When	Oliver	and	others	first	began	hearing	about	the	books,	they	went	
            lesbian & Gay new York, 1/19/98      to	see	for	themselves.	Appalled,	they	approached	the	manager	of	their	local	
                                                 Barnes	&	Noble	store	to	complain	that	the	books	were	not	only	offensive	but	
PornoGrAPHy                                      illegal.	“Their	attitude	was	that	it	didn’t	matter,	that	they	could	sell	any	books	
                                                 they	wanted	to,”	Oliver	said.
Child-porn sweeps net 27                             So	the	group	began	to	picket	outside	the	store	in	an	attempt	to	draw	public	
   A	task	force	combining	the	resources	         attention	to	the	content	of	the	books.	Customers	coming	to	Barnes	&	Noble	
of	both	state	and	federal	law	enforce-           were	given	literature,	asking	them	to	boycott	the	bookseller.		
ment	agencies	has	arrested	27	child	por-             If	the	manager	of	the	local	Barnes	&	Noble	store	was	nonchalant	about	the	
nographers	since	its	creation	last	June.	        coalition’s	activities,	local	law	enforcement	was	ambivalent	about	the	group’s	
The	suspects	had	allegedly	been	involved	        request	for	prosecution	under	the	state’s	child	pornography	laws.	After	re-
in	using	the	Internet	and	the	U.S.	mail	         lentless	pressure,	however,	Williamson	County	District	Attorney	Joe	Baugh	
to	sell,	buy	or	trade	child	porn.                slapped	a	grand	jury	indictment	on	Barnes	&	Noble	–	but	for	a	misdemeanor	
   According	to	the	Patriot-News	(Har-           charge,	not	the	felony	the	coalition	wanted.
risburg,	Pennsylvania),	the	Child	Sexual	            Still,	it’s	a	start,	said	Troy	Newman,	project	coordinator	for	Loyal	Opposi-
Exploitation	Task	Force	operates	with	           tion,	which	has	targeted	Sturges’	works	with	protests	across	the	nation.	“Once	
the	 cooperation	 of	 the	 Pennsylvania	         we	recognize	it’s	pornography,	the	next	step	is	to	check	the	ages	of	the	people	
State	Attorney	General’s	office,	county	         who	are	posing	nude”	to	apply	relevant	child	obscenity	laws,	he	said.	
law	 enforcement	 in	 the	 middle	 and	
eastern	 districts	 of	 the	 state,	 and	 the	         To TAKe ACTIoN…
U.S.	Postal	Service.                                    •	Barnes	&	Nobel	Customer	Service:	800-668-7053;	FAX:	201-767-8150;		
   Law	enforcement	officials	used	the	             	      E-mail:	service@barnesandnoble.com
stings	to	warn	potential	child	pornog-                                            nashville Banner, 12/29/97; Citizen Issues Alert, 12/3/97;
raphers	 that	 they	 might	 be	 the	 next	                                                      Jacksonville (Florida) Times-Union, 11/9/97
ones	to	be	snared	by	task	force	efforts.	

AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                                      9

“The	next	child	they	try	to	contact	on	          Tate,	executive	director	of	the	Christian	      to	uphold	it.
the	Internet	might	not	be	a	child	at	all.	       Coalition,	 who	 urged	 Republicans	 to	            In	Florida,	abortionist	Dr.	Ali	Azima	
The	 next	 pornographic	 package	 they	          adopt	the	resolution.                           contacted	 the	 Lee	 County	 Sheriff’s	
receive	in	the	mail	may	not	be	from	a	              Gary	Bauer	of	the	Family	Research	           Department	in	December	to	complain	
child	pornographer,”	said	Michael	Stiles,	       Council	 agreed	 that	 political	 con-          about	protesters	in	front	of	his	clinic,	
U.S.	attorney	for	Pennsylvania’s	Eastern	        siderations	 were	 secondary.	 “Should	         claiming	he	felt	threatened.	Azima	ex-
District.	“The	next	order	of	child	por-          Lincoln	 have	 supported	 a	 pro-slavery	       pected	law	enforcement	to	quickly	move	
nography	that	a	pornographer	sends	out	          Republican	 in	 order	 to	 win	 a	 House	       to	restrict	the	demonstrators.	
may	not	be	going	to	a	typical	client.	They	      seat?”	he	asked.                                    Instead,	 Sheriff	 John	 McDougal	
may	be	agents	of	our	task	force.”                   Besides,	said	Tim	Lambert,	RNC	Com-          stirred	up	controversy	when	he	called	
            Patriot-news (Harrisburg), 1/8/98    mitteeman	for	Texas	and	the	author	of	          the	doctor	a	“baby	killer”	and	promised	
                                                 the	resolution,	the	GOP	has	refused	to	         to	do	“everything	within	our	power	to	
Pro-liFE                                         support	party	members	in	the	past.	“I	          assist	the	protesters	who	wish	to	protect	
                                                 certainly	don’t	want	to	be	divisive,	but	       the	 misguided	 mothers	 who	 come	 to	
gop compromises on partial-                      the	 party	 denounced	 [former	 Senate	         your	clinic	of	death.”
birth abortion measure                           candidate]	 David	 Duke	 because	 he	               According	to	The	Orlando	Sentinel,	
   While	the	Republican	Party	has	been	          was	 a	 racist,”	 he	 said.	 “Why	 shouldn’t	   National	 Organization	 for	 Women	
overwhelmingly	opposed	to	partial-birth	         we	be	willing	to	denounce	a	candidate	          executive	 vice	 president	 Kim	 Gandy	
abortion,	 in	 January	 it	 wrestled	 over	      supporting	infanticide?”	                       immediately	 lashed	 out	 at	 McDougal.	
just	how	that	opposition	should	be	ap-              In	the	end,	the	“litmus	test”	resolution	    Recalling	past	abortion	violence	against	
plied	within	its	ranks.	At	its	Republican	       never	came	up	for	a	vote	in	Palm	Springs.	      clinics,	Gandy	characterized	the	sheriff’s	
National	Committee	(RNC)	meeting	in	             Instead,	Republicans	voted	114-43	for	          statement	 as	 “chilling”	 and	 “	 danger-
Palm	Springs,	California,	debate	was	hot	        a	substitute	resolution	which	ends	with	        ous,”	 and	 McDougal’s	 pro-life	 stance	
and	heavy	over	a	proposed	resolution	            a	strong	call	for	an	end	to	partial-birth	      as	“fanaticism.”
which	would	ban	party	funds	or	support	          abortions.                                          The	 sheriff	 stood	 by	 his	 statement.	
for	GOP	candidates	who	were	not	op-                 Lambert	found	a	silver	lining	in	the	        Saying	“everybody’s	worried	about	the	
posed	to	the	procedure.                          GOP’s	 strong	 stand	 against	 the	 grisly	     manatees	and	endangered	species”	but	
   The	original	wording	of	the	resolu-           procedure.	“This	party	is	about	as	unani-       not	about	babies,	McDougal	said	the	only	
tion	declared	the	party’s	strong	stand	          mous	 as	 you	 can	 get	 in	 opposition	 to	    reason	Azima	was	not	in	jail	at	that	very	
against	the	procedure,	followed	with	the	        partial-birth	abortion,”	he	said.               moment	was	“because	the	U.S.	Supreme	
words,	“Now,	therefore,	be	it	resolved,	            Even	with	the	compromise,	the	subject	       Court	has	legalized	baby-killing.”
that	the	Republican	National	Commit-             of	partial-birth	abortion	seems	capable	of	         McDougal,	however,	did	tell	Azima	in	
tee	shall	not	support	financially	or	by	         creating	future	controversy	for	the	GOP.	       a	letter	that	he	would	carry	out	his	legal	
in-kind	 contributions	 any	 candidate	          In	a	special	election	for	a	House	seat	in	      obligations	and	ensure	that	all	protests	
or	nominee	of	this	party	who	opposes	            Santa	Barbara,	California,	for	example,	        outside	 Azima’s	 clinic	 would	 be	 kept	
measures	to	end	so-called	partial-birth	         two	Republicans	battled	it	out	in	January	      within	the	law’s	requirements.	He	also	
abortions.”                                      –	with	the	partial-birth	abortion	issue	a	      told	the	abortionist	that	his	office	would	
   Some	 Republicans	 viewed	 the	 at-           flashpoint	in	the	debate.                       do	its	duty	to	protect	“even	a	baby	killer	
tempted	 resolution	 as	 a	 “litmus	 test”	         Brooks	 Firestone,	 a	 moderate	 pro-        like	yourself.”
and	warned	of	a	split	within	the	party.	         choice	state	assemblyman,	was	backed	               On	the	other	side	of	the	law	was	pro-
Republican	 heavy-hitters	 like	 House	          by	U.S.	House	Speaker	Newt	Gingrich.	           life	activist	Joan	Andrews	Bell.	She	was	
Speaker	Newt	Gingrich,	RNC	Chairman	             Conservative	 state	 assemblyman	 Tom	          sentenced	in	Pittsburgh	to	three	to	23	
Jim	Nicholson	and	ardent	pro-life	sup-           Bordonaro,	 who	 opposes	 partial-birth	        months	in	jail	for	refusing	to	tell	a	judge	
porter	and	House	Judiciary	Committee	            abortion,	had	conservatives	like	Bauer	         that	she	would	no	longer	blockade	the	
Chairman	Henry	Hyde	(R-IL)	opposed	              on	his	side.                                    entrances	to	abortion	clinics.	Bell	had	
the	measure.                                        In	the	open	primary	contest,	the	two	        been	on	probation	for	a	1985	convic-
   Pro-abortion	Republicans	were	natu-           Republicans	 split	 GOP	 support,	 with	        tion	for	blockading	a	clinic,	according	
rally	opposed	to	the	resolution	as	well.	        Bordonaro	 coming	 out	 on	 top.	 Since	        to	The	Washington	Times.	When	Bell	
Ann	Stone	of	Republicans	for	Choice	             the	 lone	 Democrat	 in	 the	 race,	 Lois	      refused	to	comply	with	the	terms	of	her	
said,	“This	is	a	very	dangerous	precedent.	      Capps,	also	failed	to	garner	50%	of	the	        probation,	the	judge	revoked	it	and	sent	
For	 the	 first	 time,	 the	 party	 would	 be	   vote,	Bordonaro	and	Capps	will	face	off	        her	to	jail.	Her	attorney	said	he	would	
trying	to	excommunicate	a	whole	class	           in	a	run-off	election	March	10.                 be	appealing	the	decision.
of	Republicans.	Who’s	next,	those	who	            USA Today, 1/13/98, 1/19/98; Time, 1/19/98         Allegheny	 County	 Judge	 Raymond	
oppose	NAFTA	or	the	death	penalty?”                                                              Novak	 told	 Bell	 that	 he	 understood	
   But	 supporters	 of	 the	 resolution	         opposition to abortion                          her	passion	for	the	unborn.	“I	can	only	
said	partial-birth	abortion	is	unlike	any	       on both sides of the law                        admire	 your	 adherence	 to	 the	 law	 of	
other	issue.	“We	understand	the	need	               How	pro-lifers	approach	the	evil	of	         God,	but	I	am	sworn	to	uphold	the	law	
for	inclusion,	but	there	are	some	issues	        abortion	 when	 it	 has	 the	 backing	 of	      of	man,”	he	said.	“But	someday	I	myself	
of	 transcendent	 moral	 significance...         law	was	revealed	by	the	actions	of	two	         will	 have	 to	 stand	 before	 that	 higher	
which	should	be	strongly	condemned	              people	in	separate	cases	–	one	convicted	       court	to	which	you	appeal.”
by	 both	 word	 and	 deed,”	 said	 Randy	        by	that	law	and	another	who	is	sworn	                            Washington Times, 1/17/98;
                                                                                                                    orlando Sentinel, 1/20/98
10                                                                                                              AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
                                                                                                                     Tv RevIewS

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store	 lands	 Ally	 before	 a	                                                                                Chrm. John F. Smith
lawyer	 review	 board.	 One	                                                                                  3044 W. Grand Blvd.
                                                                                                              Detroit, MI 48202
board	 member	 is	 describes	
                                                                                                              Phone: 313-556-5000
as	 “conservative,	 no	 sense	                                                                                Fax: 313-556-1988
of	humor,	a	Christian,”	and	                                                                                  www.generalmotors.com
the	man	is	shown	to	be	self-                                                                                  Products: Buick, Chevrolet and
righteous	and	judgmental.	As	                                                                                 Saturn automobiles, DirecTV,
usual,	sex	is	a	major	theme,	                                                                                 Mr. Goodwrench service
including	one	graphic	scene	
with	sounds	of	sexual	passion.	                                                                              Johnson & Johnson
Though	Ally	is	not	currently	 FOx SITCOM – Although Ally McBeal says she is not having sex, her room-         Chrm. ralph S. larsen
having	sex	with	anyone,	she	 mate asks her why she carries spermicide in her purse.                           one Johnson & Johnson Plaza
                                                                                                              new Brunswick, nJ 08933
buys	 	 spermicide	 so	 that,	 if	
                                                                                                              Phone: 908-524-0400
she	 meets	 Mr.	 Right,	 she’ll	 episode	 repeat	 features	 the	 the	 doctor	 tells	 her	 there’s	            Fax: 908-214-0332
be	 prepared	 for	 immediate	 series’	shocking,	brutal	open- “no	place”	we	go	to	when	we	                     Toll Free: 1-800-635-6789
casual	sex.                          ing	 sequence	 in	 which	 a	 die.	 Jack	 (another	 doctor)	              www.jnj.com
     Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson sniper	shoots	off	the	top	of	a	 tells	Sarah,	“If	you	believe	in	           Products: Johnson’s baby prod-
                                     policeman’s	head.	The	victim	 something,	then	that’s	what	               ucts, Motrin, Shower to Shower,
■ Ask harriet                        falls	to	the	sidewalk	and	lies	in	 makes	 it	 true	 for	 you.”	 The	     Tylenol
    p1 S                Tvpg-D a	pool	of	blood.	In	the	same	 regular	homosexual	character	
    Fox,	1/4	–	The	debut	epi- scene,	 a	 drug	 addict	 calmly	 makes	an	appearance.                          Mars, Inc.
sode	of	this	sitcom	establishes	 shoots	 down	 cops	 and	 civil-               Advertiser: General Motors     Chrm. Forest E. Mars
                                                                                                              6885 Elm St.
a	sexual	theme	that	will	guide	 ians	at	random.
                                                                                                              Mclean, VA 22101
the	 series.	 Jack	 Cody,	 series	        Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson ■ Drew Carey Show
                                                                                                              Phone: 703-821-4900
star,	 is	 a	 sexist	 newspaper	                                            h p4 S                Tvpg        Fax: 703-448-9678
columnist	who	is	fired,	then	 January 12                                    ABC,	 1/13	 –	 Sex	 jokes	        Products: Kal Kan pet food,
rehired	when	he	pretends	to	             h p9 v              Tv14-Lv are	frequent	in	this	episode.	           Milky Way, Pedigree dogfood,
be	Harriet,	an	advice	colum-             In	addition	to	the	profan- Drew	 asks	 Bonnie,	 his	 new	            Starburst candy, Uncle Ben’s
nist.	He	dresses	for	the	role,	 ity,	one	cop	uses	at	least	ten	 girlfriend,	to	go	steady.	When	               rice, Whiskas cat food
thus	providing	ample	fodder	 derogatory	terms	for	homo- he	surprises	her	with	dinner	
for	sexual	innuendo.                 sexuals.	He	tries	to	intimidate	 at	her	place,	he	discovers	she’s	      RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp.
         Advertiser: General Motors fellow	officers	to	lie	in	order	 married.	Her	stupid	husband	             Chrm. Charles M. Harper
                                     to	clear	himself	of	gay-bash- never	 figures	 out	 that	 his	            1301 Ave. of the Americas
                                                                                                              new York, nY 10019
■ beverly hills 90210                ing	charges.	Other	cops	keep	 wife	 has	 been	 dating	 Drew.	
                                                                                                              Phone: 212-258-5600
    p2 S                    Tvpg confidential	the	fact	that	one	 Oswald,	another	regular,	goes	               Fax: 212-969-9173
    Fox,	1/14	–	This	episode	 of	their	own	is	gay.                       out	with	a	co-worker	several	        Toll Free: 1-800-932-7800
follows	the	series’	pattern	of	               Advertiser: General Motors times	before	he	realizes	the	        Products: Chips Ahoy cookies,
focusing	on	little	other	than	                                           man	is	gay	and	thinks	they’re	       life Savers, ortega Mexican
illicit	 sex,	 betrayal,	 lies	 and	 ■ Chicago hope                      dating.                              foods, Parkay, Triscuit snack
deceit	among	the	college-age	            h p7                     Tv14                    Advertiser: Mars    crackers, Wheat Thins crackers
cast.	 Donna	 and	 Noah	 are	            CBS,	 1/14	 –	 An	 attempt	
having	sex	while	their	former	 to	 deal	 with	 religion	 turns	 January 21                                   Unilever United States Inc.
                                                                            p7 S               Tv14-D         Pres. richard A. Goldstein
sexmates,	Valerie	and	David,	 into	 a	 watery	 gruel	 of	 hu-
                                                                                                              390 Park Avenue
are	 also	 seeing	 each	 other.	 manism,	 reincarnation	 and	               ABC	 flaunted	 nudity	 in	
                                                                                                              new York, nY 10022
Emma	tells	Kelly,	Brandon’s	 New	 Age	 mysticism.	 A	 girl	 this	episode,	featuring	Drew	                     Phone: 212-888-1260
sex	partner,	about	Brandon	 who	feels	guilty	because	her	 and	his	pals	stripping	all	their	                   Fax: 212-906-4411
having	sex	with	Emma.                mother	 forced	 her	 to	 have	 clothes	 off	 in	 front	 of	 the	         Toll Free: 1-800-598-1223
         Advertiser: General Motors an	abortion	bears	the	marks	 city	council	after	the	council	              Products: Aim and Mentadent
                                     of	“stigmata”	–	blood	comes	 disallowed	their	strip	act	at	a	            toothpaste, Dove, Snuggle fab-
■ brooklyn South                     from	her	hands	in	imitation	 local	club.	As	the	naked	men	               ric softener, Vaseline, Wish-Bone
    p2 S v               TvmA- of	 the	 nail	 scars	 of	 Christ.	 danced	in	front	of	a	packed	               salad dressing, Wisk detergent
    SLv                              When	Dr.	Austin’s	daughter,	 council	meeting	room,	their	
    CBS,	 1/5	 –	 The	 debut	 Sarah,	 asks	 about	 heaven,	 derrieres	were	hidden	only	by	
AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                                   15
      Tv RevIewS

■ Friends                                                                                                      ter,	 hosts	 a	 television	 show	
   p8 S                     Tv14                                                                               on	how	to	attain	the	gracious	
   NBC,	1/8	–	Phoebe	agrees	                                                                                   lifestyle.	(She’s	a	Martha	Stew-
to	be	a	surrogate	mother	for	                                                                                  art	wannabe.)	One	of	her	top	
her	brother	and	his	wife,	who	                                                                                 assistants	is	Mr.	John,	who	in	
can’t	conceive	a	child.	Illicit	                                                                               earlier	episodes	has	referred	
sex	 is	 the	 subject	 of	 almost	                                                                             fondly	 to	 his	 homosexual	
continuous	humor:	orgasms,	                                                                                    partner.	In	this	one,	Mr.	John	
erogenous	zones,	erotic	pot-                                                                                   and	 Terry	 discuss	 their	 sex	
tery	 and	 sexual	 positions	                                                                                  dreams	with	Trudy.	As	a	guest	
all	 get	 big	 laughs.	 Monica	                                                                                on	 her	 show,	 Chelsea	 has	
encourages	Chandler	to	have	                                                                                   Gloria	 Utley,	 a	 TV	 gourmet	
sex	 with	 his	 girlfriend.	 The	                                                                              chef	of	the	past.	Gloria	is	now	
only	 prerequisite	 for	 sex	 is	                                                                              a	“funny”	drunk.
some	murky,	undefined	warm	                                                                                     Advertiser: General Motors
feeling	toward	a	person	–	mar-         Transvestites strut in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie New-
riage	is	never	mentioned.                                                                                      ■ Soul man
          Advertiser: General Motors                                                                              p1 S              Tvpg-D
                                       mitment	 to	 illicit	 sex	 with	    planning	 to	 marry.	 Craig	           ABC,	1/20	–	Kenny	(age	
■ homicide                             Maxine	 pregnant	 by	 sperm	        apparently	 commits	 suicide	       15)	is	mortified	that	his	dad,	
   h p17               Tv14            from	a	sperm	bank.	As	it	turns	     in	order	to	see	and	hold	his	       Father	Mike,	is	going	out	with	
   NBC,	 1/2	 –	 The	 mur-             out,	Kyle,	her	occasional	sex	      old	girlfriend,	who	died	last	      his	teacher.	There	is	frequent	
der	 of	 a	 homosexual	 is	 the	       partner,	was	the	donor.             season.                             sexual	 double	 entendre	 in	
backdrop	 for	 this	 episode.	                Advertiser: General Motors      Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson    the	episode.	
The	victim’s	male	lover	tells	                                                                                                Advertisers: Mars,
police	to	find	the	man	“who	     ■ melrose place                           ■ New york undercover                             Johnson & Johnson
killed	my	husband.”	Officer	        p22 S SA          Tv14-Sv                  p18 v           Tv14-Lv
Bayliss	 is	 repulsed	 by	 his	     Fox,	1/26	–	The	number	of	                 Fox,	1/8	–	In	this	fourth	      ■ To wong Foo, Thanks
partner’s	 implication	 that	    people	on	this	profanity-laced	           season	 opener,	 two	 scenes	       For everything, Julie
he	 is	 homophobic,	 and	 the	   show	who	are	fornicating	with	            feature	street	shoot	outs	with	     Newmar
show	ends	with	him	accepting	    someone	 else	 on	 a	 regular	            literally	hundreds	of	gunshots	         h p14            Tv14-DL
a	homosexual’s	invitation	to	    basis	 is	 mind-boggling:	 Mi-            fired.	A	flashback	shows	the	           Fox,	1/13	–	This	is	a	sick-
dinner.	 The	 episode	 boasts	   chael	and	Amber;	Coop	and	                fiery	 car	 bomb	 explosion	        ening	 movie	 about	 three	
gay	bar	scenes	with	men	danc-    Meghan;	Kyle	and	Amanda;	                 in	 which	 Officer	 Torres,	 a	     homosexuals	who	make	their	
ing	together,	male	dancers	on	   Peter	and	Lexi…Taylor	sleeps	             former	series	star,	died.	His	      living	as	drag	queens.	
stage,	and	transvestites.        with	Nick	in	order	to	get	in-             wife	 (Moreno)	 and	 partner	           On	their	way	to	a	national	
      Advertiser: General Motors formation	about	her	ex-hubby	             (Williams)	 are	 both	 cops,	       competition	 in	 Hollywood,	
                                 Kyle’s	 old	 girlfriend.	 Taylor	         now	on	the	trail	of	those	who	      their	 car	 breaks	 down	 in	 a	
■ Living Single                  wants	Kyle	back,	but	in	order	            killed	Torres.                      small	town.	Filled	with	misfits	
  p24 S                  Tvpg to	accomplish	that	she	has	to	                      Advertiser: General Motors   and	 dysfunctional	 relation-
  Fox,	1/1	–	This	series	swan	 break	up	Kyle	and	Amanda,	                                                      ships,	the	town’s	people	have	
song	episode	caps	off	a	com- who	are	living	together	and	                  ■ Spin City                         all	 their	 problems	 solved	
                                                                               h p2 S            Tvpg-D        by	 the	 “normal”	 ones	 –	 the	
                                                                               ABC,	1/21	–		Mike’s	pros-       transvestites.
  Key To AFA Tv RevIew CoDeS                                               tate	exam	provides	for	a	script	        The	 story	 is	 singularly	
     AC Anti-Christian	                                                    packed	with	countless	jokes	        favorable	 to	 their	 aberrant	
                                                                           about	urination,	and	genita-        lifestyle,	and	in	the	end	the	
     h  Promotes	homosexual	agenda	
                                                                           lia	(size,	function,	etc.).	The	    townspeople	protect	the	three	
     p  Profanity;	the	number	following	the	“P”	is	the		                   homosexual	advocacy	theme	          men	from	a	deputy	obsessed	
     	  number	of	times	profanity	is	used	in	the	program.	                 is	 continued	 in	 the	 person	     with	getting	the	“perverts.”	
     pC Politically	correct	in	dealing	with	an	issue		                     of	Carter,	homosexual	series	            Advertiser: General Motors
     	  identified	in	the	review	                                          regular,	as	he	tries	to	use	sex	
     S  Objectionable	sexual	content	(may	include	                         appeal	to	get	the	supply	man	 ■ union Square
     	  partial	nudity)	                                                   to	 approve	 a	 new	 chair	 for	     h p4 S                 Tvpg
     SA Substance	abuse	(drugs	or	alcohol)	                                Carter’s	department.                 NBC,	1/15	–	Carrie,	a	wait-
     v  Violence	(graphic	or	gratuitous)	                                                   Advertiser: Mars ress	at	Union	Square	diner,	
     + Positive	theme	with	no objectionable	elements	                                                        gets	a	job	at	a	lesbian	club.	
     	  (A	good	story	told	with	profane	language	does	                     ■ Style & Substance               When	 recording	 company	
        not	earn	a	commendation.)                                              h p8 S SA Tvpg-DL executives	 offer	 her	 a	 con-
     Tv TV network ratings are indicated in black.                             CBS,	1/26	–	Chelsea	Ste- tract,	 she’s	 elated	 until	 she	
                                                                           vens,	the	series’	lead	charac- realizes	that	it’s	only	because	

1                                                                                                                AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
                                                                                                                  Tv RevIewS

they	 think	 she’s	 a	 lesbian.	 ■ working
She	was	willing	to	lie	about	
it	until	she	fell	for	the	man	
                                      p2 S                    Tv14
                                      NBC,	1/7	–	Tim,	the	sleazy	        rJr nabisco sup-
who	“discovered”	her.
        Advertiser: General Motors
                                   boss	 on	 the	 series,	 takes	 a	
                                   sexual	 harassment	 seminar	          ports positive pro-
                                   lightly,	 obnoxiously	 hitting	
■ veronica’s Closet                on	the	instructor.	He	is	proud	       ■	Cosby +        Tvg
    h p15                  Tvpg of	his	crude	and	lewd	sexual	                CBS,	1/5	–	This	episode	features	Hilton	Lucas	(Bill	
    NBC,	1/8	–	Another	sex- remarks.	His	employees	get	                  Cosby’s	 character)	 as	 he	 coaches	 a	 community	 boys’	
filled	episode	contains	people	 frustrated	with	the	seminar,	            basketball	team	pressured	into	playing	the	girls’	team	
boldly	 sleeping	 with	 one	 until	 Matt,	 series	 hero,	 	 ex-          –	 coached	 by	 Hilton’s	 wife	 Ruth.	 Hilton	 continually	
another	 outside	 marriage,	 plodes	in	frustrated	anger.	                finds	creative	ways	to	humiliate	himself,	right	up	until	
and	jokes	 about	 the	sex-ob-         Then	the	co-workers	pair	          the	ultimate	defeat	–	losing	to	the	girls.
sessed	 characters	 abound.	 off	 to	 head	 for	 the	 supply	                                 Advertisers: rJr nabisco, Johnson & Johnson
Meanwhile,	no	subject	is	off- closet,	the	editing	room,	etc.	
limits,	as	even	a	dog’s	testicles	 –	clearly	to	have	casual	sex.         ■	Kids Say the Darndest Things +              Tvg
become	a	source	of	humor.	            The	 company’s	 board	                CBS,	 1/16	 –	 This	 30-minute	 special	 features	 Bill	
Ronnie	begins	dating	a	man	 members	 congratulate	 Tim	                  Cosby	hosting	a	delightful	group	of	kids	who	entertain	
who	 likes	 to	 wear	 women’s	 on	being	charged	with	sexual	             viewers	 with	 their	 positive	 and	 sometimes	 surprising	
clothes.	A	joke	is	made	about	 harassment.                               outlook	on	life.
the	man’s	genitals.                       Advertiser: General Motors                                           Advertiser: General Motors
 Advertiser: General Motors, John-
                   son & Johnson
                                                                                                                         Bill Cosby and

unilever stands by AbC,                                                                                                  guest on the
                                                                                                                         remake of Art
    nyPD Blue	continues	to	be	on	prime-time’s	cutting	edge	                                                              classic Kids
in	 regards	 to	 sexual	 content,	 as	 well	 as	 profane	 and	 lewd	                                                     Say the
language.	The	two	episodes	below	are	representative.                                                                     Darndest
January 6 p10 S v                                     Tv14-Lv
   Det.	Russell	tells	her	live-in	lover,	Det.	Simone,	that	she’s	
pregnant.	Russell	and	a	fellow	officer	shoot	down	a	man	in	
the	street	during	a	drug	bust.	Martinez	and	Medavoy	question	            ■	promised Land +           Tvg
a	city	official	about	the	death	of	a	hooker	in	his	apartment.	              CBS,	1/15	–	The	Greene	family	rolls	into	Sundown	Ski	
He	confesses	that	she	died	there,	then	he	dumped	her	body	               Area,	Utah,	where	they	meet	the	Elias	family.	For	each	
out	the	window.	Squad	members	discuss	how	Martinez	hurt	                 Greene	child,	there	is	a	matching	Elias,	so	the	families	
                                   his	back	having	sex.	In	addi-         quickly	become	good	friends.	Conflict	develops	as	it	is	
                                   tion	to	the	profanity,	at	least	      learned	that	Mr.	Elias	has	a	checkered	past	and	is	wanted	
                                   16	 other	 lewd	 expressions	         by	the	FBI.	Russell	Greene	helps	him	face	his	past,	so	
                                   are	used.                             that	his	family	can	quit	running.
                                                                                                                  Advertiser: rJr nabisco
                                     January 20
                                     p14 S v               Tv14L         ■	public eye +
                                        The	teaser	shows	a	bloody-           CBS,	1/14	–	This	news	magazine	contained	two	worth-
                                     faced	 murder	 victim,	 shot	       while	segments.	The	first	focused	on	John	Rosemond,	
                                     down	in	a	car.	Another	scene	       a	 psychologist	 whose	 books	 and	 newspaper	 columns	
                                     features	 a	 murder	 victim	        advocate	traditional	methods	of	child-rearing.
                                     sprawled	 in	 the	 floor	 of	           The	second	was	about	a	young	woman	fighting	cystic	
                                     the	shop	where	he	worked.	          fibrosis.	The	entire	community	pitches	in	to	help	with	
                                     Characters	 go	 to	 a	 strip	       medical	expenses.	A	strong	sense	of	family	is	present-
                                     joint	featuring	a	nearly-nude	      ed,	 with	 family	 members	 –	 including	 the	 girl’s	 father	
                                     dancer.                             –	 volunteering	 part	 of	 their	 lung	 tissue	 for	 the	 risky	
                                                  Advertiser: Unilever   transplant.	The	family	is	shown	in	church	and	praying,	
                                                                         both	at	home	and	at	the	hospital.	Sadly,	the	young	lady	
                                     NYPD Blue’s Det. Simone with        eventually	died.
                                     his live-in lover Det. Russell          note:	 AFA	 reviewed	 only	 the	 two	 segments	 cited	

AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                               17

                                           by pATRICK TRuemAN • AFA Director of Governmental Affairs

White House scandal may determine
success of ’98 pro-family legislation
          he	 scandals	 involving	 President	 Clinton	 could	         Congress	is	still	out	of	step	with	the	majority	of	Americans.
          determine	 the	 extent	 of	 success	 the	 pro-family	       FuNDINg poRNogRAphy
          movement	has	for	the	last	half	of	the	105th	Con-               The	 National	 Endowment	 for	 the	 Arts,	 which	 annually	
          gress.	Though	opinions	widely	differ,	I	believe	that	       funds	pornography,	should	have	been	eliminated	last	year	if	
if	the	President	thinks	impeachment	or	forced	resignation	            Congressional	Republican	leaders	had	kept	their	word.	Instead,	
is	 possible,	 he	 will	 move	 to	 firm	 up	 his	 standing	 among	    Congress	reduced	its	budget	by	a	scant	$1.5	million	and	thus	
Capitol	Hill	Democrats.	That	means	catering	to	an	even	               the	agency	still	has	nearly	$100	million	to	spend	annually.	The	
more	radical	left-wing	agenda	and	fewer	pro-family	victories.	        pro-family	movement	has	not	forgiven	Republican	leaders	and	
Here’s	a	look	at	some	of	the	major	legislative	initiatives	of	        has	a	goal	this	year	to	significantly	reduce	NEA	funding.
the	pro-family	movement	this	year:	
AboRTIoN                                                                 The	homosexual	movement	will	again	push	for	passage	of	
   At	the	top	of	the	agenda	of	all	major	national	pro-family	         the	Employment	Non-Discrimination	Act	(ENDA).	This	bill	
groups	is	an	override	of	the	President’s	veto	of	the	partial-         would	prohibit	employers	from	discriminating	in	hiring	based	
birth	abortion	ban.	The	override	vote	will	win	overwhelmingly	        on	sexual	orientation.	If	passed,	ENDA	would	prohibit	day	care	
in	the	House,	but	at	least	three	more	votes	are	needed	in	            centers	from	discriminating	against	pedophiles.	Yet,	it	fell	just	
the	Senate	from	Democrats.	All	but	four	Senate	Republicans	           one	vote	short	in	the	Senate	two	years	ago.	
support	the	ban	on	this	grisly	procedure.	Targeted	Senators	
who	have	 refused	to	support	the	ban	previously	 include	             eDuCATIoN
Cleland	(D-GA),	Feingold	(D-WI),	Murray	(D-WA),	Dodd	                    President	Clinton	will	make	another	attempt	to	pass	a	law	
(D-CT),	Graham	(D-FL),	and	Mosely-Braun	(D-IL).                       requiring	standardized	national	testing	of	4th	and	8th	grade	
   The	National	Right	to	Life	Committee	is	urging	Con-                students	by	the	U.S.	Department	of	Education.	Conservatives	
gress	to	pass	a	bill	called	the	Child	Custody	Protection	Act	         fear	this	is	a	federal	attempt	to	weaken	control	of	local	schools	
which	would	make	it	a	federal	offense	to	transport	a	minor	           by	parents.	They	fear	that	once	federal	exams	are	in	place,	
across	a	state	line	to	obtain	an	abortion	to	avoid	a	state’s	         teachers	and	schools	will	alter	curricula	in	order	to	“teach	the	
parental	consent	law.                                                 test”	in	order	to	get	higher	scores.	

FAmILy pLANNINg                                                       ChILD poRNogRAphy
   A	 strong	 effort	 will	 be	 made	 to	 eliminate	 the	 Title	 X	      An	attempt	will	be	made	to	amend	the	federal	child	pornog-
family	 planning	 program	 that	 gives	 contraceptives	 and	          raphy	law	to	prohibit	possession	of	even	a	single	item	of	child	
abortifacients	 to	 children.	 For	 years	 the	 pro-life	 move-       pornography	by	any	individual.	President	Reagan	proposed	
ment	has	battled	for	restrictions	on	this	program	to	make	            such	a	law	to	Congress	in	his	second	term	but	liberal	Democrats,	
it	more	family	friendly	by	requiring,	for	example,	parental	          including	Delaware	Senator	Joseph	Biden	amended	Reagan’s	
consent	before	children	are	given	services.	Now,	however	             proposal	to	make	it	a	crime	to	possess	three	or	more	items	of	
the	movement	is	making	an	attempt	to	eliminate	Title	X	               child	pornography.	
because	it	is	a	massive	federal	subsidy	of	the	pro-abortion	
movement.	                                                            ChILD AbuSe
                                                                         Representative	Bob	Franks	(R-NJ)	has	introduced	the	Child	
CLoNINg                                                               Abuse	Notification	Act	to	require	that	Internet	service	provid-
   A	ban	on	cloning	human	beings	will	likely	pass,	though	            ers	report	any	suspected	child	abuse	on	their	services	to	law	
much	 groundwork	 is	 yet	 to	 be	 done.	 President	 Clinton	         enforcement	authorities.	Many	pedophiles	lurk	in	so-called	
made	headlines	earlier	this	year	calling	for	a	ban	on	this	           “chat	rooms”	to	carry	on	conversations	with	children,	hoping	to	
unethical	practice.	Yet,	the	specific	“ban”	he	supports	would	        lure	them	to	locations	where	they	can	be	physically	abused.
allow	cloning	so	long	as	the	human	embryos	created	would	                 	
be	destroyed	prior	to	birth.	On	life	issues	the	pro-family	           TAXeS
movement	cannot	count	on	this	President	to	lead.                         It	is	a	major	accomplishment	of	the	pro-family	movement	
                                                                      that	whenever	Congress	discusses	tax	reform,	members	talk	
SChooL pRAyeR                                                         about	making	the	tax	code	more	family	friendly.	The	elimina-
   The	Istook	Religious	Freedom	Constitutional	Amend-                 tion	of	the	so-called	“marriage	tax”	will	likely	pass.	Elimina-
ment	 which	 will	 return	 prayer	 to	 the	 public	 schools	 has	     tion	of	tax	on	the	first	several	hundred	dollars	of	interest	or	
strong	support,	but	is	well	shy	of	the	two-thirds	vote	needed	        dividend	income	is	also	gaining	support.	Replacing	the	tax	
in	both	houses	of	Congress.	Nearly	80%	of	the	public	sup-
ports	school	prayer,	so	the	amendment	demonstrates	that	

18                                                                                                          AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
                                                                                                                ReLIgIoN IN AmeRICA

                          by ChARLey ReeSe • The Orlando Sentinel

America’s	religious	beliefs	have
political,	social	consequences
                                                   scription	of	modern	liberalism.                      Despite	trillions	of	dollars,	astounding	
■	We are dominated                                     This	belief	is	clearly	evident	in	prac-      technological	advances	and	oceans	of	
  by conservative,                                 tically	 every	 news	 story,	 editorial	 and	
                                                   political	speech	in	America.	Whatever	is	
                                                                                                    spilled	blood,	not	one	human	problem	
                                                                                                    has	been	solved.	Man	has	not	been	made	
  liberal viewpoints                               wrong,	it	is	not	the	fault	of	the	individual.	   good.	Heaven	on	earth	has	not	been	cre-
                                                   If	a	kid	drops	out	of	school,	or	graduates	      ated.	All	that	has	been	accomplished	is	
  on religion, society                             but	is	essentially	ignorant,	it’s	the	fault	     to	give	man	increased	capacity	to	do	evil.	
                                                                                                    The	ability	to	manipulate,	control	and	
    The	 sterility	 of	 today’s	 depraved	            The liberal has an unshake-                   kill	has	been	greatly	advanced.	That’s	the	
culture	has	a	religious	basis.	As	much	                                                             progress	liberalism	has	produced.
as	agnostics	and	atheists	would	like	to	              able religious faith that given                   The	conservative	and	liberal	views,	as	
deny	 it,	 all	 cultures,	 good	 or	 evil,	 are	                                                    I	have	defined	them,	are	irreconcilable.	
derived	from	religion.                                                                              Separation	is	the	only	way	to	avoid	con-
    That’s	because	religious	beliefs	pro-             sufficient money, the right                   flict.	I	personally	am	bored	to	gagging	
duce	political	and	social	consequences.	                                                            with	hearing	liberals	make	excuses	for	
America’s	culture	has	always	been	based	              program, the right educa-                     people	 and	 propose	 one	 failed	 social	
on	Christianity.	Europe,	from	which	we	                                                             scheme	 after	 another.	 And	 people	
came,	was	known	as	Christendom.	But	                  tion system and sufficient                    who	 call	 themselves	 conservatives	 but	
early	 in	 the	 19th	 century,	 American	                                                           who	just	offer	a	different	set	of	excuses	
Christianity	 developed	 a	 split.	 This	             power to coerce, then hu-                     and	 propose	 a	 different	 set	 of	 failed	
split	 caused,	 and	 still	 causes,	 political	                                                     schemes	 are,	 in	 fact,	 liberals	 wearing	
conflicts.                                            man ills can be eliminated                    a	false	face.
    Two	of	the	basic	premises	of	orthodox	                                                              A	wise	man	once	observed:	“If	you	
Christianity	 are	 that	 God	 is	 sovereign	                                                        understand,	the	world	is	as	it	is;	if	you	
and	 cannot	 be	 manipulated	 and	 that	
                                                      and a paradise on earth can                   do	not	understand,	the	world	is	as	it	is.”	
humans	are	innately	depraved.	That	was	                                                             If	you’re	looking	to	politics	for	solutions,	
the	 prevailing	 view	 at	 the	 time	 of	 the	        be created.                                   you’re	looking	in	the	wrong	place.
American	Revolution.	Because	humans	
are	depraved,	they	cannot	be	trusted	with	                                                                Write Charley Reese at The Orlando
power	–	hence,	limited	government	and	             of	the	education	system.	If	someone	is	 Sentinel, 633 N. Orange Ave., Orlando
constitutional	restraints	on	power.                a	 criminal,	 it	 is	 the	 fault	 of	 society.	 If	 FL 32801.
    Because	 man’s	 evil	 is	 inside	 him	         people	 are	 poor,	 it	 is	 the	 fault	 of	 the	
changing	his	physical	or	social	circum-            economic	system.	If	someone	smokes,	it	
stances	will	not	make	him	good.	Only	              is	the	fault	of	the	tobacco	industry.
God’s	grace	and	obedience	to	God	can	                  The	liberal	has	an	unshakeable	reli-
do	that.	Hence,	little	or	no	concern	is	           gious	faith	that	given	sufficient	money,	
shown	for	social	reform,	either	in	the	            the	right	program,	the	right	education	               PoRN IN AMeRICA
American	 Revolution	 or	 in	 the	 Bible.	         system	and	sufficient	power	to	coerce,	
You	may,	if	you	like,	describe	this	as	the	        then	human	ills	can	be	eliminated	and	                                   James	 Lambert’s	
conservative	position.                             a	paradise	on	earth	can	be	created.	By	                                  new	book	is	an	up-
    This	view	remained	dominant	in	the	            placing	man	first	and	God	second,	the	                                   to-date	look	at	the	
South,	but	in	the	North	a	new	view	took	           liberal	view	inevitably	evolved	into	elimi-                              consequences	 of	
root.	Its	basic	premises	were	that	man	            nating	God	altogether	–	hence,	a	secular	                                our	 nation’s	 insa-
was	inherently	good	and	that	God	could	            and	egalitarian	culture	developed.                                       tiable	appetite	for	
be	manipulated.	The	modern	version	is,	                Liberalism	 –	in	 all	 its	 forms,	 such	                            pornography.
if	you	need	a	new	car,	pray	for	it.                as	 socialism,	 communism	 and	 liberal	                                    Issues	 include	
    The	 political	 consequences	 were	            democracy	 –	failed	 because	 its	 basic	                                increase	in	sex-re-
that	if	man	is	inherently	good,	and	he	            premise	is	wrong.	Man	isn’t	inherently	                                  lated	 crimes,	 vio-
acts	badly,	it	must	be	because	of	outside	         good;	 he’s	 inherently	 evil,	 and	 he	 re-          lence	 against	 women	 and	 children,	
circumstances	 –	lack	 of	 income,	 bad	           ally	 cannot	 be	 trusted	 with	 power.	 If	          and	others.
neighborhood,	poor	education,	racism,	             there	is	anyone	who	cannot	draw	that	                   Available for a donation of $10.00
economic	system,	etc.	Hence,	to	make	              conclusion	from	the	nightmarish	and	                  or more. Call	 601-844-5036,	 ext.	 4.	
men	better,	change	their	circumstances.	           bloody	20th	century,	then	he	is	inher-                Major	credit	cards	accepted.
This,	as	you	will	see,	is	an	accurate	de-          ently	uneducable.

AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                                    19

                                                   by JoeL beLz • World magazine • January 11, 1998

        we’ll never change society
      until we ourselves are changed
             aving	lived	now	through	12	presidential	election	         he	was	there	to	proclaim.
             cycles	 (those	 are	 the	 ones	 I	 remember;	 I	 don’t	       Our	tendency	has	become	to	spend	whole	lifetimes	making	
             recall	two	more	during	my	childhood),	I’m	struck	         the	kingdom	of	God	culturally	relevant,	but	never	closing	the	
             with	at	least	these	three	responses	among	many	of	        sale.	The	real	relevance	of	the	message	we’ve	been	charged	
             the	Christians	I	know:	(1)	When	election	results	         to	deliver	is	its	stark	difference	from	the	dominant	culture	
aren’t	what	we	want,	we	act	as	if	civilization	is	going	down	the	      of	our	day.	Every	church,	every	Christian	organization,	every	
tubes.	(2)	When	results	are	what	we	want	we	soon	discover	             business	run	by	Christians	needs	to	ask	two	questions:	Are	
that	things	are	almost	as	bad	as	if	they’d	gone	the	other	way.	        we	relevant	to	our	culture?	Are	we	using	that	relevance	for	
(3)	Either	way,	and	chafing	at	how	little	appreciated	we	just	         its	intended	purpose?
were,	we	always	serve	notice	how	much	of	a	force	to	be	reck-               Maybe,	instead	of	spending	the	next	four	years	organizing	
oned	with	we’re	going	to	be	next	time	around.                          their	political	precincts	more	thoroughly	than	ever	before,	
   I’m	not	pointing	fingers	when	I	offer	this	not-too-flattering	      thousands	of	Christians	should	spend	those	same	years	trying	
profile;	notice	my	use	of	“we”	in	the	descriptions.	But	I’m	also	      to	sharpen	the	contrast	between	themselves	and	everybody	
tired	of	the	cycle.	I	don’t	want	five	or	ten	elections	from	now	       else	they’ve	blended	in	with	entirely	too	well.
to	have	to	draw	the	same	picture.	I’d	                                                              Third, none of this will happen on
like	instead	to	say	that	I	learned	dur-                                                         a grand scale until it has begun to hap-
ing	my	lifetime	how	to	make	a	lasting	                                                          pen profoundly with us as individuals.
difference	in	my	society.                                                                       God	uses	structures,	to	be	sure.	But	the	
   So	 here	 are	 three	 suggestions	 for	                                                      structures	he’s	typically	used	have	been	
breaking	the	sometimes	dreary	cycle:                                                            those	that	are	built	on	individual	men	
   First, it’s our culture – not the politi-                                                    and	women	who	have	done	business	
cal process – that we’ve got to change.                                                         with	him	on	a	personal	basis.
Mastering	the	political	process,	instead	                                                           Doing	business	personally	with	God	
of	 the	 culture	 which	 that	 political	                                                       has	little	to	do	with	political	prowess.	It	
process	reflects,	is	about	as	effective	as	                                                     has	much	to	do	with	learning	increas-
training	a	dog’s	tail.	When	you	train	the	                                                      ingly	 how	 to	 trust	 him	 when	 human	
dog	well,	the	tail	tends	to	follow.                                                             wisdom	and	human	evidence	point	in	
   Because	 politics	 is	 visible	 and	 ex-                                                     another	direction.	That’s	why	the	Bible	
citing	 and	 dramatic,	 we	 tend	 to	 get	                                                      has	few	stories	about	precinct	meetings,	
swept	 away	 with	 a	 sense	 that	 politics	                                                    but	many	about	people	struggling	to	
controls	culture.	In	fact,	it’s	the	other	                                                      learn	how	to	trust	God	personally.	Adam	
way	 around.	 Why	 else	 do	 politicians	                                                       and	Eve	didn’t,	at	least	at	one	crucial	
spend	such	huge	sums	to	keep	up	with	                                                           point.	Noah	did.	Abraham	did,	most	
the	latest	polls?	The	great	tragedy	of	American	politics	may	          of	the	time.	David	did	and	he	didn’t	–	and	the	Psalms	are	
be	that	politicians	don’t	lead,	not	that	they	do.                      full	of	the	tension	between	those	two	responses.
   So	if	politics	seems	rotten,	it’s	because	the	culture	that	             Most	of	us	engage	daily	in	those	same	struggles	to	trust	
supports	the	political	system	is	rotten	itself.	It’s	the	people	       God.	By	his	grace	and	the	patient	teaching	of	his	Spirit,	we	win	
who	have	lost	all	sense	of	supernatural	standards,	of	transcen-        more	of	those	struggles	than	we	lose.	We	learn,	little	by	little,	
dent	values,	and	of	lasting	commitments.	Politicians,	eager	           that	his	way	is	the	best	way	–	in	every	detail	of	life,	whether	it	
to	reflect	the	people	from	whom	they	derive	their	power,	              has	to	do	with	our	families	or	our	finances,	our	vocations	or	
end	up	just	as	empty.                                                  our	vacations,	our	education	or	our	environment.
   Second, Christians need to struggle in a fresh way with                 Local	churches	and	other	organizations	will	not	reflect	
the sad manner in which the kingdom of God has become                  trust	in	Jehovah	if	the	people	who	make	them	up	have	not	
a culture coddler instead of a culture challenger.	We	have	            first	learned	such	trust.	The	kingdom	of	God	as	a	force	in	
tended	over	the	last	few	generations	to	show	more	zeal	for	            society	 will	 not	 exhibit	 more	 power	 than	 the	 people	 who	
discovering	points	of	common	interest	with	our	culture	than	           populate	that	kingdom.	And	a	nation	can	never	claim	that	
for	highlighting	crucial	points	of	difference.                         it’s	“In	God	We	Trust”	until	individuals	at	the	most	basic	level	
   This	is	admittedly	a	hard	issue.	But	maybe	we’ve	made	it	           have	taken	that	commitment	seriously	for	themselves.
harder	than	it	needs	to	be.	We	like	to	remember	that	the	
apostle	Paul	in	his	famous	Mars	Hill	speech	in	Acts	17	was	               Reprinted by permission from World magazine. To order World,
culturally	relevant.	We	like	to	forget	that	he	went	on	imme-           call 800-951-6397.
diately	to	spell	out	the	differences	between	the	assumptions	
of	the	dominant	culture	and	the	assumptions	of	the	gospel	

20                                                                                                            AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998
eLLeN…from page 1                             we’re	tolerating	this,	but	don’t	show	us	
the	sitcom’s	in-your-face	homosexuality.	
“It	would	be	unrealistic	to	not	at	least	
wonder	whether	or	not	the	content	is	
                                              how	you	really	would	be,	don’t	kiss	a	girl	
                                              on	the	lips.’”
                                                  At	the	Disney/ABC’s	affiliate	meeting	
                                                                                              Learn why the
the	 reason	 for	 the	 drop-off	 [in	 view-
ers],”	she	said.	“You’ve	got	to	consider	
                                              in	December,	ABC	executives	told	station	
                                              heads	they	did	not	know	that	DeGeneres	
                                                                                              Disney boycott
every	factor.”	
   Disney	 had	 apparently	 wanted	 the	
                                              would	push	the	same-sex	affection	and	
                                              pro-gay	 themes	 so	 far	 in	 such	 a	 short	   is
gay-is-OK	message	to	be	disseminated	on	
Ellen	much	more	slowly.	Last	summer,	
for	example,	Tarses	promised	that	Ellen	
                                              time,	 describing	 the	 situation	 as	 “an	
                                              ongoing	battle”	with	her.	
                                                  Disney’s	attempt	to	apply	the	brakes	
                                                                                              a just cause
“won’t	be	the	lesbian	dating	show.”		         to	 DeGeneres’	 run-away	 agenda	 was	          This new AFA-produced vid-
   Last	fall	when	Disney’s	network	ran	a	     probably	motivated	more	by	a	sensitiv-
parental	advisory	for	adult	content	on	El-    ity	 to	 public	 opinion	 than	 any	 moral	
                                                                                              eo sounds the alarm about
len, DeGeneres	threatened	to	quit.	Tired	     concerns.	But	the	company	also	realizes	        The Walt Disney Company
of	working	through	“compromises”	on	          there	is	no	going	back	to	their	pre-les-

sexual	 content,	 she	 complained,	 “It’s	    bian	days.	
like	they’re	saying,	‘OK,	you’re	gay,	and	                          See eLLeN on page 22

     There’s a major
  LeAGUe difference in                                                                        • Includes vital information about

    AT&T and LifeLine                                                                            The Walt Disney Company.
                                                                                              • Clearly explains the issues in-
                                                                                                 volved in the Disney boycott.

  long distance servic-                                                                       • only 30 minutes – perfect for Sun-
                                                                                                 day School class or other groups.
     When AT&T talks about LeAGUe, they are not talking baseball. At the
  communications giant, LeAGUe means
  Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgen-                                                        PHoNe oRDeRS:
  dered United employees –                                                                      601-844-5036, eXT. 4
  a group that has the enthusiastic                                                             MAJoR CReDIT CARDS AC-
  support of the company. LeAGUe
  calls AT&T “THe company without                                                             MAIL oRDeRS: Check, money order
  closets!”                                                                                      or credit card (include expiration
     LifeLine is in a different league.                                                          DISNey VIDeo
  LifeLine is the Christian long distance                                                        P.o. DRAWeR 244o
  company that was formed to fund God’s
  work. In fact, when you join the LifeLine team,                                             MoRe DISNey BoyCoTT Re-
  10% of your long distance bill can be given back to American Family Associa-
  tion.                                                                                       ➤ “Why American Families Should Boycott
                                                                                                 Disney” – This paper documents and
      It’s easy to sign up. Simply make a free phone call to 1-800-990-0109 and                  summarizes Disney’s involvement in
                                                                                                 promoting the homosexual cause
  tell the operator you want 10% of your long distance billing to go to AFA.
                                                                                                 and other anti-family practices and
  The switch over is free and there is no loss of service.                                       products. It puts the whole issue into
                                                                                                 perspective. Cost: 25/$2.00
    Then the next time AT&T calls to pitch their service, tell them you’ve                    ➤ Pre-addressed postcard to Disney
  caught a new vision – LifeLine.                                                                – Includes a list of Disney products and
                                                                                                 companies. Cost: 100/$1.50
                                                                                              ➤“Boycott Disney” bumper sticker – Cost:


AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998                                                                                                                   21
                                                                              eLLeN…from page 21

Facing sexu-
                                                                                 One	well-placed	source	told	the	New	
                                                                              York	Post,	“ABC	has	sort	of	abandoned	
                                                                              the	idea	that	they’re	going	to	be	able	
                                                                              to	put	the	genie	back	in	the	bottle.	It’s	
                                                                              going	to	be	a	gay	show...but	everything	

                                                                              changes	from	week	to	week.”

                                                                              eLLeN’S mom puSheS gAy RIghTS
                                                                                  Ellen	is	not	the	only	DeGeneres	who	
                                                                              is	 feverishly	 pushing	 the	 homosexual	
If you or someone you know is trapped in                                      agenda.	 The	 actress’	 mother,	 Betty,	 is	
                                                                              the	focus	of	a	30-second	public	service	
the shame and guilt                                                           announcement	(PSA)	in	which	she	asks	
                                                                              Americans	 to	 support	 efforts	 to	 grant	
of sexual addiction, we can help.                                             special	civil	rights	to	homosexuals.
                                                                                  The	 pro-homosexual	 PSA	 uses	 the	
                                                                              pleasant	and	non-threatening	images	of	
                                                                              children	playfully	building	an	American	
  AFA OutReach offers Christ-cen-                                             flag	out	of	red,	white	and	blue	boxes.	
tered ministry to help men and                                                During	 this	 visual,	 Betty	 DeGeneres	
women who have suffered the                                                   insinuates	the	message:	“For	too	long,	
devastating effects of sexual ad-                                             gay	Americans	have	suffered	discrimina-
                                                                              tion.	As	long	as	our	sons	and	daughters	
                                                                              are	excluded	from	the	basic	protection	
   our counselors help addicts break                                          of	law,	we	must	share	that	burden	–	as	
the bondage of sexual addiction. We                                           a	family.”
offer free phone assessments, local-                                              The	elder	DeGeneres,	67,	is	a	spokes-
ized counseling, national counselor                                           woman	for	the	Human	Rights	Campaign,	
and support group referrals, and                                              a	gay	lobby	group	that	produced	the	PSA.	
specialized workshops.                                                        The	spot	will	begin	airing	in	time	for	
   At outreach sexual addicts                                                 National	Coming	Out	Day	on	October	
and their families can count on                                               11,	the	homosexual	observance	which	
                                                                              is	meant	to	encourage	homosexuals	to	
the highest ethical guidelines,
                                                                              publicize	their	sexual	orientation.	The	
confidentiality and profes-                                                   day	 also	 honors	 the	 1987	 march	 on	
sionalism.                                                                    Washington	for	gay	civil	rights.
                                                                                   Betty	credits	shows	like	her	daughter’s	
heLp FoR wIveS                                                                with	 emboldening	 young	 people	 to	
  AFA outreach is uniquely                                                    come	 out	 of	 the	 closet	 and	 tell	 their	
equipped to help wives and                                                    parents	that	they	are	homosexuals.	“I’m	
family members of addicts                                                     hearing	from	young	people	–	especially	
cope with the chaos sexual                                                    since	Ellen’s	coming	out	episode	–	that	
addiction can bring. As re-                                                   their	parents	are	more	accepting,”	Betty	
covery begins families find                                                   DeGeneres	said.	“They’re	seeing	a	posi-
                                                                              tive	image	for	the	first	time	instead	of	
help to rebuild trust.
                                                                              all	this	negativity.”
uNIque woRKShopS
   At our Men’s Workshop sex
addicts learn the skills of overcom-                                                 MoNIToRS NeeDeD
ing inappropriate sexual behavior. They are                                        AFA needs your help to monitor
taught the meaning of true intimacy and how to change from the inside           The Howard Stern Show, the trashy
out.                                                                            daily radio show broadcast in 38
                                                                                metropolitan areas in the U.S. and
   The unique problems of being involved with a sexually-addicted man
                                                                                two in Canada. We want to identify
are addressed at outreach Women’s Workshops.
                                                                                Stern’s advertisers and hold them
   Husbands and wives who have previously attended our workshops are            accountable. If you are looking for a
counseled together at outreach Couples’ Workshops.                              simple way to make a difference, call
   For compassionate, professional, confidential help, call today. There is     now.
a way out.
      1-01-844-5128                                                                 616-924-4050

                      by TIm wILDmoN • American Family Association Vice President

                    The transfusion that saved my
   One	 evening	 in	 January	 I	 was	 at	 home	 with	 the	 family	     This	is	where	they	check	your	blood	pressure,	stick	your	finger	
when	the	phone	rang.	I	rarely	pick	it	up	because	it’s	rarely	          and	draw	blood	ostensibly	to	check	your	iron.	I	think	they	
for	me,	and	nine	times	out	of	ten	it’s	someone	wanting	you	            just	do	it	for	fun.	Then	she	asked	me	all	manner	of	bizarre	
to	do	something	for	them.	Have	you	noticed	this?	Do	your	              and	very	personal	questions.	
own	survey	at	home	and	see	if	what	I’m	saying	isn’t	true.	But	             “Did	you	travel	to	Angola	between	1973	and	1975	and	if	
when	our	phone	rings	it’s	usually	for	Alison	or	our	10-year-           so	did	you	use	unclean	needles	to	inject	illegal	drugs	while	
old	daughter	Wriley.	For	some	reason	this	has	become	the	              drinking	Gatorade	and	wearing	a	Tommy	Hilfiger	T-shirt	and	
magic	year	for	Wriley	and	phone	calls.	Thankfully,	no	boys	            how	did	that	affect	your	long-term	memory?”
are	calling	yet	but	her	giggly	little	girlfriends	are	letting	their	       “Well,	that’s	a	lot	of	question,	ma’am.	Where	do	you	want	
fingers	do	the	walking	a	lot	lately.	                                  me	to	start?	It	seems	to	me	I	was	playing	a	whole	lot	of	“kick	
   I	must	admit	I	am	amused	at	the	things	10-year-old	girls	           the	can”	in	1973	and	probably	wouldn’t	have	even	had	time	to	
talk	about.	Teachers,	clothes,	toys,	boys,	homework,	what	she	         travel	to	Angola.	So,	I	am	gonna	say	no	to	all	the	above.”
said	about	what	he	said,	and,	of	course,	other	friends,	are	the	           Well,	I	made	it	through	all	that	and	went	back	down	the	
favorite	topics.	Imagine	that.	This	is	when	females	learn	the	         hall	 to	 the	 room	 where	 they	 take	 your	 blood.	 I’m	 sorry.	
fine	art	of	gossip.	My	boys,	Wesley	(8)	and	Walker	(4),	and	I	         That’s	the	room	where	you	donate	your	blood.	It	took	about	
stay	away	from	all	that	gossip	by	doing	something	productive	          20	minutes,	I	guess.	When	it	was	all	over,	the	nurse	removed	
like	watching	football	or	basketball.	                                 the	syringe,	put	a	band-aid	on	my	arm	and	told	me	to	drink	
   But	this	time	when	the	phone	rang,	I	picked	it	up.                  plenty	of	liquids	and	not	to	skip	a	meal.	Then	I	left,	feel-
   “Is	this	Timothy	Wildmon?”	asked	the	voice	on	the	other	            ing	 pretty	 good	 about	 myself.	 “Maybe	 my	 donation	 saved	
end.                                                                   somebody’s	life,”	I	thought.	
   This	sent	up	red	flags	immediately	because	nobody	calls	               Driving	back	to	the	office	I	remembered	all	those	personal	
me	 Timothy.	 I	 only	 use	 this	 name	 when	 I	 sign	 really	 im-     questions	the	nurse	asked	me.	She	wanted	to	find	out	what	
portant	papers	like	at	the	bank	or	somewhere	else.	Times	              the	chances	were	that	I	could	have	some	sort	of	disease	that	
when	 I	 think	 my	 full	 name	 sounds	 better.	 The	 likelihood	      would	taint	my	blood.	It	didn’t	occur	to	me	at	the	time,	but	
of	someone	named	Timothy	defaulting	on	a	loan	is	much	                 I	should	have	answered,	“Yes,	my	blood	is	con-
less	than	someone	known	as	Tim	is	the	way	I	see	it.	That’s	            taminated.	You	see,	I	was	born	with	a	serious	
redneck	logic,	isn’t	it?                                               disease.	It’s	called	sin	and	we	all	have	it.”
   “Well,	I	go	by	Tim,”	I	said.                                           Then	I	thought	about	the	One	who	came	
   “Mr.	Wildmon,	this	is	Donna	from	United	Blood	Services	             to	 Earth	 who	 had	 perfect	 blood	
and	we	are	in	a	severe	shortage	of	blood.	It’s	so	serious	some	        –	pure	and	undefiled.	You	see,	Jesus	
operations	at	the	hospital	are	going	to	be	postponed	if	we	            Christ	was	the	only	man	who	ever	
don’t	have	some	donors.	We	show	that	you	gave	last	September	          lived	 who	 was	 born	 without	 the	
and	were	hoping	you	could	come	in	and	give	again.”                     disease	of	sin.	And	yet,	Jesus	gave	
   “Are	you	going	to	stick	my	finger	again?”                           his	life	–	spilled	his	blood	–	for	my	
   “Well...”                                                           sins.	He	gave	his	blood	for	Tim	
   “I’m	just	kiddin’.	Sure	I’ll	be	glad	to	come	down	there	            Wildmon.	Why?	So	that	I	could	have	
tomorrow.”                                                             forgiveness	of	sin	and	fellowship	with	
   “When	can	I	schedule	you	for?”                                      Almighty	God.	So	that	I	could	spend	
   “Oh,	put	me	down	for	two	a.m.	Ya’ll	are	open	after	the	             eternity	with	Him	in	heaven.
bars	close	aren’t	you?”                                                   As	we	Christians	enter	the	season	
   “Actually....”                                                      of	Lent	leading	up	to	Palm	Sunday,	
   “Donna,	I’m	kiddin’	again.	I’ll	stop.”                              Good	Friday	and	Easter,	let’s	take	
   “That’s	fine,	Mr.	Wildmon.”                                         time	to	recall	the	great	and	awe-
   “I’ll	be	there	at	two	o’clock	tomorrow	afternoon.”                  some	sacrifice		of	our	Lord	and	
   The	next	day	I	ate	a	good	lunch	and	headed	on	down	to	              Savior	as	he	laid	down	his	life	for	
United	Blood	Services.	I	walked	in,	signed	the	register	and	           His	children.	For	His	friends.	
took	a	seat.	Then	I	began	reading	a	May,	1979,	edition	of	             Praise	God	in	the	highest!
Bassmasters.	Funny	thing,	bass	looked	exactly	the	same	back	              	
   “Timothy	Wildmon,”	the	nurse	said,	looking	to	see	which	
one	of	the	three	of	us	was	me.
   As	I	got	up	she	escorted	me	back	to	the	interview	booth.	

AFA JoUrnAl • MArCH, 1998

                                                   by STeve bLow • Dallas Morning News • October 12, 1997

Sex addicts see familiar signs in marv Al-
    Hey,	 have	 you	 heard	 about	 Marv	           partners	on	a	weekly	basis.	Along	with	       in	a	park.
Albert?                                            lots	of	porn.                                 ‘The CyCLe’
    See,	one	day	he’s	a	rich	and	respected	           “If	anybody	thinks	pornography	is	any	        “Then,	once	they	have	had	that	hit,	
sports	broadcaster.	And	then	the	next,	            less	dangerous	than	cocaine,	they	don’t	      they	drop	off	into	shame	and	despair.”	
he’s	a	pathetic	national	joke,	fired	from	         understand	how	it	works.	That	stuff	is	       Dr.	 Corley	 said.	 “They	 swear	 they	 will	
his	job	and	convicted	of	a	crime.                  strong,”	Gene	said.	“And	it	is	absolutely	    never	do	it	again.	But	they	do.	That’s	
    Yeah	 boy,	 it’s	 pretty	 hilarious	 all	      poisonous	to	the	mind.”                       the	cycle	of	addiction.”
right.                                                The	comparison	to	cocaine	is	quite	           Many,	like	Jim,	will	not	break	the	cycle	
    Look,	 I	 hate	 to	 ruin	 all	 the	 fun.	 I	   appropriate.	Dr.	M.	Deborah	Corley	is	        before	 disaster	 strikes.	 He	 will	 spend	
laughed	at	the	jokes,	too.	But	now	maybe	          clinical	director	of	an	addiction	treat-      the	 rest	 of	 his	 life	 branded	 as	 a	 child	
it’s	time	to	scratch	a	little	deeper.	Beyond	      ment	 center	 near	 Denton,	 the	 Sante	      molester,	with	public	notification	laws	
the	tawdry	testimony	and	talk	show	tit-            Center	for	Healing.	And	she	said	neu-         putting	him	in	constant	fear	of	humili-
tering,	the	story	seems	awfully	sad.               rochemical	research	shows	that	sexual	        ation	and	retaliation.
    “You	just	said	the	magic	word.	It	is	          stimulation	works	in	the	brain	just	like	        Gene	was	more	fortunate.	His	addic-

                                                   AFA OutReach…
sad,’’	 Jim	 told	 me.	 “Everybody	 makes	                                                       tion	cost	him	two	marriages,	but	he	was	
jokes	about	it,	but	they	don’t	see	that	                                                         spared	public	exposure.
underneath	 is	 a	 man	 who	 is	 deeply	                                                            He	happened	to	be	reading	a	Dear	

                                                   Help for sex
troubled.”                                                                                       Abby	or	Ann	Landers	column	nine	years	
    I	 asked	 Jim	 what	 he	 thought	 as	 he	                                                    ago.	Few	had	heard	of	sexual	addiction	
watched	the	Albert	story	unfold.	“My	first	                                                      then,	 but	 he	 said:	 “I	 knew	 something	
thought?	‘Another	addict	exposed.’”
    I	guess	it	takes	one	to	know	one.	Jim	
is	a	sex	addict.	He	leads	one	of	the	eight	
                                                   addicts. See ad                               was	 wrong	 with	 my	 sex	 life.	 I	 knew	 it	
                                                                                                 controlled	me,	that	I	didn’t	control	it.
                                                                                                    “The	 column	 described	 someone	
Sex	Addicts	Anonymous	groups	in	the	
Dallas	area.	And	he	has	no	doubt	that	
Marv	Albert	shares	his	addiction.	The	
                                                   on page 22                                    with	sexual	addiction,	and	one	phrase	
                                                                                                 just	jumped	out	at	me	–	‘secret	sex	life.’	
                                                                                                 That	 rang	 a	 bell	 in	 my	 head.	 I	 said,	
symptoms	 are	 classic	 –	the	 irrational	         a	drug.                                       ‘That’s	what	I	am.’”
risk	 taking,	 the	 escalating	 activity,	 the	        Everyone	knows	the	“rush”	that	can	          Jim	and	Gene	said	they	are	so	much	
secrecy.                                           come	from	the	most	superficial	sexual	        happier	 now.	 They	 don’t	 carry	 that	
    Jim	is	a	middle-aged	man	who	lives	in	         encounter	–	the	momentary	flirtation	         secrecy	or	shame	any	longer.
a	middle-class	neighborhood	and	works	             that	 leaves	 you	 short	 of	 breath	 and	       Gene	said	he	wished	he	lived	up	the	
in	a	middle-management	job.	“I’m	your	             your	 heart	 beating	 faster.	 That’s	 the	   street	from	Marv	Albert.	“I’d	walk	down	
next-door	neighbor,”	he	says.                      high	 some	 get	 addicted	 to	 –	 whether	    and	say,	‘Marv,	I	think	you’ve	got	a	prob-
    When	 his	 marriage	 hit	 a	 flat	 spot,	      it	comes	from	browsing	through	porn	          lem.	It’s	a	problem	I’ve	got,	too.	Let	me	
sexual	 fantasies	 began	 to	 occupy	 his	         on	the	Internet	or	cruising	for	partners	
mind.	 They	 grew	 until	 they	 flooded	
his	mind.	Gradually,	against	his	will,	he	                                                         ✄
began	to	act	on	those	fantasies.
    And	his	world	collapsed	six	years	ago	             AmeRICAN FAmILy ASSoCIATIoN                                             non-Profit org.
when	he	was	arrested	for	indecency	with	                                                                                         U.S. Postage
a	child	after	fondling	a	teen.                                                                                                  Permit no. 36
                                                                                                                               Gordonsville, VA
moRe FoRTuNATe                                                 P.o. Drawer 2440
   Gene	is	a	lawyer	in	the	Dallas	area.	                    Tupelo, Mississippi 38803
He	has	no	question	about	Marv	Albert.	
“Oh,	yeah.	He’s	one	of	the	brotherhood.	                        ChANge SeRvICe RequeSTeD
There’s	no	doubt	about	that.”
   For	a	long	time,	Gene	didn’t	think	
he	had	a	problem.	He	just	thought	he	
was	living	the	swinging	life	Hugh	Hefner	
and	Playboy had	taught	him.	“I	had	this	
delusion	during	my	marriage	that	my	sex	
drive	was	just	too	strong	to	be	confined	
within	a	mere	marriage.’’
   He	was	proud	of	his	sexual	prowess,	
which	led	him	to	prostitutes	and	other	


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