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					                            AZ TWS Annual Business Meeting
                             February 3, 2011 – 4:30-7:10 p.m.
                          Hon Dah Resort and Casino, Pinetop, AZ
                                Business Meeting Minutes

Board Members:
Present: Tom Hildebrandt (President), Johnathan O’Dell (President Elect), Bill Burger
(Treasurer), Audrey Owens (Recording Secretary)

Absent: Susi MacVean (Corresponding Secretary), Mayra Moreno-Parrish (Board Member), Tad
Theimer (Board Member)
Members: ~35 Chapter and Student Chapter members

Meeting called to order 4:30 p.m. by president, Tom Hildebrandt

National Highlights and Member Opportunities (Carol Chambers, SW Section Representative to
TWS Council)
 SW Section:
   - Membership Drive: offering chance to win 3 nights’ stay at Welder NWR in TX for
       anyone who renews or becomes first time member of SW section through April 15 ($5
 National:
    - Membership
     TWS membership has hit over 10,000; join now and get t-shirt, calendar, subscription to
       The Wildlife Professional, access to policy statements, online mentoring opportunities, E-
     You can donate $35 for a student membership (can designate someone or not)
    - Position statements (available on TWS website):
     Animal rights: open through Apr 1
     Recognition of wildlife needs in forest management
    - Publications:
     TWS Bulletin is back
     TWS website is run by 2 people, let them know if you run into problems
     Spanish abstracts for TWS journal are being worked on
     Blackwell will be the new company promoting subscriptions, no longer BioOne (Allen
    - National conference:
     Hawaii 5-10 Nov 2011
     Will be able to listen to and view talks online
     There will be a Women in Wildlife reception at the 2011 national meeting
    -    Upcoming opportunities
     Int’l Wildlife Management Congress IV conference 9-12 July 2012 in Durban, S.
       Blue Ribbon Panel on future of wildlife professionals; panel is diverse group of
        managers, academics, etc.
       TWS is looking for people to be on the Certified Wildlife Biologist review board –
        contact Carol if you are interested; panel members will be sent to the national meeting in
       TWS has announced Leadership Institute 2012: if you are interested or want to nominate
        someone, info can be found on TWS website
       TWS is looking for nominations of groups for great achievements by mid February

Southwest Section Highlights (Courtney Conway, Southwest Section Past President)
 Last SW Section meeting was 3 years ago. Section meetings are infrequent because state
   chapters are so strong. Selma Glasgok (President) suggested holding section meetings at the
   AZ/NM and TX chapter meetings
 Section is in need of an editor for the Section newsletter
 Two ballots just went out – Stu Tuttle for President Elect, and Johnathan O’Dell for
   Secretary Treasurer
 They are trying to move towards internet voting
 There is no Section webpage right now, but it is being developed
 Section is discussing having a social at the 2011 national meeting

Old Business
Officer Reports:
 Minutes from Feb 4, 2010 business meeting approved, will be posted on AZ TWS website
 2010 Treasurer’s Report
   - 2010 audit completed in January 2011
   - Detailed treasurers report available in Chapter’s Annual Report

             2010 AZ TWS Chapter Budget
Fund                          Dec. 31, 2009                  Dec. 31, 2010
Continuing Education           $8,924.93                      $8,508.46
Wildhare                       $3,807.49                      $3,844.44
Memorial Garden                  $840.23                        $712.32
General Funds (3 accounts)    $34,032.75                     $36,530.34
Total                         $47,605.40                     $49,595.56

   Outgoing President’s Report:
    - Thanks:
       John O’Dell and Mayra Moreno-Parrish – responsible for this year’s focus on
         educational opportunities and support to student chapters and young professionals
       Bill Burger – Treasurer, Memorial Garden Chair
       Audrey Owens – Recording Secretary
       Jon Hanna – Continuing Education
       Liz Mering – Webmaster
       Samantha Dorr – Newsletter
       Mayra Moreno-Parrish – Student Chapter Liaison
       Frank Baucom – Membership
      Abi King – Postmaster (looking for replacement)
      Membership for participation
   - Accomplishments
      Moved summer meeting to the fall, targeting students as an education opportunity; had
           about 25 students, general members, and board members. Tom would appreciate
           feedback on the meeting
      Preparing for a field techniques workshop on Mar 26. Will be a one day workshop with
          opportunity to camp, in central AZ location for student convenience (possibly
          Horseshoe Ranch)
      We sent John O’Dell to the national conference. This is an opportunity for president to
          network with national and regional leadership
      Provided travel grant for reimbursement to student chapters for travel to JAM (must be
          requested, based on need, and must report on trip)
      Provided $700 to AGFD-hosted University Summit for food

 Committee Reports:
 Memorial Garden (Bill Burger)
   - Memorial garden located at AZGF office – plaque inside and garden outside
   - Dedicated to those in the wildlife field who lost their lives on the job
   - NPS biologist Eric York nominated and board voted to add to garden in 2009
   - This year we bought a plaque with his name on it
   - AFGD handles maintenance of garden
   - We accept donations – donations of $50 or more get your name listed on a brick
   - Detailed Memorial Garden Report available in Chapter’s Annual Report
 Awards and Nominations (Johnathan O’Dell)
   - Needed 2 letters of support with each nomination
   - Encourage membership to push people within their organizations to be a leader; board
      member positions are volunteer positions
   - One nominee for each of the following positions
       President Elect – David Grandmaison
       Treasurer – Tom Hildebrandt
       Corresponding Secretary – Holly Hicks
       Recording Secretary – Audrey Owens
   - Two nominees for one open board member position: Esther Rubin and Jason Corbett
 Newsletter (Samantha Dorr)
   - All four quarterly newsletters went out in 2010
   - Student chapters wrote about fall meeting
   - Encourage members to contribute to newsletter
   - If you need volunteers it can be advertised in the newsletter
   - Also want wildlife photographs for 2011
 Student Chapter Liaison (Johnathan O’Dell for Mayra Moreno-Parrish)
   - Mayra has done a great job as liaison; we will be looking for a new student liaison this
 Student Reports
    -  Arizona State University (Wildlife Restoration Student Association), Northern Arizona
       University (TWS), and University of Arizona (TWS) read their annual reports. See
       Chapter’s Annual Report for details.
    - Will be posted to our website
   Website (Liz Mering)
    - We will be doing registration for the JAM on our website this coming chapter year
    - Need someone to step up to take over the website since Liz is leaving (Cameron Boehme
   Continuing Education (Jon Hanna)
    - $2000 each year to provide assistance to members to go to professional meetings
    - Must demonstrate need, interest, and involvement in chapter
    - This year we provided $500 to a person to attend a bat workshop
   Membership (Tom Hildebrandt for Frank Baucom)
    - Membership jumped from 144 to 193 this year, probably due to TWS hosting JAM in

New Business
 We are looking for volunteers for committees
   - Rachel Williams volunteered or a committee
   - Cameron Boehme volunteered for web master
   - 2012 JAM Committee: Jon Hanna, Dana Warnecke, and Bill Manning volunteered
            Pinetop may be a good location, Safford has also been suggested
            NM has more restrictive travel, so need to get it as close to NM as possible
 Field techniques workshop
   - Might be an annual event
   - Looking for individuals with an expertise willing to teach
   - Already committed: Jon Hanna (trapping and capture), Carol Chambers (bat telemetry and
       acoustics), and Chris Carillo (depredation work)
 Reed Sanderson requested that if the Wild Horse and Burro bill appears again, AZ TWS should
   write a letter to Congress
   - Glen Dickens backed up Reed’s comment. He stated that his conservation committees are very
       concerned about this issue; NWF has taken firm policy on it as a result of SW states’ concern.
   - Tom stated that responsibility for this issue goes back to membership
 Dana stated that feral hogs in Agua Fria grasslands have not been addressed by land management
   agencies; something for us to consider
   - Johnathan O’Dell is co-chairing the committee on feral swine for TWS and it will be addressed
 Bill Manning reported there will likely be a second University Summit focusing on curricula
 Tom suggested that the chapter pursue an intern, possibly to survey of biologists about why they are
   or are not chapter members, and of the members, why they aren’t more involved in activities
   - The intern could be funded by various agencies, fulfilling other chapter responsibilities
            Must be a meaningful opportunity for the intern, and must benefit the chapter
            Possibly provide the money to a student chapter, and have them take it on
            We could afford $5000 annually (cost of AGFD intern) if there is income
            Intern could develop a fundraising workshop
    - Loren Chase volunteered to help design survey, since there is an art to asking the right questions
    - Reed motioned that the chapter pursue, in a variety of fashions, the possibility of an intern, who
       might work on a survey and develop a workshop
          All voted in favor, no opposed

   Carol Chambers asked the board to consider providing $1000 to send students to the national

Installation of 2011 Board:
 Johnathan O’Dell assumed duties as 2011 Chapter President
 2011 officers:
    - David Grandmaison: President-elect
    - Tom Hildebrandt: Treasurer
    - Holly Hicks: Corresponding Secretary
    - Audrey Owens: Recording Secretary
    - Jason Corbett: Board Member
    - Tad Theimer: Board Member

New President’s Message (Johnathan O’Dell):
 Chapter will continue focus on students
 Called on members to volunteer for students to maintain connectedness
   -     Provide opportunities to go to national meeting, volunteering, internships, technical
 Will be resurrecting the SW Section
   - Quail VII will be a joint meeting with the SW Section, expect it to catapult section to the
          national level
   - There will be student volunteer opportunities at meeting
   - There is a need for graduate student studying quail in the west

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

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