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World Furniture Summit September Kerry UBM Asia by alicejenny


									                                      2012 World Furniture Summit
                                      11 September, 2012
                                      Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, China

12:30     Registration

13:00     Opening Speech

           Ms. Bingbing Zhang / Vice President and General Secretary / China National

           Furniture Association

13:00      Keynote Speech 1: The Development Trend and Outlook of China’s

           Furniture Industry in the New Age

           Mr. Changling Zhu / President / China National Furniture Association

13:30     Keynote Speech 2:European Furniture Industry during the Financial Crisis;

           The links between design,branding,communication,publicity and sales
European furniture industry was hit severely by the global financial crisis; the euro zone has been
suffering a sluggish growth by now. The impact that the crisis has brought to European furniture
industry and its development have caught the attention of the world. Mr. Heylen will not only
analyze the situation of European furniture industry, but also discuss about the impact of design and
brand work on the product sales. Good design has playing an increasingly important role to the
success of the furniture products. Function and price are the reasonable aspects of the furniture,
design is an emotional aspect. Moreover, the emotional connection with the consumer will lead to
commercial decisions.

Mr. Denis Heylen / President & CEO / European Furniture Retailers Association & Heylen Group
Denis Heylen was born in Bocholt, Belgium in 1942. He established the Heylen Group in 1970 and
stay on as CEO. In 2000, he was elected to be the president of FENA (European Furniture Retailers
13:55      Keynote Speech 3: Ashley’s Road to Success
   Ashley’s operation model which is different to the traditional retailer
   Ashley’s successful operational management, including product display, store management,
    inventory management and so forth
   The potential development and future opportunities of the furniture industry in China

Mr. Todd R. Wanick / President & CEO / Ashley Furniture Group
Todd Wanek started work in the family furniture business at the age of fourteen. Under Todd’s
direction, Ashley created thousands of jobs in the local and regional economies, developed the
signature furniture retail store brand ”Ashley Furniture Home Store” on a worldwide basis and
became the only major furniture company to retain its manufacturing in the United States. Ashley
also established distribution centers at strategic locations throughout the United States to meet
foreign competition, created a new and more efficient business model that has revolutionized the
furniture industry and is now the recognized international leader in the furniture industry.

14:20    Keynote Speech 4:A report of Furniture Association of Asia 2011
In the speech, Dr. Lim Cheok Sin is going to share a report of Furniture Association of Asia,in which
furniture import and export data of Asia countries and the customized furniture market after the
financial crisis will be analyzed.

Mr. Lim Cheok Sin / Chairman / Furniture Association of Asia
Dr. Lim Cheok Sin is the founder of Singapore Furniture Association. In 1984, he became the
chairman of Furniture Association of Asia and Pacific, which promoted the combination of the two
regional furniture associations that existed at the same time and founded Council of Asia Furniture
Association. In 2010, he took up the post of the Chairman of CAPFE again and has been working until
today. He is the professor of Beijing University of Forestry and the part-time professor of Nanjing
University of Forestry.

14:45    Association Speech 5: Design 20?0——Innovative Design leads to success
Class design is essential to the success of furniture products. For the local furniture enterprises in
China, the lack of outstanding design concept and talents has obviously become a problem. In this
presentation, Mr. Juan Mellen will share unique management in the concept management and the
talent management.

Mr. Juan Mellen / Managing Director / RED (Spain)
Juan Mellen is a graduate in public relations of the Barcelona University (Spain). In addition to his
position as managing director of RED AEDE (Spain’s Association of Design Companies), Juan Mellen is
the founder of Area Export, a Barcelona-based consultancy company, specialized in Communication
& Marketing Strategies for design-oriented companies and corporations.

15:00      Tea break & Networking

15:20      Roundtable Discussion 6:The Potential Development in the Emerging

           Furniture Markets including Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Brazil and

During these years, some emerging furniture markets such as Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Romania and
Brazil have great performances, especially in the furniture manufacturing and domestic market. In
this session, we will discuss:
 The current development situation in each countries
 How to avoid the dispute of furniture export caused by intellectual property issues
 Consumer behavior and insights analysis

Moderator: Mr. Mingliang Wang / Founder and Managing Director/ Shanghai UBM

Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd; Vice President / China National Furniture


Panelist 1:Mr. Pedro Romero / Moblajie Magazine / Director (Mexico)

Panelist 2:Mr. Zeki Yücel / EKIN Publishing Group / Coordinator(Turkey)
Zeki Yücel is the General Coordinator and Chief Editor of EKIN Group that is publishing magazines and
organizing events for 20 years - not only in Turkey but also on the international stage - concerning
furniture and wood industries. As a well-known figure of global furniture world and a specialist on
furniture & furniture supplying markets, he also has a voice in several professional associations.
Currently he is heading International Woodworking and Furniture Supplying Magazines Association
FSM, and is performing as the Secretary General of International Alliance of Furnishing Publications,

Panelist 3: Artem V. Vasiliev / Mebelny Biznes Magazine / News & Foreign Editor

Artem V. Vasiliev, graduated from the Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, started as a
news reporter at the Mebelny Biznes Magazine in 2006. Afterwards he took over informational
politics of the publication, focused on domestic manufacturing microeconomics, market analytics and
foreign economic relations.

Panelist 4: Zilahi Imre / Mobila furniture magazine / publishing editor (Romania)
Zilahi is leading the most important furniture publications of the Eastern-European country: while
MOBILA – founded in 1964 – is a b2b channel for the industry, MAGMOB is a b2c magazine for the
end consumers and interior designers. Traveling extensively, he covers the most important
international furniture events, and also takes an active role in the International Alliance of Furnishing
Publications – IAFP, and International Woodworking & Furniture Supplier Magazines’ Association –
FSM as the sole Romanian member.

Panelist 5:Mr. Valcidio Perotti / CEO(Brazil)

Panelist 6:Mr. George Iliadis / General Manager/ Furnishing International

George has currently been in this role for a period of 3 years. During this period he has seen that the
industry has had many challenges moving forward. However Furnishing International has continued
to experience positive growth through advertising and size of the publication.

16:00    Roundtable Discussion 7:Development and Opportunity of the Furniture

          Industry in Developed Countries after the Global Financial Crisis
The global financial crisis has brought tremendous impact and revolution to the traditional
manufacturing industry. What kind of developments and revolutions are those developed countries
faced with currently? In this session, the panelists will discuss:
    The current situations of the furniture industry in each country
    Revolutions brought by innovative material, technology, information technology and
     manufacturing engineering
    The potential market and future of the tailor-made furniture products
    The future of environment-friendly furniture

Moderator: Mr. Mingliang Wang / Founder and Managing Director/ Shanghai UBM

Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd; Vice President / China National Furniture


Panelist 1:Mr. Paul Farley / Furniture News / Editor (Britain)
Paul Farley is the Editor of Furniture News, the UK’s leading trade magazine for the furniture and
furnishings sector. He is also the Senior Editor within Gearing Media Group, which publishes a range
of interiors trade titles and websites. For matters of international communication, he works in
partnership with the association of British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM).

Panelist 2:Mr. Kevin Castellani / Furniture Today / President & Former Publisher

Kevin Castellani is the President and Publisher of Furniture Today. Additionally he is President of the
Furniture Today Media group which consists of 6 Home Furnishings Trade Publication as well as 6
web sites and a number of electronic news letters. Publications reporting up to Kevin are Home
Accents Today, Casual Living Magazine, Home Textiles Today, Kids Today, Gifts & Decorative
Accessories and Furniture Today. Over the 30 years he has done extensive travel both domestic and
international , helping companies understand the needs of the United States retailing and
manufacturing network.

Panelist 3:Mr. Helmut “Max” Merkel / Chief Editor/ MÖBELMARKT (Germany)
The journalist Helmut “Max” Merkel is specialized in the furniture sector since 1982. In 1988 he
started to work for the German furniture trade magazine MÖBELMARKT. From 1992 to 1999 he was
managing director of a PR-agency, working for furniture manufacturers, buying groups and retailers.
After returning to MÖBELMARKT he is working as editor-in-chief. Since 2008 he is also CEO of CRP
Consulting Ritthammer & Partners GdbR. He is specially focused on international business

Panelist 4:Mr. Takayoshi Nagashima / President / AIK Co., Ltd (Japan)
Takayoshi Nagashima was born in Japan in 1939. He has been working in furniture industry for more
than 49 years since joined Japan Woodworking Newspaper Company in 1963. During his career life,
he established Japan Furniture Rising Generation Council, Asian Furniture Council which consists of 8
Asian countries, International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP), Japan Executives Association
of Furniture Trade and Industry. Now he is the secretary general of Japan Specialized Newspapers
Administration Federation.

Panelist 5: Ms. Vanessa Barbier / Journalist / Editions du Tigre (France)
Vanessa Barbier is a journalist for Le Courrier du Meuble et de l’Habitat, the French weekly directed
by François Prévot. Additionally, she also works for the monthly Cuisine et Salle de Bains Concept,
dedicated to bathroom and kitchen in particular. The group also publishes 7 yearly thematic
additional magazines, each of them being dedicated to a specific sector of the furniture industry
(bedding, upholstered furniture, brand names…). Previously, Vanessa Barbier worked as a freelancer
for the French Red Cross, she also wrote for a website dedicated to arts and cinema, and she had her
first experience as a journalist in a sports radio located in Paris.

16:40    Keynote Speech 8:World Furniture Outlook with Implications at the Global

Markets Level
    The global furniture outlook, world furniture production, consumer and trade trends and
     consumer expectations of 2013
    The balance between developed countries and emerging markets in the furniture industry: the
     emerging markets have changed their production bases.
    Enterprises with excellent performances:The analysis of the furniture production trend of the
     leading and fast-growing countries.
    Change consumers:the influence to furniture consumption made by economic factors,
     business strategy and export assistance
    A few cases

Mr. Mauro Spinelli / Senior Expert / CSIL Industry and Country Studies
Mauro Spinelli is a partner of CSIL since November 2008 and a Senior Expert of the ‘Industry &
Country Studies’ research area. Over the last years he conducted several studies and field works in
Western Europe, the New European Member Countries, with field missions in Bangladesh, China,
France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

17:00    Keynote Speech 9:The Impact of World Financial Crisis toward China’s

Economy and Outlook of China’s Macro Economy
    The world financial crisis and its impact toward China’s economy
    The impact of economic change influences the consumer market of furnitures
    Outlook of the macro economy of China

Mr. Wang Depei / Well-known Chinese Economist
Wang Depei is the Director of FC Economy Forecast Institute, Vice President of Chinese Economic
System Restructuring Research Society, Director & Chief Editor of ‘Economic Outlook’ magazine. His
research sphere covers economic forecast & consultation for policy-making. He has written over 20
books in the field of economic forecast.

17:40    Closing Speech


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